January 21st, 2013


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Have you ever heard of two friends kissing, outside of any romantic or sexual relationship. I mean making out, tongue and all, plus cuddling. Is that even possible, in your opinion, without it turning into something 'more'?

Do you do anything with your friends that other people consider weird, or too intimate?

How frank and open are your conversations with your best friends, when it comes to sex?
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monday monkey lives for the weekend

Today apparently is Blue Monday. Pseudoscience stamped as the most depressing day of the year. Based on seasonal depression, christmas debts kicking in and just being monday;  that sort of thing.

So is it true for you? Are you feeling depressed?

Do you think its because of blue monday? Or    do you have a good reason to be feeling down?
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Music Q

Congradulations! You've been elected President!

Can you tell us five bands that would play at your inaugural ball?

Edit: Don't have to be American bands! Siousxie Sue would play mine, and she ain't a Yank!

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Has anyone here attended/graduated law school?

Can you tell me about your experience? Does your coursework differ greatly depending on which area of law you want to pursue?

I am interested in possibly going to law school to provide legal services for low-income/homeless individuals - how different would my law school experience be than someone who wanted to be, say, a litigation attorney?
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Come down the curtains

What would be your last words before you die?
When you read that question, was there setting you imagined for your hypothetical death? (around loved ones, outside, etc)

srs/non-srs obviously.

Just curious after seeing Frida Kahlo's last words and also remembering the awesome last words of someone from Breaking Bad. 

Also, is there any last words from any real people or fictional characters that you like?

edit: forgot something. 

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I saw a photograph which is a pastiche on the last supper, with ridiculously fat people with a skinny guy in the centre. I think the photographers name began with a D and his first name may have been Graham.
Anyone know who i'm talking about?
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help me rank my internship choices

I'm going into a profession that requires a one-two year internship to become registered. I have three possible internships I'm applying to. I know which is my first choice, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to rank the other two. They're both good programs, will leave me equally qualified, and I'm guessing I have about equal chances of being chosen for them.

Choice 1: One year partial graduate program - I'll have a certificate, but not a master's, when I finish. It's not full-time (only 13 hours in two semesters), so I'll have to take more than a year's worth of classes to finish my master's, if I do. The big pro is that this is located in my hometown, so the commute will be minimal. Plus, since it's only one year, I'll be able to start working sooner. The big negative is that this is a program at a private university, and the tuition cost is $15000, plus books and a few incidentals. The only type of aid available is loans - no assistantships or grants. I can afford this, but it'll be tight. Because of the short commute and lighter class load, I may have enough free time to get a part-time job to offset costs.

Choice 2: Full master's program, lasting two years. Graduate Assistant positions are standard for the first 3 of 5 semesters, so the overall tuition cost runs $4-5000 (again, plus books, etc.). If I choose not to do a master's thesis, I'll have to take additional coursework, which will increase the cost by a few thousand (I'm still not sure whether I'd do a thesis). It will delay my employment by a year, and I'm not sure there's a big entry level pay bump for having an MS. The big negative is that this school is located 45 miles away - my husband and I own a home where we are now, so I'm not relocating. Some sites for the internship are actually in my hometown, so that's cool, but some are an hour away in the other direction from the school, which means some weeks I'll be commuting 180 miles a day. I've already been commuting to this school for two years, and I hate it. The commute adds about $700-1000/semester in gas costs. It's also worth noting that my car will be 16 years old and have about 185k miles when I start the program - buying a new one is really not on my to-do list yet.

Which would you pick? Any insights I seem to be missing? When I write it out like this, choice 2 seems like the obvious choice, but I can't get over how much I hate all the driving.
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I'm trying to get on the subway. There are four open portals...but one is blocked by a lady with a stroller and her group. The other three portals have a line of people queing up to use them.The group leader (her husband??) is talking to the subway attendant and she doesn't look like she'll be moving anytime soon.
Is it rude for me to slide past her to use the portal? Is she being rude to block it? Is she being stupid? Am I being arrogant?


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How hard is it for you to tell the difference between lust and love (or in other words a genuine emotional connection)?
Has this burned you in the past?
In general, are you most comfortable single, single but dating/fooling around, or in a relationship?
What's your current relationship status?

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I'm going to be going to California with my friend. So far the only thing on the agenda is to see the Ellen show which tapes in LA. I've only been to California once before but it was a quick trip and I stayed on a naval base, so I'm at a loss about planning.

Can you offer any suggestions for the best neighborhoods to stay (or if you have a specific hotel suggestion?)? Things we shouldn't miss?

I think both of us just want out of New York.


Any Australians/NZ'rs ever been to the Museum of Old and New Art near Hobart, Tasmania? Article in magazine made it sound like something really special. What were your impressions?

Tumblr savior question

Anyone else using the Fire Fox 'Tumblr savior' extension? Is there some trick to get it to save my blacklist permanently or is it borked with FF18? I added stuff to my blacklist the first time, but now every time I re-start Fire Fox it reverts to the default settings. Talk about annoying! Just wondering what, if anything, I can do about this. I'd really love to keep using it but as-is it's a pain.

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I've heard three theories as to why cats will kill little animals or bugs and leave them lying around for their people to find;

1.) The cat loves you and is leaving you a gift.
2.) The cat thinks you'll keep it safe for her, because she'll want it back later.
3.) The cat is basically trying to tell you "You're too god damn stupid to hunt for yourself so I did it for you. Idiot."

Which one do you think is right? If you have a cat that does this for you, why do you think they do it?
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Nice shoes. Wanna fuck?

Let's call your left knee President's Day, and your right knee St. Patrick's Day. Can I visit you between the holidays?

Wanna sit on my lap and talk about the first thing that pops up?
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this city never sleeps at night;;

Poll #1891678 Showering habits

Peeing in the shower is...

gross, but I do it anyway.
perfectly normal, and I do it.
gross, and I would never do it.
perfectly ok, but I would never do it.
weird; I'll talk about it in the comments.
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Noise Complaints

So, I've been having issues with my neighbors since I moved in in May. They've flooded my apartment and they also play ridiculously loud music. Music so loud that I can clearly hear it in my bedroom. Right now I'm drafting an e-mail to my complex to inform them that I'm at my wits end with the situation.

Can you read it and see if there is anything you'd add?
Have you ever dealt with neighbors this awful?

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That is a link to a video I took from my bed where you can hear them A) walking around (it's an apartment I don't care that much) and B) you can hear their music. I'm considering adding the video to the e-mail too