January 7th, 2013

  • piperki

Rhinovirus season: Am I doomed?

My son's girlfriend spent an afternoon/evening watching movies etc. at my house Saturday. Yesterday, she woke up sick with a horrible cold (sore throat, coughing etc.). Yesterday my SO started coughing and this morning he's staying home because he feels so bad. I figure my son will be sick by end of day today or tomorrow morning. How long before I fall victim to another rotten rhinovirus? I'm supposed to get a haircut Friday night and I'm thinking of moving it up to tomorrow...

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Did/does the thought of having children scare you?

Parents, if you were scared, did that change after you had kids?

Sometimes I think I really want kids but other times, I feel absolutely terrified. I am 25 but I'd plan on having kids in the next 5 years.
Paradigm Shift


There's 100 buttons on a wall, and above each button, is a 1,000 lb weight. 99 of those buttons aren't connected. 1 of those buttons is connected to the weight, and if it's pressed, the weight will drop on your head, killing you instantly. If you press a button and live, your reward is $1,000,000. Do you press a button?


Same scenario as above, except now there's only 50 buttons. Only 1 button is connected to the weight, and the prize is again, 1,000,000. Do you press a button?


Same scenario as the first question, except there's only 25 buttons. Do you press a button?


Same scenario as the first question, except there's only 10 buttons. You have a 90% chance of not dying. Do you press a button?


Same scenario as the first question, except there's only 5 buttons. You have an 80% chance of surviving to spend your million. Do you press a button?


Same scenario as the first question, except now there's only 3 buttons. You have a 66% chance of not dying, and if you don't survive, your death will be quick and you won't see it coming. Do you press a button?

the kiddos

minecraft for dummies

My son had recently started watching Minecraft videos on YouTube and as a direct result wants the game. However, I know relatively nothing about it other than you build your own little world with blocks.

So if anyone is familiar with the game, is it something a 6 year of could do? I could help him build things (I think) but could he play it on his own otherwise? He's pretty good at playing computer games like the ones on Nickelodeon.

Also, a lot of the videos feature folks playing in a multiplayer format. Is it a game where other players are going to be able to interact with him in his world? That's one of my biggest concerns.

Thanks in advance!

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If you're a grad student applying for retail/coffee shop jobs, how would you go about it? Would you submit a resume and cover letter with the application? This is what my friend is doing but I am wondering if that is too much, especially since it shows she is overqualified..but then again I'm not sure what retail managers are looking for.

Food food food.

Where I'm from, it's not unusual for adults to eat a certain brand of baby cereal. I recently, after talking to a friend, realized how odd that is. Do you guys eat, or know someone who eats, actual store bought baby food, ever?
What are some unusual things you eat?
What do you want to eat right now?
Which food or food combination sounds totally nuts and disgusting?
Post some food pics?
sunmi 2

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TQC, have any of you ever been back-packing?
Me and my SO are thinking about doing it in the summer. We're just brainstorming right now. Any tips? Destination recommendations?

DK/DC: What has been your best vacation/trip?