January 23rd, 2013


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How "into" your job are you? Good or bad, I mean how much does your job consume your life?
If you're comfortable saying, how many hours do you typically work in a week? Are you happy with your hours? Would you like more or less?

My job is mostly separate from the rest of my life.When I am there, I'm pretty "into" it and I'm usually very invested in doing a good job and working well with my coworkers. It's extremely love-hate though and I hate how much I rant about work to my friends and family, but thankfully they've all had service jobs and understand. I'm between 15-20 hours a week right now because of school and I'm loving it but oh my god the pay is killing me :( I want more.
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Do you think it's rude/gross to masturbate in a shower shared with roommates?

(eta: I'm female, so it's more a "principle of the thing" thing than a "bodily fluids" thing.)
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Do you text while you're driving?

I try not to do it while the car is moving, but I'm definitely guilty of doing so occasionally, and totally whip out my phone to read a message or send one when I'm at red lights.

I refuse to text my fiance if I know that he is driving, and if he texts me when I know he's driving, I call him right away like "IF THIS CONVERSATION IS WORTH YOUR LIFE WE CAN HAVE IT OUT LOUD"

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The month of March = a shit ton of driving for me.

Why? Because I told myself I was going to go to more concerts this year. And I'm taking my kids to Florida for spring break.

But I have a dilemma....

Would you spend $800 for a hotel.....or drive 4 hours round trip each day if it meant FREE food and a FREE place to stay...plus an evening or two for myself?

I'll be driving from Southern Illinois to take the kids to Disney World when they're on spring break. My grandma and my aunt both live just under 2 hours away from Disney. I could split our stay with each, and it means free food, free place to stay, and I can see family that I haven't seen in 2 years...

That being said...I'm also driving from Southern Illinois to St. Louis and back twice (4 hour round trip each time) and to Indianapolis once (8 hour round trip)...one of the St. Louis trips and the Indianapolis trip will happen the week before we leave for Florida.

So...wwyd, tqc?

And yes, I'm going to try to attempt to entice another adult with a completely free trip to go with us ....as long as they help me drive.
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The Gay Agenda

Some conservatives fear a gay agenda recruiting kids into the lifestyle, which they believe is a choice. What do you feel are tactics for this gay recruitment?

Bursting out of bushes and behind telephone poles, splashing the kids with glitter. Soon, glitter will be expected and they'll adopt a lifestyle where glitter is commonplace
Passing out Skittles, which is all about the rainbow
Explain how 'scissoring' burns off more calories than running and aerobics. All you need is a partner
Giving little boys Barbies and little girls toy tool sets
Free tickets to the WNBA
Explain how semen is full of protein, and protein builds muscles, and therefore, if girls have hetero sex, they'll end up looking like wrestler Chyna
Explain to boys that you are what you eat, and if you eat out a girl, you become a girl, but going down on men makes you more macho
Invitation to play strip leapfrog. First article of clothing removed: pants
Free pink cell phone covers for the boys
Point out how the kids' fashion is so embarrassing, and how only gay people know how to dress properly
Show young boys a very convincing tranny, then tell them that all women are secretly men in disguise, so you might as well start dating guys
Play spin the bottle with the kids. One hot girl and 5 boys, or one hot guy and 5 girls. Odds are, there will be a lot of same gender kissing
The best way to avoid pregnancy is to avoid hetero sex. It only leads to babies. Like, every time!
Hitler was hetero. So was Voldemort and Darth Vader. And Satan is definitely into girls. Straightness only leads to evil
Teach the boys, instead of playing Star Wars or Avengers, reenact scenes from Brokeback Mountain

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Those of you who have had pap smears, have you ever had an abnormal pap? What happened after that? Did you have to get a colposcopy? Has anyone had hpv before? Mine came back abnormal and I have to have a colposcopy done and I have an hpv strain and I am nervous. I am kicking myself a lot right now for poor decision making. Would love to hear anyone else's experiences with this.

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we all know UGGS are ugly as fuck, BUT they are extremely comfortable and damnit I want a pair after borrowing my sisters....I just dont want to pay that price $100.00 and up.

anyone know of any that are almost the same but just as comfy?



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Is there someone who is a permanent (or semi-permanent) fixture in your life that you could do without? (E.g. co-worker, in-law.)

Is there someone whom is no longer in your life, but you wish that they were?

Are you looking forward to anything this year?

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What are some extremely funny things small children (Or anyone for that matter) has said that made you laugh?

- My nephew (8) asked me where Hitler was buried. I said I wasn;'t sure but it could have been at sea. His wee brother (5) asked why. To which the oldest said 'So he can't come back if there's a zombie apocalypse

 - My bff (who is 29) asked me the other day what would happen to an egg if it wasn't collected from the mother hen. She didn't know it would grow to be a chicken

- (there was a tv ad in the uk where the line 'I don't speak pineapple' was used (definition - I don't understand you) For whatever reason I said it to the youngest nephew. 10 mins later, his brother asked him something and he replied 'I dont' speak gay!'

There are so many that I might have to edit this post to add as I remember them

eta -
 what would happen if you pulled a giraffes tail?

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What can I do to make jaw joint pain better?

I fell asleep in a wooden rocking chair a couple of weeks ago and it's been fairly middling pain but the past couple of days it's gotten so bad I can't fully open my mouth and chewing solid food is HELL. It's just the left side, but any kind of movement hurts.

Going to the doctor is unfortunately not an option as I don't have a regular one and I'm already 40,000 or so in debt because of two previous ER visits that required me to be hospitalized, so I could go but wouldn't be able to pay for any meds they might subscribe to me and that would add on more to the debt.

But on the upside, I had mashed potatoes for dinner and pudding for dessert. Any soft food reccomendations besides the run of the mill soups?

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Is it just me or is it really weird that my friend constantly hangs out with her ex boyfriend's two best friends? She and her ex are not really speaking (they've only exchanged 2 or 3 friendly, "how have you been?" emails since their breakup in July).

She claims that she likes them a lot and wants to be able to hang out with them regardless of whether or not she and are ex are together. BUT she also occasionally mentions that she wonders about her ex and really wants him to want her again.

Does this sound like she's wanting to hold on to pieces of her ex by staying friends with HIS friends?