January 20th, 2013

come to my hair rescue!

Does anyone here use the 'no shampoo' method of washing their hair (baking soda + vinegar instead)? Pros/Cons of it and do you recommend it?

My hair is disgustingly oily after 24 hours exactly and I am so done with my thin and flat hair ):

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Where would you rather live for a year?

City with the highest rate of pollution/lowest quality air in the world
City with the highest rate of violent crime in the world

Whose services would you rather have to rely on?

Doctor/hospital with the highest rate of medical malpractice lawsuits in your state
Emergency services with the slowest/worst response time in your state

Where would you rather spend your money?

Restaurant with the lowest health inspection ratings/highest rate of being shut down by health dept
Car dealership with highest rate of reports with Better Buisness Burea/most investigations for safety violations

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Are there any countries (or I guess just places in the world in general) whose location you always have a particularly hard time recalling?

I am so bad with island nations in Asia. Like, my grandmother is Filipino and without googling a map right now I can't even really tell you where the Philippines are. Or Taiwan of Thailand or any of those place. Also, where the heck is Prague? Every time I hear about Prague I swear I've looked it up before but I can never remember where it is.

ETA: Apparently Thailand is not an island. And so I prove my point.

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I live with my boyfriend and every time he takes anything out of the fridge/pantry/cupboards, he forgets to put it back. a lot of food has spoiled because of this. i'm tired of nagging him because i'm sure it's annoying to hear.

Whenever I see food out, I always put it back and remind him but he still does it every time.

Any advice? serious and nonserious answers welcomed

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Have you ever felt extremely judgemental of someone, no matter how hard you tried not to be petty? Tell me about it? Mine in the comments.

Bonus question: I used to be the free stuff maven in my circle but having a full time job the last few years has me slacking. Where's the best place to load up on free samples/products?

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Poll #1891334 A less controversial poll

You can only choose one of these cuisines for the rest of your life, which is it

Japanese (inc sushi)
Classic American (burgers, steaks, fries etc)
Iberian (ie Spanish/Portuguese)
Mexican/Central American
Middle Eastern

What type of ethnic cuisine is your favorite?

What's your favorite ethnic dish?

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what's up with the giant elephant in les mis (and moulin rouge)?

so new question,

are you taking (or have you recently taken) any classes you're really excited about? what are they?

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I feel like I'm going to sound totally on drugs by asking this question, but I was wondering:

If you had to attribute yourself with a certain kind of "luster", what luster do you think you'd give off? Ex. shine, sparkle, gloss, shimmer, etc.
  • piperki

short-length track pants?

I really want some track pants. Not yoga pants and not capris, because I have those. I like to wear track pants when I lift weights. The pair I have are like 10 years old and really worn out. I went to Dick's hoping to replace them but their pants were all like 3" past my feet, and I don't enjoy walking on the hem of my pants. I'm only 5'4" and my inseam is, no kidding, 28.5 inches. I've looked online at places like Athleta and Title 9--they have a lot of snug-fitting stretchy spandex-blend pants, but I'm looking for something like this.

Where can I find short-length warmup/track pants for women?

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To those of us who have siblings- if it came down to it, would you choose your relationship with your closest sibling, or your relationship with the person you love/intend to marry? Like you'd have to cut someone out in order to maintain the other relationship, and you're really stuck with an ultimatum.

How old are you?

Do you think you would have made the same decision 5 years ago?
space, fire

the how do I ask a question question

So my friend and I started a vlogging group, the general idea is you post vlogs about whatever, they can be diary-like or themed or etc. It's a private group but we're looking to invite people. I need to craft a question geared at people who are interested in meeting other people for fun and general interest via the vlog/forum medium and who are somewhat competent at expressing themselves. I'm planning on distributing this question on my Facebook and Twitter pages, so it will mostly be directed at people I know. How should I phrase the question to get the right audience?
  • lutine

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What's the last really disgusting thing that happened to you?

For the last few days, there's been a really awful smell in our kitchen, but we couldn't find where it was coming from. I just found potato soup leftovers from like two weeks ago in a tupperware... that my husband put back in the tupperware cupboard instead of the fridge. So fucking foul.