January 22nd, 2013


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I'm watching "Never Say Never Again" the James Bond movie with Sean Connery.
WHY did we think 007 was cool (before Daniel Craig that is)???

We can all agree Daniel Craig is the most kick-ass Bond ever Y/Y?????

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So I'm an idiot.

I got a macbook pro in 2010 and yesterday the screen cracked. It's just the glass not underneath it, and it's not a huge crack, still perfectly able to see/use everything.

Does anyone know how much apple shops in the UK charge for macbook screen replacement? (They don't publish their prices, but I know it's going to be ridiculous.)

Has anyone tried replacing the glass themselves?

Is it worth just trying to get a new one?


Would you book a flight with layover(s) to save money (around 50-150 €) or pay for a direct flight?

What if you saved around 300 € but had a estimated travel time of 30 hours (direct flight: 11 hours)?

What's your IP Geek index?

The IP Geek index measures the number of IP addresses associated with the devices in your residence.

Mine is 14, coming from three laptops, three smart phones, two game consoles, Kindle, DVR, network-attached storage device, wireless printer, the internal address of the router, and the ISP address for the router.

So, what's your index?

(I suppose if you don't know, you don't really qualify. :) )

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Is there any charities/organisations that are very close to your heart?
Mind sharing them?
Why are they important to you?

I am very passionate about:

* ACT for Kids www.actforkids.com.au - This is "Abused Children's Trust", their aim is to provide children with the foundations to heal and lead a normal life, after abuse. They also aim to identify "high risk" families, to provide assistance and counselling to try and prevent and stop abuse in its tracks.

I started supporting them when I was at hospital with my son - There was a poster of theirs on the wall that read "With more than 31,500 reported cases of child abuse each year in Australia alone - It's everybody's business". I looked up on their website and they broke it down, to 1 child every 17 minutes is suffering from abuse or neglect, whether it be physical, emotional, or sexual - Usually by a trusted friend or family member. I look at my babies and think - Every child should be looked at like that and every child deserves to feel safe.

* I also do my best raising awareness for a charity called "Joshua's Fight for Life Inc". https://www.facebook.com/Joshuasfightforlife?fref=ts - Pneumococcal septicemia - This charity was started by a girl I know, after her 6 month old son became ill and consequently died from the disease. The JFL team's aim is to raise awareness about this disease - The signs and symptoms and why it's better to overreact than to not react at all. They also offer support for people who have been effected by this disease. They do a lot of fund raising to make money to provide talks in different parts of Australia, brochures for hospitals and Drs surgeries and for merchandise; which includes the "Joshy Bear" which was inspired by Skye sending Joshua's favourite teddy away to be made into a housing for his ashes. People can use them just as a bear, or in the same way Skye did.

I love supporting these charities because I love the feeling of giving to someone who doesn't know me and can't give back. It makes me feel like I am helping to make a difference.

Edit: Sorry apparently I really suck at doing HTML stuff on Livejournal =/
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I'm at Panera Bread in a nice comfy lounge chair catching up on some work. However, I have to pee. BADLY. I have my laptop, two books, a notebook and my purse with me.

What is the protocol for this? I don't know if I trust people enough to just leave my laptop on the tabletop, but I also have no idea what I'd do with three books, a purse and a laptop in the bathroom.

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The POTUS will send you a congratulatory note if you mail a birth announcement to the White House - does anyone know if the Queen of England does the same? All I can find on google is that she'll send letters for birthdays over 100 years and wedding anniversaries over 60, but maybe my google-fu is weak and I'm not finding the right page.
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Seriously, f*** Sallie Mae! I'm about to cry. Did anyone as naive as I was take out a loan from Sallie Mae? If so, how has this been? I want to go back to this entry and re-read the comments when I am in dire need of relatable comfort that I am not the only one to get screwed over.

I have plenty of other loans but they seem to be more forgiving than this evil-doing place.

Online dating

Would you block a user who would literally view your profile every hour or two?

Which online dating sites are actually good?? I like the easy layout of OKCupid, but I don't seem to be encountering quality people.

huge dilemma

>: \

it’s taking every inch of me to not tell my coach how unbelievably rude and insensitive she is being, only because this person is ‘higher’ than me and i’m pretty sure they wouldnt take it so well if they were informed how they were REALLY acting, like a constant belittling know it all jerk. also this isnt a one time occurrence, it's pretty constant. 

and it's not just me that is irritated by her, it's the ENTIRE team.

what do i do??

if I told her she's being irrational and rude, it would be SO HARD for me to NOT say "yeah and it's not just me that is thinking this, your entire TEAM is"

how do I go about talking to her? she really needs to be told truthfully how she is treating everyone.
I am really good at gathering my thoughts and typing it out, but i realize how "immature" that probably comes across to her to talk about it through an email and  not in person but I REALLY REALLY hate face to face confrontation.

also, I have to deal with this person for another year, keep that in mind.


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Hey TQC. Do you have any experience with temp agencies? Any tips for how to use them effectively or how to tell if one is better than others? Or should I just apply to as many agencies as I can? There are at least 20-30 agencies within 30 miles of me, and maybe around 10-15 that supply workers for the type of work I'm interested in/can actually do (HR/office work).
movie: eraserhead

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I work at an after school program and we have something called 'kids night out' every once in awhile. My coworker and I are the head of this KNO and the them is PJ Party. I'm making little awards and I need help coming up with some more!

So far I have:

-most giggly,
-craziest pjs
-has the most funny money (a game we're going to play)
-craziest hair
-finds the most teddy bears (another game we're going to play),
-craziest slippers
-most colorful sleeping bag

since I don't know how many kids are signed up, I don't know how many I'll actually need.

Anyone have any ideas?

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I have a credit card i'm trying to get rid of. On my statement, it says my balance is -£113, yet when I go to pay it off, it says pay the full statement balance which is £216. 
Where's this extra £100 come from? I thought I was really close to paying it off =/