January 25th, 2013


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I'm having a group of friends over for dinner tonight. One of them has a young son, I think he's about 3 years old. She said she had to bring him to dinner if that was okay. I like kids, and I would never say no, but based on previous experiences he understandably gets super bored while we're sitting around talking. In the past this has meant tantrums and lots of broken shit.

Is there anything I can do, or set up, to try and keep him entertained? We usually hang out for about 4 hours so I need a few different ideas.

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So a couple days after the Dalai Lama shows up, you get another knock on your door. This time it is the Catholic Pope. He too asks if he could couch surf with you for a day or two. How would you feel about this? Would you let him in? If so, what would you say to him/how would you entertain him?

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So three times now out of nowhere, an alarm has started essentially wailing nonstop for about five to ten minutes at a time. I have no idea why, or what alarm it is. There were no appliances on aside from the heating. I live in an apartment with a fire alarm and a carbon monoxide alarm. The most recent time, I pressed the silence button on both and nothing happened, it just kept going off for another few minutes. The battery wasn't even in the fire alarm the last time and I have no idea if these alarms are going off somehow or if it's something else. It's very loud and annoying and the fact that I have no way of silencing it so all the neighbors get to endure this too is equally annoying. Any idea what it might be? I don't want to have to call the apartment maintenance if it's something I can fix.

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If you were babysitting for a couple and they both came home drunk, would you be comfortable leaving the child(ren) in their care? If not, what, if anything, would you do? Does the age of the kid(s) make a difference? Assume all kids are asleep.
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How do you get your mail?

I live in an urban area and the mailman walks house to house and drops the mail into a metal box we have by our front door.

If he's delivering a package, he usually just leaves it on the porch or doorstep.

(I just found out today that my friend who lives in the suburbs has her mail delivered at a mailbox at the end of the street where all the mailboxes are and she has to go out and get it, and she thinks my version of mail collection is weird)
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I've been having issues with my lj email notifications recently, and I think I've fixed it, but can we test this please?
If you could please reply to this, say anything you want, doesn't have to make sense.  Tell me a joke, or a story.  Tell me I smell funny.  Thanks.

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My dad found an ipod in my sister's car, it's not hers so it must be one of her friends.  They are all in the Navy so they aren't around.  It was soaking wet.  I dried it off and sat it on the adapter for my Wii because I read you should sit it somewhere warm like on top of a tv to dry out on the inside.  All of a sudden it just started playing music, but the screen is black.  Is there a way to get it to come on or something?  IDK how to fix it. 

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If you're posting your pic on a "dating" site, what qualifes as a "recent" photo?

1 week
6 months
2 years
5 years

EDIT O MATIC: I seem to have flubbed this up. Please answer in comments while I give my processor a good whack.
NVM....it looks like i did it OK the first time

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Hi Question Club,

I just updated iTunes, which is something I hate to do, because I just do. On the old version, you were able to have an image in the lower left hand corner of the "now playing" artwork. I can't seem to be able to get that to happen in the new iTunes (I think I just updated to version 11? Something like that?)

Please, TQC, help me get my artwork back with my music!!!
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Do you still lurk your ex-partners/flings etc facebook, IG, twitter, etc? Do you still care about them or are you just curious?

I catch myself lurking sometimes. I am just generally so curious, hoping I find something interesting, but I usually don't.

What are some things you would keep/have kept from your parents? Do you/would you lie to them often?

I'm taking the initiative to get on BC and they don't even know I am sexually active. I try my best not to lie to them but I find myself not helping it at times.