January 3rd, 2013

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This is probably SUCH a stupid question, but here goes...I have an old Vaio laptop that no longer works. A friend took the hard drive out, but is there anything else I need to do to protect my info?

Also, is there a good place to get computer parts recycled? I'd hate to just donate it to Goodwill and it wind up being used as a toy, when it's still got rad parts on it.
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Let me see if I've got this straight --

--- the United States government averted the Fiscal Cliff crisis by taking more money out of every single American's paycheck, continually from this day forward, while keeping the Bush tax cuts and excluding the rich people from paying anymore money than they ever did before.

Does that seem okay to everybody?
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Hi everyone, I am about to start school and have been using ebooks from evolve and really like it but for some reason this semester none of my required text books are available on evolve. So here are my questions....
1. Does anyone have any experience with any other ebook providers?
2. Are these ebooks easy to use?
3. Does this program require me to be logged on to the Internet while I look at my books?
4. Do you have any extra pieces of information that you think may be beneficial in my decision.

Thank you so much for helping me figure this out. It is so important to have a good program and I am just not willing to use hard copy books for my program.

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Have you ever had your car painted a different color? Where did you go to have it done? How much did it cost, and what was the quality of the paint job? Can they do any color or is the range pretty much limited to the colors cars generally come in? I want my car painted sky blue, I've only seen Volkswagens in this color before.

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Have you ever had an SO irrationally dislike an ex? How did you deal with it?
My boyfriend hates my ex for no reason other than the fact that we used to go out, to the extent that he acted cold and short towards him on the occasions that they met. The relationship between my ex and me is completely platonic, and we only see each other at social gatherings, despite being good friends. I can understand my boyfriend's discomfort, but the rudeness I find to be very childish.

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1. Let's say you work in small office (<20 people). If you found out that one person received a $10k Christmas bonus, and everyone else got absolutely nothing, not even a card, how would you feel?

2. Has anyone ever pressured you to get married/have kids, or continually asked when you were going to start? What do you say to them?
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Back in the 80s, a fervor sprang up in the Catholic church in the Michigan area shortly after the death of Marvin Gaye. It was accepted by a small community that Marvin was a prophet, and petitions were sent to the Vatican requesting sainthood. The Vatican did not agree and refused. The church decided that it would continue to elevate Marvin's role in their ranks, promoting him to a high prophet, parallel to John the Baptist. The more the Vatican chastised them, the more this church clung to their beliefs, until they finally split off as a Marvin Gaye-focused sect. The Vatican was furious, and threatened to excommunicate every last man, woman and child unless they complied. The church stuck to their guns, and were excommunicated. The Vatican, feeling powerless that they could take no greater action against the renegade believers, went on to remind the church that they were hellbound, and that it must be quite hot in the pews every Sunday, as the Devil was seated among the congregation. The church, in turn, not only accepted their fate, but embraced it, and taunted the Vatican, by taking the adjective 'hot' as part of their moniker, now calling themselves 'St. Damien's Hot Salvation'. That was what happened with this Marvin Gaye sect, and their courage inspired nearby congregations to also support this belief, creating a community.

If you were in that area, would you engage in 'Hot' Gaye sects?

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I want to tag this post. Does it have more to do with history, religion, music or procreation?

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My sister wants an "experience" gift for her birthday and I'm looking to spend around $30-40. Getting her a ticket to a zoo or aquarium or something won't really work because I couldn't afford to get one for her husband and son also and she wouldn't want to go by herself. I'm thinking either a mani/pedi giftcard or possibly a massage maybe. Do you have any better ideas?

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Eyeglass wearers of TQC: what was the LONGEST amount of time it took you to adjust to a new pair?  Did it take you longer to adjust to a new pair of glasses if the Rx was significantly higher/greater?  If the frames were a different shape than you were used to?

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I really want to eat healthier but I have no idea where to start. There are SO many sites online regarding health and fitness and I am trying to take baby steps, it's all so overwhelming.

Do you know of any good books or resources for a healthy-living beginner like me? Or tips in general?

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Apparently I have great neighbours who salted my porch and stairs after I left for work at 6 am.  What would you do in return?  I need ideas that would work for someone you don't know well..

Ruth Rendell, PD James, or Dorothy L Sayers?

So I've basically finished the entirety of Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle's canons and I'm looking for an old-school mystery writer/series to hit that same spot.  After some light searches, Ruth Rendell, PD James and Dorothy L Sayers all came up as possible options.  Which of those would you recommend, or if not them, any other suggestions?  One thing to keep in mind - one thing I love about Christie and Doyle is that most of those books were written pre-WWII and I like the older, more historical settings.  I know that Rendell and James at least have a lot of more contemporary novels and that some of their best stuff was written in the 60s and 70s, which is a little late for my taste.  And I do prefer someone British if you have any other suggestions.  Don't get me wrong - I love certain contemporary mystery writers like Alan Bradley and Gillian Flynn, but I'm looking for something that gives me the same feeling as Poirot, Marple, and Holmes!

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What do you think you are most likely to die of?

Automobile accident
House fire
Choking on food
Lung cancer
Heart Attack
Mauled by a bear
Poisoned by a relative/friend
Allergic reaction

If you look back at the things you've done that you'd now regard as immoral/regrettable, what would you say was the primary reason most of the time?

Peer Pressure
Lower/lack of conventional moral values
Being Manipulated
N/A - I've always led a moral life/avoided doing inadvisable things
N/A - I don't subscribe to conventional notions of 'morality'

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Ann put some pork in a crockpot for 7 hours, but it was on the "warm" setting instead of high or low. When her friend Jane corrected her, Ann boiled the meat on the stove for a few minutes and then ate it.

Is Ann going to get food poisoning? Google isn't doing me much good.

extra fee for attending pet's euthanization?

My friend came home recently to discover her dog gravely ill. She brought the dog to her vet. The vet diagnosed congestive heart disease, and said there was a chance that a veterinary emergency hospital could save her dog's life. She took the dog to the emergency hospital, where they put the dog in an oxygen tent and administered Lasix and did all sorts of expensive, high-tech, intensive care treatments, but to no avail.

They promised to give her a status update in the midnight to 2 am timeframe, and she went on home. At that time the hospital called to say that the treatment was not effective, that the dog was suffering, and they recommended putting the dog to sleep. She said she wanted to be with her dog while that happened. She drove to the hospital and held the dog in her arms and comforted it while the medicine took effect and the dog died.

Afterwards she looked at the bill from the hospital. In addition to the fee for euthanasia, there was an additional $75 charge for allowing her to be with the dog while it died. Have you ever heard of such a charge? What could possibly justify it?