January 19th, 2013

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I've watched the first few episodes of Supernatural and am quite impressed that it's lasted 8 seasons. For anyone that watches Supernatural: Does it get better as it goes along? I feel like the acting goes back and forth from being bland to being really cheesy, and/or the script writers are just melodramatic. Do they improve, or is it the melodrama that people actually like?

dkdc: What melodramatic movies/shows do you like? What melodramatic movies/shows annoy you?

Totally unrelated questions

What's the reason you last deleted someone from Facebook ?

A guy posted a status about how he was buying his son a rabbit and then going to eat it in a year or two when it was fattened up. Now there is a good chance he was probably joking but he's a scum bag to begin with, and it wouldnt surprise me if he did do it and I am a bunny lover. So he was deleted lol

Do you sell books or movies on amazon or half.com? do you think it's worth the fees they charge you ?
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I'm super drunk right now haha

Ok, guys. So...I broke up with my ex a couple of weeks ago and last weekend I met this guy at a party. I was drunk, high on pot, and tripping on acid, but I felt a huge connection with another guy. Like I've never felt this way about another person ever. I think it may have been the drugs but it felt so intense. I can't even describe what I felt for him. We cuddled and held hands all night and kissed at one point but it never went beyond that. And he's someone that I'll probably never date, but I'll cherish the experience forever. I have for the last week. I've kept it close to my heart until tonight when I told people.

Do you believe in love at first sight? Have you ever had an experience where you've loved someone even thought it's never gone beyond a single experience?
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So I finally made it to Dubai, BUT my hotel room is directly across from the elevators, shares a wall with the gym, has no view and the only coffee available is NASTY instant Nescafe.....I should ask...NAY, DEMAND an upgrade?? Y/Y???

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Do people typically think you look older or younger than your actual age, or do they mostly get it right? Does it bother you? Please, air your gripes.

ETA: People always guess within one-two years of my age and I like it.
Glad to see most people here are not bothered by this. This was inspired by a post in another community and most people were so angry about it!

build the perfect salad(s)

I'm really wanting to lose some weight and nothing I was trying last year was maintainable for me. I know the biggest part of the battle is my state of mind. But I thought something that would be easy is salads. I've already cut out sodas, fast food and fried foods but am not noticing a difference yet (my boyfriend has lost around 6 lbs already...damn men!!)

So if you had to eat salads straight for at least a week (not just lettuce-based) what would you choose? Bonus points for inexpense.

And what would you eat for breakfast? I'm not sure if I want to do fruit salads, blts and a piece of fruit or what. I'm not an egg fan so that's not great for me for breakfast.

And extra bonus points if some ingredients are workable into non-salad diets for my boyfriend. I'm thinking lots of grilled chicken.


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do you prefer sunshine or clouds?

i've always preferred cloudy/stormy weather but over the past few years or so, sunlight has started making me feel yucky (irritable, fatigued, depressed, restless, etc) so i don't really like it much at all.

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Do you plan on watching the Inauguration of Obama? Why or why not?

Do you plan on watching the superbowl? Will it be a party? What is your favorite superbowl food or best you ever had?




Ok...it was fireworks. Gotta cut down on the bourbon.

If it were really explosions.....what should my escape plan be?
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Two of my big manly man-some man friends are helping me move furniture tomorrow and I was hoping to make them dinner as a thank you.

They're going to be busy until the evening (which is when we'll be moving the stuff), so I was hoping to make something during the day, put it in the fridge, and then just heat it up or throw it in the oven so I don't have to spend time chopping and cooking food during or after the move.

I was originally thinking of making lasagna, but one of my friends is lactose intolerant.

My other friend doesn't eat pork.

I can't do spicy.

So what's a good, hearty, make-ahead meal that has no dairy or pork?

EDIT: That doesn't require a crockpot because I don't have one.
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hi TQC! I'm planning my own wedding and have no idea what I'm doing!

my fiance and I have lived together for about a year, living in our own home since November. we basically have everything we need as far as essentials go. what the heck do I put on my registry? where do we register?

anybody have any idea where I could print my own wedding invitations? Kinkos and Staples = not options.

any ideas on good wedding songs? dinner, dancing, whatever!

thank you :)

edit, just remembered: any suggestions on how to best find a reasonably priced hotel/flight? I've never had a Big Vacation like this before.

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Tattooed people:
Have you integrated any tattoos into others? 

I have a very simple flower (a botanical sketch) on my ankle, but i'd also like a cuff like ankle tattoo and I don't know whether i'd want my first tattoo to get sucked into something else, as it means a lot on its own.