January 15th, 2013

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Jury Service FUBAR

Back in June 2012 I received a letter asking me to fill out a questionnaire to see if I was fit for jury duty. I took the option to fill it out online and discovered that as I'm still a green card holder, not a US Citizen, that disqualified me 

Couple of days later I received an email asking me to send a scan of my green card, either by mail or email but that if I didn't send it within 5 working days, I'd be sent another questionnaire. Well, I don't have a scanner, don't know anyone who does. My husband managed to track a dusty old scanner down in his office, but by the time we'd got it sorted out and working, 5 working days had passed. I decided to sit and wait for my new questionnaire. It never came and I forgot all about it. Big mistake 

My husband is terrible at putting mail on his desk at home and not opening it. Hence I've just found a letter from October stating that I was to appear at the local court stating why I was unfit for jury service and failure to appear could result in a big fine 

Oh. Shit 

What do I do next?


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1. What happened to the lj community "_survivors_"? It happened sometime in the past week...it is now something else and I am confused.

2. Since I cant ask this there: Advice on dealing with fear? The potentially (HOW SHOULD I KNOW?!) irrational kind. Scared to do something? I'm doing it, and now. That's not the problem. I am talking about "Bus is two minutes late? Kids are dead." "Boyfriend not answering phone? Obviously dead." "I opened a loud crinkly package of food and Dog didn't come running? Dead."
The Dark night


I'm down to just 2 players in Words With Friends. I'm looking to add some more friends.

Anyone else still play and wish to contend with fourcorners? I'll give you a hard run for your money

Message me or express interest and I'll message you
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Rant ahead:

Why do people complain when a TV show (especially one that focuses on females it seems) doesn't include people of color?? I'm a fucking black woman and I'm asking this. I'm so tired of people whining about how Girls or Bunheads or whatever other female-centric show doesn't showcase the experiences of POC or LGBT people. I just don't feel like it's someone's responsibility to showcase a particular point of view just because that point of view happens to be rare. If Lena Dunham wants to write about nothing but white girls, then so what? I'm curious as to how many people that are complaining are screenwriters or TV show producers themselves and/or actively supporting or promoting TV shows that include diverse casts.

Sorry for the rant, but I'm so annoyed by this. I think it's embarrassing to ask white people or straight people or whoever to showcase "othered" groups, especially when there's so many avenues to create your own content or support people whose content you like.
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online "dating"

Do you think it's possible to just look for making friends when you make an account for online dating?

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DC: Have you ever been friends with someone you REALLY wanted to sleep with, and didn't for any length of time?  Why?  Did it ever eventually go farther than friendship?  How so or why not?

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Think of 5 people that you admire (or more depending on your situation). What are some of their traits?

Think of 5 people that you find weird. What are some of their traits?

Nail Growth

I read today that the nails on the hand that you write with grow faster. Is this statement true for you?

dk/dc/don't track your nail growth/ambidextrous: What do your nails look like rightnow?
Keep Calm and Carry On

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Tablet owners of TQC, can you recommend a tablet to me?

It will be used primarily for web browsing, watching Netflix, writing (will get a Bluetooth keyboard). It needs to have an HMDI output port.

Thanks TQC!!

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How do you interpret the 1st amendment?

Government shouldn't tell religion what to do
Religious authorities shouldn't tell gov't what to do

Feel free to offer your explanations in the comments. I know one friend of mine and I see it differently and it's at the root of many of our arguments.