January 27th, 2013


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What are some things that really annoy you?

I HATE when people talk through movies in the movie theater. I saw Mama last night and I wasn't able to appreciate it because about 10 random people in the theater kept making comments throughout the movie. And they were clearly spread out through the theater, so I had no idea who they were. It makes it hard to appreciate a scary movie when people are giggling and making dumb comments through it.

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I watched an episode of "Ripping Yarns" last night wherein a soccer team included Bunn, Wackett, Buzzard, Stubble, and Boot. This is a Python in-joke, since that was one of the many possible names for the Monty Python's Flying Circus TV series.

What is your favorite movie or TV in-joke?

Rewards/Air Miles Credit Card

Do you have a recommendation for a specific credit card that gets you air miles? My fiance and I are looking to open a credit card that gets us sky miles or good rewards. We plan on using it for all of our wedding expenses (and paying it off right away) so that we can get a trip or two when it's all said and done.
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help finding movie? or am i misremembering?

Please note, I have googled this but do not find anything useful.
Ok TQC, I was remembering this movie that seemed like it was shown on TV every other week when I was in high school, and I located the movie I thought it was, but there's a significant detail that looks different, so I'm wondering if I haven't found the right movie after all...
The movie was centered around pairs figure-skating. The specific detail I was remembering involved the female figure-skater tripping over a rose (or teddy bear?) that someone in the audience threw out onto the ice after some routine she skated - she fell and hit her head? and maybe had trouble seeing after that?
The movie I thought it was was The Cutting Edge (temperamental figure skater paired with ex-NHL player, fight a lot then eventually fall passionately in love or whatever rom/com stuff). BUT, I am reading that she was injured in a fall from a bad lift with a prior partner, nothing about a rose/teddy bear.
So here's the real question: is there some fall involving a rose/teddy bear in The Cutting Edge, OR is that in a different ice-skating movie, and if so, which one?

ETA: forgot to mention, I did come across Ice Castles in my googling, but everything said the girl fell over a table and chairs? Not a rose or teddy bear? What did she actually trip on?

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Have you or anyone you know imported a pet from another country into the U.S.? Can you offer any info/advice as to how to do this?

I came across this pet requirements page, but it is unhelpful in sharing information as to how to get an International Health Certificate overseas (specifically, in Ghana - would I have to find a vet willing to go overseas from the U.S.?) And finding a place to keep the dog(s) confined for the 30 days upon arrival in the U.S.

If I do adopt, it won't be anytime too immediately, but I miss these dogs. I'm not even sure that the family who owns them will be up for letting go of them, but as is to be expected, animals are not treated very well over there, and they don't seem to actually care about the dogs.

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Room layout?

I have a fairly large apartment-type dorm room to myself, with lots of space and lots of furniture. I want to re-arrange the furniture but can't think of a decent alternative to the (boring but acceptable) way it's set up right now. Do any decorating gurus have any advice? A sketch of the layout is under the cut; I can also post a video of the room if it'll help.
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My fiance and I are planning to take our honeymoon to NYC this mid-late April. He's never been before and I've only been a handful of times. Can you recommend some neat stuff for us to do as a couple? We'll be staying in midtown Manhattan.
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What's wrong with YouTube?

The last few weeks, I've noticed something annoying that never happened before. Whenever I want to listen to music on YouTube and use some of my favourite playlists, some songs play only a few seconds before it jumps to the next song. And I don't get any messages like the one you get if you can't view tht particular video in your country. This happens to different songs every time. Is there an explanation to this, or is it something wrong with my computer?
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For my sociology class we have to perform an act of "positive deviance" so basically do something and see how people react.

What's something I could do that wouldn't be too scary for me (I'm pretty shy) but that isn't predictable as far as sociology experiments go?