January 26th, 2013

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Which of these other prominent figures would you allow to couch surf with you for a couple of days?

Nelson Mandela
Nancy Reagan
Rev. Al Sharpton
Thich Nat Hahn
Sinn Fien leader Gerry Adams
Patriarch of Russian Orthodox Church
Movie maker Michael Moore
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange
Gloria Steinem, feminist activist
None of the people gets in my house

Help me lesson plan (again)!

I'm doing an activity with my 11th grade American lit students about annotating poetry. The focus will be on characters, setting, tone, and author's word choice.

The poem I've chosen is Lineage by Margaret Walker. Collapse )

The rationale for this poem is:
1. It's short with simple vocabulary (my students read well below grade level, and since I'm just introducing this specific technique I don't want to overwhelm them!)
2. Characters and setting are really easy to describe
3. We're about to start reading Kindred by Octavia Butler, a time-travel novel where a young black woman is sent back in time and meets her ancestors (a white master and a black slave). There's a lot of conflict between how she is able to act as a young black woman in the 1970s versus in the 1830s, and I like the similar thematic elements in this poem.

So. My question: I'm looking for artwork that I can use in a warm up in the same way - lots of information to pick out about the characters, setting, and tone of the piece, that is hopefully connected thematically to womanhood, ancestors, slavery, and/or the conflict of the individual versus society. Suggestions?

Valentine's Day

I want to purchase my husband some really, cheesy, loud, hideous Valentine's Day gift as a joke. Does anyone have any suggestions? Pictures?    

What's the cheesiest and/or worst present you've ever recieved?

What current movie would you suggest seeing?

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Has anybody with whom you were extremely close (e.g., a SO or a good friend) ever cut you out of his/her life without providing any sort of explanation as to why? If so, how did you cope? To the best of your knowledge, nothing triggered his/her behavior (e.g., no fights or disagreements).

Or, how would you cope if something like that happened to you?

Dental insurance

I had a dental appointment a few weeks ago and the total cost was $600 something. I paid the "estimated patient portion" - about $250 - at the appointment, and the dental office said the insurance company should pay the rest.

I just got a notice in the mail that stated "THIS IS NOT A BILL" but then listed the "patient responsibility" to be $350 instead of the $250 I paid.

Are they going to bill me later? I haven't received anything yet after the notice.

Or can you tell me any stories you have about dealing with insurance companies?

Anybody have any experience with deals from sites like this? (WagJag)

So, this deal was recently brought to my attention. It sounds way too good to be true. My friend has already gone to the salon in our area and she says it's legit. I guess you have to pay for the deal online, then pay for the taxes of it at the salon. I really want to do this but I'm afraid there may be hidden costs that they dont tell me about (I am going for a consultation, which is free, this Monday to ask questions, but fear I wont get all honest answers). Has anybody had any experience with too-good-to-be-true deals like this before?

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Any current/former bartenders here? How do/did you like it? Any stories?

For everyone: What's your current favorite band/artist/musician? Bonus points for pics (since I've probably never heard of them and I like pictures)

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Do you have any recommendations for sheer or buildable foundations for people with dry, freckled skin? I do not want to cover up my freckles but want to smooth/even out my skin tone and give it some color.


What are some healthy (or as healthy as possible) breakfasts I can eat at work? My office is pretty relaxed and I can eat at my desk, so more or less anything goes. I've started going to the gym for about an hour and a half before work and I'm usually starving when I get there, so my bowl of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes at 9.30am barely fills me up until 11ish.

I don't eat meat, so no bacon etc, but if anyone has any ideas about things that will keep me full-ish until lunch, I'd appreciate it - what do you eat? TIA.