January 24th, 2013

General Chang

Small Talk

Are you good at small talk? Can you keep a conversation going?

I personaly can never really get into casual conversations and quickly seem to run out of things to say. Just wondering how people who are good at it, manage it?

DK/DC: How did you pick your icon? Is there a story behind it? Do you change your default icon often?

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My coworker makes about 2 grand a month. She lives with her parents and does not pay rent or buy groceries. She does not have any student loans or any other kind of debt. But she always complains about being broke.

What is she spending her money on? srs/non srs answers

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anyone here have a specific skincare regimen they swear by? i'm heading over to kiehl's to maybe buy their acai cleanser. i want to target dull/normal skin. anyone have any advice?
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Imagine you're the manager in charge of hiring/firing at your company. You hire an employee and they do an excellent job. Several years later, you discover that they lied on their application to get the job. Assuming the lie is something that doesn't affect their ability to do their current job, would you fire them?

Some examples:
1. They lied about being previously fired from another job for attendance-related issues. (They haven't had any attendance issues with your company.)
2. They lied about being convicted of a DUI. (Their job does not involve driving at all.)
3. They made up a degree. (The degree has no bearing on their current occupation.)

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I think I'm going to scream if I have to sit through the QuiBids commercial one more time. I would bet I've seen it at least 1000 times.

Are there any commercials you hate having to sit through over and over?

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do you think Manti Te'o is full of shit?

if that question has already been asked,

2. i kind of liked jab we met (even though geet was annoying). what other bollywood movies would i like?
3. have you read any really interesting articles lately? link!
4. do you have any favorite concept art (or artists)?
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How do you feel about "tough love" approaches used by programs that take "problem kids" (youth at risk) exposes them to inmates in local prisons?

I was in an at risk program when I was 17 & we learned life skills! Budgeting!

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I put this up last night and accidentally locked the comments. So we'll try again...
What are some extremely funny things small children (Or anyone for that matter) has said that made you laugh?

- My nephew (8) asked me where Hitler was buried. I said I
wasnt sure but it could have been at sea. His wee brother (5)
asked why. To which the oldest said "so he cantt come
back if theres a zombie apocalypse

- My bff (who is 29) asked me the other day what would happen to an egg if it
 wasnt collected from the mother hen. She didn;t know it
would grow to be a chicken

- (there was a tv ad in the uk where
the line "I dont speak pineapple was used
(definition - I don;t understand you) For whatever reason I said
it to the youngest nephew. 10 mins later, his brother asked him
something and he replied "I dont speak gay!"

There are so many that I might have to edit this post to add as I remember them

eta -;what would happen if you pulled a giraffes tail? (That was from the youngest

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I offered to take responsibility for my hotels twitter and facebook accounts, as they were completely dead. 
However now my boss has taken to tweeting too, with posts full of spelling mistakes and not very well-researched/artfully done. 

How do I politely say it's a job best left to me? He'll notice if I just secretly delete his tweets. 
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Do you post many pictures of your pets on FB or other social media sites? If so, care to post the cutest or funniest in the comments? I will post pictures in the comments!

Brought to you by a friend who posted a FB picture of her snake eating a live mouse. While I get the need to do such things, I really could have went without seeing that.


What would you consider basic knowledge of HTML?

I see "basic knowledge of HTML" as a requirement for a lot of job postings, but I have no idea what would be considered basic.

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A couple of very strange questions:

1) People who may live in Pennsylvania or near Pennsylvania (particularly in rural areas): What is the mud like? Color and consistency?

2) Can you think of any period pieces where people get really muddy?

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I'm going over to a friend's tomorrow and she suggested I bring a couple movies along. Now I'm totally blanking. I haven't seen her in a couple years, so I don't know what she's seen or really even what kind of movies she likes. Do you have any suggestions of some safe-bet movies?