January 10th, 2013


SMS scam spam

Since I moved from WA to CA I've been receiving many more spam messages on my cell (typically some kind of scam). I didn't change the number when moving. I do not recall doing anything that could lead to greater exposure of the number online.

What gives?
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I had a really bad stomach virus thing a couple of weeks ago and since then I've become excessively aware of/afraid of/disgusted by the idea of GERMS, to the point where it's been giving me some anxiety. I don't really know what to do about those issues, if my brain is just making me feel overly cautious so I don't get ill again or if I'm randomly starting to manifest OCD symptoms or what. Anyway all the articles I've read lately on how to avoid getting sick tell you to keep your hands away from your face, but I'm a compulsive cuticle biter and couldn't avoid doing so if I painted the words QUIT BITING on my fingernails. Anyway, all of this is leading up to the question:

Is hand sanitizer good or bad? I always thought it was, like, bad for your immune system or something to have sterile hands, I don't really have any facts on this, but I've been feeling lately like it might be a good idea to get some.

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Is it slut shaming to think somebody really ought to use condoms if somebody is going to have casual sex with strangers?

For those of you with pets: would it bother you if your pet was in the bathroom while you're using it?

Death or bonbon?

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A question earlier made me think of this.

What is the last thing you purchased thinking it was one thing, but realized later it was something completely different?


OR - what is the last gift you got from a well intentioned person who tried to get you something you wanted but bought the wrong thing? (I think everyone's got that one relative that always gets this stuff mixed up ;) )
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For one week, you can only eat foods that start with one particular letter of the alphabet. You pick which letter. For instance, if you chose P, you could only eat things like pickles, pizza, pumpkin pie. Foods that are generic descriptions, like pie or soup, cannot be selected. You can only eat certain kinds of pies, soups, etc., that start with the letter you selected, like apple pie (A) or lentil soup (L). This does not affect what you can drink

What letter do you pick, and what foods are on that menu?

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I am going to the dentist to get two cavities filled (on the same side). I havent had a cavity since I was 7 and it was a very unpleasant experience. I'm scared! Can you reassure me that it's not going to be that bad?

Any dental stories to share?
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is it wrong of me to be annoyed by the fact that my gf consistently misplaces her phone, or her battery is always near-dead, etc, causing worry on my part? i don't want to seem possessive as if i need to know what she's doing or where she is at all times, i would just like for ONE DAY to be able to call her or text her at any random point and not have it go straight to voicemail or wait five hours for a response.

our relationship is great otherwise and i don't suspect her of any wrongdoing, i'm just fucking fed up with her phone.

Dinner tipping

When you leave a tip after dinner, do you calculate it based on the pre-tax or after-tax amount? Or do you just go "close enough" and leave whatever's easiest for you?

Edit: And if you're charging the meal, do you leave a cash tip or add it to the credit card?
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For anyone who's been to Niagara Falls:

What's a fancy, romantic restaurant with a fallsview? I realize they're all nice in their own way, but each one I've been too is still pretty casual. They all have people in t-shirts and such. I'm looking for one to get dressed up for. I'd prefer the Canadian side, but either will work ultimately.

Has anyone seen Greg Frewin? His show sounds entertaining, but I'm worried about his treatment of his animals. Does anyone know how animals like tigers are cared for by magicians typically?

DK/DC: What's your favourite TV show right now?

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I am pretty sure I have a UTI. It burns when I pee and I have to pee frequently, those are pretty much the only symptoms! I am visiting le doc tomorrow. Do you think so? Tell me about your horrid UTI stories.

What was the last thing that made you feel old? What was the last thing that made you feel young?
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Who was the last person to upset you?
My upstairs neighbors.

What happens when you are angry?
I cry.  I feel so stupid.

What makes you feel irrationally angry?
My upstairs neighbors.  I filed a formal complaint earlier this week because I can't FUCKING TAKE IT ANYMORE and now they're retaliating.  *sigh* 

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I'm a college student. I've had jobs and internships before, but strangely, never one that required me to wear business clothes. I just landed an internship opportunity that I'm very excited about in a very formal environment. I only have about one formal outfit and I already wore that to the interview. What types of things should I buy? I don't want to splurge on a new wardrobe, but variety is always nice.  Where are good places to shop? What types of things do you wear to work?

EDIT: I am female.

Rash After Antibiotics

I just finished taking antibiotics about three days ago and I've had an unsightly rash on my face since then. I believe the only thing it can be from is the antibiotics.

Has anybody had this before?
How did you get rid of it?
What do you usually use to manage/get rid of rashes/breakouts?

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TQC, what does your wallet look like?

I need a new wallet but I haven't had to buy one in years so I don't know where to start looking. Any brands/stores you recommend/don't recommend?