January 2nd, 2013

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Which of these calendars should I get for 2013?

Or, if you have other suggestion for a calendar that you think I might like, could you suggest in comments?

Is anyone else really anal about getting the 'right' calendar/really care about liking how each year's calendar looks? What are you using as calendar for the new year, if you use calendars?
General Chang

Apparently they're terribly useful.

so following on from an older question How does one go about 'getting a life'? By which I mean becoming more social with an eventual aim of dating etc.

PReviously heard the advice that basically getting a hobby that involves other people is the key. Obviously hobbies you actually want to do and are not just doing to pick up women. ON the other hand I can't think of any hobbies I'd actually be interested in doing.

So advice please? or Recommendations for new hobbies? Thanks

eta: I'm basically a pretty cliché geel/nerd type thing. Spend most of my time on the internet. Really like reading and writing and watching sci-fi and just pointless viewing stuff on the internet. Hence the no social life, lol.

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What is a good movie I can watch with my family tonight?

It's my late aunt's birthday so we're all already sad so I'm looking for something happy to watch. It'll be me, my mom, my stepdad, my sister, my nephew, and my nan. My nephew is 10 but he's seen more R rated movies than me, he'll watch anything. My nan is more the one to get upset about sex/violence. But it doesn't have to be a "kids" movie. Suggestions?

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Last night a piece of fat from steak fell onto the [unfinished] wood floor in my dining room and left a grease stain.  Nothing I've tried so far (cleaning agents, dawn, plain water, scraping) has gotten it up.  Google has tons of suggestions for getting grease/fat off of wood floors, but does anyone here have one that has worked for them?  

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What things make you irrationally (or rationally) upset?

My SO's brother's ex girlfriend who is a friend of mine was being overdramatically loud (like really over doing it yelling his name and "Oh yeah" like.. yelling it, in her normal voice... then screaming and the whole 9) when they had sex yesterday and it was so unbelieveably annoying I literally wanted to punch her in the face. How much was I overreacting?


1. If you could hear one last song before you die, what song would that be?

2. If you were making a time capsule today that was going to be opened 50 years from now and could put 5 items in it, what 5 items would they be?

3. Have you ever tried the Rosetta Stone? If so in what language(s) and how was your experience with it?

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Are there certain people who have done nothing wrong/bad to you, but you love to hate them because they just seem so damn perfect? Like, the type of person who seems to excel in everything they do, whether it's career/romance/life in general?

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If you were hiring a childcare professional, what arrangement would you prefer?

The childcare professional stays with child in your home while you are away
You leave your kid at the childcare professional's home while you are away

If you were providing childcare for someone else, what would you prefer?

Going over to the child's home to watch it
Having the child come over to your place while you watch it

Which worst case scenario would you rather deal with?

A child you are caring for disappears on your watch
The parents of a child you are watching never come to pick it up, and cannot be contacted

Who would you be more likely to trust with a young child for several hours?

14 year old
84 year old

St. Louis!

I turn 21 in two weeks and I'll be in St. Louis for a tournament that weekend. Does anyone have any recommendations of what to do/where to go? I think we'll have a day or two for sight seeing.

Do you like blended drinks or drinks with ice in them?