January 17th, 2013

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In March, I have a week to travel. My choices are 1.) Iceland 2.) Russia 3.) Egypt

Does anyone have travel experience/knowledge of those places they would be willing to share?

Which place do you think would be the safest to travel for a white American woman in her 20's who is alone?
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regarding eReaders and sleep

I've been using my laptop to read .pdf books for a while but I found it screwed up my ability to sleep, so I've stopped, and am now considering an eReader instead. So, to those who have eReaders, which one do you have? Do you like it? Do you use it to read before bed, and do you think it affects your quality of sleep? I'm obviously looking for one that doesn't have a backlight or at least has settings to turn it off.
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Nutrition Question

What do you think about juicing? Have you ever tried it, or know someone who has tried it? How did it go? I am desperate to improve my crappy diet (I guess ketchup really isn't a vegetable after all) and so I definitely need to get some vegetables/fruit in my diet. Do you think juicing is a good way to do it? If not, what would be a better way? I can't see myself stuffing handfuls of raw kale and beet chunks in my mouth.
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Advice please

Around a year ago I posted here about my mum's cervical cancer diagnosis and her refusal to have chemo and I asked what would you do if your loved one refused to have conventional treatment and instead seek out "alternative" treatment? (she did have external radiation therapy but not the internal or chemo)
Almost a year to the day from my last entry here, my Mum went into hospital with septicemia and a perforated bowel. She had surgery and a colostomy bag attached while her bowel heals but we weren't given any info regarding the cancer as the bowel was the main focus at the time. Of course, we figured that the cancer had spread but we didn't know how far or what our options were, but we assumed surgery & chemo would be offered.
Then yesterday we were told that the cancer is inoperable, that chemo isn't effective in this situation and that there is nothing else they can do. So they have admitted her into the palliative care service.
The doctor said we are looking at months.
What happens now?
What does palliative care do?
Is it wrong of my to feel angry at my mum? I can't help but feel like she squandered her one chance at survival and now I'm losing my mum and I feel so mad at her and scared for her... I would never tell her that, but it's just not fair!
Please, if anyone here has gone through something like this, please how did you get through it? I can't wrap my mind around the finality of this and I don't know what to do. I want to be there for her but I'm so scared and I have no idea what to expect, so any advice would mean so much to me right now.
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i'm going to invite my friend to a movie tonight. should we go to django unchained, texas chainsaw massacre in 3d, or silver linings playbook?

who's your favorite director, and what are your favorite movies by that director?

have you ever watched a harmony korine film?


If you had $10,000 to invest in the stock market right now, what would you buy?

I think I would put most if not all of it in energy stocks or etf's. I think energy is going to boom in the next ten years.
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Poor Leo

Hypothetically what do you think would make Leonardo DiCaprio cry more, getting an honorary Oscar after he's retired from acting or someone else winning an Oscar for playing him in a bio-pic?

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which order should it be done in?

brush your teeth, then floss
floss your teeth, then brush

do you share a toothbrush with your significant other?

yes, always
yes, if either of us are without our own
yes, but i thought it was gross
no, they used it and i threw it away afterward
no, but i would
no, that's gross

do you share razors with your significant other

yes, always
yes, if one of us is without one then it's no big deal
yes, but i thought it was gross
no, but i would
no, that's unsanitary and/or gross

what the heck happened?

For some reason I'm not getting messages now when someone comments on my entries or responds to my posts and I have no idea why. Its only happened in the past hour or so. Is anyone else experiencing this or did I do something wrong? I use the full web version of lj on my phone's web browser.

ETA I went to message settings in my inbox and all the appropriate boxes are still checked. =/

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Do you have an occupation that can't easily be named in one word like, "doctor, lawyer, nurse, teacher"? If so, what do you do exactly?

I was just watching The Bachelor (missed it on Monday), and noticed that every girls' occupations are listed under their names whenever they come up. Jumbotron operator, anyone?

If you were on a show like that and needed to sum up your occupation in two words or less, what would it/they be?