January 8th, 2013


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How can you tell if someone has blocked your number?  Say if you send them a text message.  Does it look like it went through on your end and they never receive it? Or does it give you an error message?  We both use AT&T.
audrey book

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Is there anyone else who absolutely cannot sleep when there's an analog clock in the room?

My family thinks I'm crazy, but I can hear the tick-tick SO LOUDLY!!!!

/what strange things annoy you?

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Are your animals ever mean to you and hurt your feelings?

My kitty cat gets all puffed up in that scared kitty pose when I get undressed. I have decided she thinks I'm gross.

In all seriousness though, what are some quirks your animal has? Silly things they do?
shoes and bunnies

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Alabama State Rep Introduces Bill to Stop the State from Teaching that Homosexuality is an Unacceptable Criminal Lifestyle

I just read this, and I can't even. How is it even POSSIBLE that they actually teach that offensive nonsense? What do you think about it? I was born, raised, and still live in Georgia, and I really can't stand how ignorant and bigoted so many of the people from my part of the country are. Is anyone else here from the South and TOTALLY OVER THIS SHIT?

Does it bug you when a woman says she is "not a feminist"?

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was talking online to some folks who sell stuff on etsy/ebay and the subject came up of whether to print out the invoice and receipt and include it in the shipped package. I hate when people do this and certainly have no reason to do it myself... what do you think?

when you order something online, do you like getting a printed receipt with your order?

Yes, it's very important to me
It's nice, but not a huge deal
I do not care
I don't like it, total waste of paper, one more thing to have to throw away
  • kelj99

Balance Transfers

Have you ever done a balance transfer?  Did it work out as planned and why did you do it?

I am contemplating doing a balance transfer on a portion of my auto loan (my cc is offering 2.9% for 15 months) and paying off the rest of the loan in cash.  I would only balance transfer the amount I'd be willing to pay each month to have it paid off in 15 months.  The rate is much better than my auto loan (used auto loan rates suck).  It would also cut out a line of credit, which I think may be hurting my husband's and my credit score a bit at the moment.

ETA:  Ok, I just read the fine print a bit better.  They are going to charge me 4% of the transfer amount, which makes it really not worth doing it.

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A three-trillion dollar coin to balance the budget! It's such a crazy idea that it might just work. Who would you want to see on the three trillion dollar coin? What do you think of Nicolas Cage's face being inscribed on the thing?

Speaking of Nicolas Cage, somebody recently said that "Leaving Las Vegas" was a great movie, well directed and acted and everything, but that he never wanted to watch it again. Is there anything -- a movie, a song, a TV show -- that is very well done but you would not want to ever see or hear again?
  • ptc555

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Do you eat fast or slow?

I eat really slow because I love to savor every bite of flavor.

My friend, though, always scarfs down her food really fast and I am sometimes grossed out by it. For example, we went out a few nights ago and we both ordered a plate of wings. By the time I ate 2 wings, she already ate 10!

Computer shopping.

So, my old desktop finally kicked the bucket after a good 8 or 9 years, and I'm in the market for a new one. My only experience with computers has been with HP and the only computers I've owned have been bought for me by people not so knowledgeable about technology. Now I want to make an informed decision and buy a computer that will run well and be worth the money I'm paying for it.

So here's what I do on computers:
Web browsing.
Light gaming (older games, might want to check out newer games but I'm not doing anything too serious)

Where should I look and what should I be looking for, TQC?

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How do you find a good doctor?

I just booked an appointment at a local medical place that only has one doctor accepting new patients. But she has 3 one star reviews (out of 3 online reviews total). Is this not enough to pass judgment? Or should I look for a doctor in the big city?

dk/dc: What's your doctor like? Do you like him/her?

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TQC, how far is going to far when it comes to making requests of your SO where their physical appearance is concerned?

EX. Say you're a girl dating a guy who tends to let his fingernails grow longer than what you find attractive (or maybe even hygienic). Is it out of line to be like, "hey bro, your nails do not need to be longer than mine. how about we clips these?"

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If you had a Facebook friend who constantly posted funny statuses that he stole from memes and websites and passed them off as his own, and lots of people were commenting on them saying "hahaha, you're SO funny, where do you come up with this stuff!?" would you be tempted to make a snarky comment on one of their posts? what would you say?


Lets talk sex.

Have you ever had the ~big O~ during sex? What position usually allows you to achieve an orgasm? What are your favorite positions in general? Any sex tips in general?

DK-DC: what are some study tips you'd recommend to someone who seems to have a hard time with it?
I am a big fan of making flash cards. Never fails me!

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Have you ever been in or attended a wedding that went poorly? What happened?

When you have a sore or scratchy throat, do your ear canals ever itch or bother you? My friend doesn't believe that this is a thing, but it happens to me almost every time I get sick.

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has anyone ever worked full time while attending a graduate program part time (primarily during night school)?  i was hoping to work full time and be a law student part time in the evenings, but my mom is saying its impossible.

any experiences?
nimura daisuke

i'm a special snowflake. why are you talking to me?

Are you one of those people on the internet who pulls out the "who are you/do I know you line?" line when people write a reply to you in an argument, convo, or any other context? Especially in a public forum kind of environment where your posts are easily seen by anyone anytime. I remember there was this guy that wrote that in a past forum he was part of people acted like they didn't know who you are no matter how much you posted, as if it was a legitimate insult. Why do people care about reputation on the internet?

Do you get weirded out when people reference something you've posted in the past?