January 12th, 2013

  • piperki

shoe polish

I just spiffed up two pairs of boots with some shoe polish and brushes, which I learned to do as a youngster (my father taught me).

Have you ever polished shoes?

If so, who taught you to do this?

If not, why?

How old are you?

(no subject)

All of the following involve complete strangers. In which of these situations, if they were unfolding in front of you, would you directly intervene (ie. do more than call 911 etc.,) even if not directly asked?

a young girl, about 5-6 years old, is putting road kill in her mouth and gnawing on it; parent or guardian is nowhere in sight.
a blind person dropped the leash of their service animal. the dog is several feet away, chasing squirrels
A middle aged woman dropped a bag of groceries in the middle of the street. Her stuff is spilled out all around her
A man is an expensive suit is violently vomiting next to the sidewalk
Two men are loudly arguing - one is threatening the other with physical violence
Someone is waiting at the bus stop, putting pressure on a wound that looks like it is bleeding profusely
An old man with a walker has fallen on the sidewalk and can't seem to get up by himself; he clearly weighs more than you
A cat is stuck in a tree; its owner is standing next to the tree and looks distressed
Someone is standing at the edge of a train/subway platform, muttering. You overhear what they are saying and it appears they are preparing to throw themselves in front of the train
Two teenagers are stuck by the side of the road with two flat tires and a confused look on their faces
A man is going into anaphylactic shock - he is pointing at his briefcase, mouthing the word 'epi-pen'
A toddler is sitting alone on top of a gutter drain. No adults in sight.
Three thirteen or fourteen year old kids seem to be mistreating/abusing a cat in the front yard next to sidewalk you are walking on

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I know there's more to life than sex, but would you be able to long-term date a guy who has some sex issues? He either avoids it by saying he's tired, has had several very premature climax episodes, avoids talking about it, and when he finally does have sex with you, it's very vanilla.

Surely this must be one of the reasons why this guy I'm talking about has never had a relationship last longer than 3 months?
macaroni murder lady

my poor sick car

[Actually, it's my husband's car.]
Actually, it's my husband's car. Thursday he stopped to get some takeaway, and when he got back into the car it wouldn't start. It said, "Uden uden," with full power, but wouldn't turn over. It was looked at and we were told it was the timing belt. Friday morning we got it into the mechanic's lair and later that afternoon we were told it wasn't the timing belt, it was the crank sensor, which I didn't think was a thing and may be misnaming. A new part was bought. Today we've been told it is not the crank sensor (?) and they have to bring a new computer machine in to hook up to the car.

TQC, what's wrong with my car?  All answers welcome, especially if you don't read the clicky part with the details.

It's a Me...

Question for those of you who have a Nintendo 3DS:

Which Mario game would you suggest of the following:

New Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario 3D Land or Paper Mario: Sticker Star?

(no subject)

Do you have  an alarm clock or do you use your phone alarm? 

I use my phone but lately I've been feeling nostalgic and want to buy an alarm clock like in the OLDEN DAYS.

Do you like scented candles? Do you have a favorite one?
D20// rolled 1 - shit

Help me sleep!

Does anyone have good suggestions on ways to help cut down snoring in men? My husband, in recent years, has gotten far worse with it, so bad that some nights I sleep on the couch just to get any sleep at all. I love him, and it pains us both for me to do so. 

He can't stand the little nose strips, and they never help him anyway. He already takes zertek before bed, which sometimes helps, but it still continues to get worse. 

Help, tqc!