January 14th, 2013

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Okay I read a paperback novel geared toward middle school kids years ago. I remember the premise was there was this very neat and orderly girl at school who gets assigned to be desk partners with this really messy and crazy girl. The picture on the front shows the two girls sitting next to each other. Anyway, the neat girl thought she was supposed to make the messy girl neater, but in the end it turns out the teacher wanted the messy girl to influence the neat girl. 

Anyone know the name of this book?  

random thought

do you think that in the case of an attack in the home or a home invasion or such, using Raid or similar type of insecticide spray as emergency mace substitute is a legit thing to do?

what would likely happen to a person who against whom Raid or similar was used as emergency mace substitute?

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I have a large, overbearing family. (I'm a first generation Indian) How much communication is too much communication with family for you? How much do you interact with/communicate with your family? When is it too much?
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anyone know this movie?

hey TQC, hoping someone can help me ID this movie?? it was a made-for-TV movie i saw part of years ago and never got to see the ending. wondering if i can find it online now so i can just see how it ended.

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does this sound familiar to anyone? thanks in advance.
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My car is presently at a garage and I'm waiting at home to here a verdict, but I'm trying to prepare myself for how much this might cost- 

While on the highway, my car shuddered violently a few times before decelerating; pressing the gas had no effect. I pulled over and stopped the car. I turned it off and the engine wouldn't catch. Between realizing I had forgotten my cellphone and returning from the church office I hitchhiked to, I realized the contents of my previously full gas tank were all over the highway. I had just had it looked at by a mechanic to make sure it was safe and good to go about a week and a half ago, so whatever happened to it, happened quickly. I've been googling it, but there are a lot of keywords and it's making it hard to find anything relevant. 

Has this ever happened to anyone else before and/or do you have any guesses? 

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If you were going to write a morality play, what would the ~moral~ be that your play was about?

What legendary things (without 100% confirmed existences) do you think may be real, or do you wish were real? (Ex. the remains of Noah's Ark on Mt. Arawhatever, the Holy Grail, Atlantis, etc.)

Kenmore Square

I was listening to WTF and Marc Maron was reflecting on things in boston gone. He said Kenmore Square is no longer there. Or at least its been sanitized. I haven't been to boston in 8 years and probably 10 years since i've been around Kenmore Square. Can someone tell me what happened to Kenmore Square?
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does anyone know of somewhere online that has cheap textbooks? even for the new editions? 
--i just got back into school this semester and i forgot how expensive this shit is! (besides amazon) 

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TQC, would you watch a movie that is known for the "twist" at the end if you already knew the "twist"?

I ask because I want to watch The Usual Suspects and I wonder if it's still going to be a good movie even though I know the end. (Note: I just realized who all the main actors are so I think the answer is yes, it will still be good.)

Care to share your experiences with twist ending movies? Whether you already knew the twist, hate all twist endings, always figure them out, anything.
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Would you rather

Be with someone who was surely your true love for your entire life but have to give up your dream career to be with him/her, whatever that may be


Give that true love up and follow your dream career, but always knowing that that person was out there and never meeting someone quite as perfect

EDIT: What IS your dream career? Is it more of a fantasy or are you actively pursuing it/have you achieved it?
Both of these scenarios, money isn't an issue unless it's impossible for you to imagine these where it's not. 
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When shopping, do you return your shopping carts/baskets to the designated areas after you are finished with them?

Would your friends say you are more polite or honest?

How much primping do you have to do before you leave the house to feel comfortable?
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Examples of crap?

I just signed up for a Waitrose/JLP card, but noticed while I was doing so that one of the "benefits" is that if I buy a daily fail and spend over five quid, I get £1.20 off my shop.

I like Waitrose/John Lewis as a company, but obviously this pisses me off. I wish to express my displeasure. Could anyone who's a bit more savvy than me tell me
a) does the above mean that Waitrose/John Lewis has an actual agreement with the daily hideousness?
b) are there any particularly solid examples of racism, homophobia, transphobia and/or anti-feminism that've been displayed by that paper, either on paper or online, that I can use to illustrate my case?

DK/DC What's your favourite plant?