January 5th, 2013

nimura daisuke

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What motivates you to learn a new language? Practicality? Personal interest? Is it good enough reason to learn something if you've always found it to be a beautiful language?

If you are currently studying a language(s) what is it and how many years have you been studying it?

I'll be needed to take a foreign language for my general ed requirements but I still also want to finally stop being so stereotypically American and really commit to learning a new language. I'm envious of bilingual people! Spanish seems most practical since I live in California, but it doesn't appeal me

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Your friend's SO is very allergic to cats, and you have one. So when you have little get-togethers at your place, you can't invite them. What would you say to them if they started feeling upset about this?

You hang out with them outside of your place.

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Sore throat, achy muscles, fever, cough, headache, runny nose....all things I am currently suffering from.

So, Dr. TQC - what are your home/natural remedies and things you do when you have a nasty cold?

This one has lasted 8 days and counting.

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When I was younger, my family use to buy a French Onion dip that was light brown. I cannot seem to find it anymore! Does anyone know of a brand of onion dip that is brown, and not this weird sour cream/greenflakes dip?

I know I can make it myself, and I do, but sometimes I want the stuff from the store!

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Speaking of breaking up with friends, have you ever actually done it? I have a friend who continues to seek out my friendship but we have virtually nothing in common, and don't agree about many things. We don't shout and argue, so terminating a friendship that way is not gonna happen, and so isn't my attempt to distance myself. Have you actually sat down a friend and 'broken up' with them? How did it go?


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Can't find this online... figure one of you bronies might know. What's the name of the (current generation) My Little Pony that's a black and blue unicorn with a purple mane and tail? *edit* I'm talking about the toy, not the cartoon drawing. I think it's a two-part name with 'dark' or a synonym for dark in it. It may be dark blue and blue, not black and blue. The second blue is a bright robin's egg blue and the body is covered in a weird almost tribal pattern in the black/dark blue. Oh yeah, and it has wings in the same black/dark blue (and its's horn is the same color as well). The purple hair is a light purple. It may be a newish character? Her old favorite was Twilight Sparkle, but now this one is her fave. Oh... 'her' is my niece. I'm trying to label some Christmas pictures. Answered, thanks!

Okay, to make this slightly less stupid/google that shit, if you know, are you Rh- or Rh+? If you're Rh-, do you know what your siblings and parents are?
Spring Flowers

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When's the last day trip you made? What'd you do?

I just went to Jacksonville for the day to spend time with my friend and her family and I'm exhausted after being in the car for two 2 hour drives. I don't know how people deal with long commutes every day!

We just hung around for a bit then went shopping and out to dinner, so nothing particularly exciting but I still had tons of fun and despite being tired I do love driving and sticking an audiobook in or blasting music.