January 1st, 2013

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What is your opinion on naming kids after their parents? Grandparents/other relatives? Why?

If you had a baby tomorrow (and just for interest's sake let's say you ARE HAVING ONE- no way out of it) do you know what you'd name him or her? What?
The Shining.

weird or not weird?

my husband's ex girlfriend [who I am acquaintances with, we dont talk ever really] messaged me via facebook asking if I wanted to get lunch with her and my husband some time this week while she is in town. this girl was dating my husband for quite a long time in high school, I think they dated for 7 years or something, so they are, hm...not close friends, but she will call him to wish him a happy birthday and sometimes ask him for computer advice [couldnt she ask someone else?]

I barely know the chick.
she has major jealousy issues [or at least did in the past] and eh...I just feel really weird about it.


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Does anyone own these DRÖNA boxes from IKEA? It says in the product description that "handles make it easy for you to pull out and lift the box," but the photo doesn't look like it has handles. Is this a mistake?

This is ridiculous, I know...

So about ...a year or so ago, my cable box in my room stopped working. Cable said they'd need to send someone to my house and I am never home for that to happen so, I haven't used my TV in that long. I got Netflix and use that on my laptop.

Should I get rid of my TV or start my new year by resolving this cable box issue?

Also: What do you like to watch on Netflix?
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What movie to rent?

Poll #1888162 Will you vote on a movie please?

Of the following, which would you rather watch?

For a Good Time Call
Lola Versus
Cheerful Weather for the Wedding

ETA: you can still vote if you want to, but I watched For a Good Time, Call... it was actually very good.
wolf like me

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I need to find a cocktail dress for an event on the 12th. I want something stylish and somewhat sexy, preferably black or something else dark. No more than $100. Any ideas on where I should look? I know little black dresses are common but I haven't found the right one yet :(

Will you post pictures of pretty dresses?

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If I try to go see a movie this week should I try to see the Hobbit again or go see Lincoln?

I am funny when it comes to Tarantino and will probably prefer to see Django on Netflix. Have no interest in Zero Dark Thirty because realistic gore is not my thing.

Any other movie playing I should see instead? (I've seen Les Mis twice and have plans for a third time, haha).

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Hey everyone,

So my friend is getting married in February and I am her MC.  Have you every been an MC or seen a good one?  Got any tips?
Also as this is a winter wedding and I fail at dealing with cold weather.. What should I wear? :( 
it's in that place

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What are some songs you would play to amp yourself up for a first day at a new job?

Do you have a nickname?  Who gave it to you and why?

When was the last time you drank too much?  (I'm expecting a lot of "last night" answers.)


If you take it, how do you deal with the side effects? I vomited all over myself while out for dinner yesterday and it was humiliating. Gravol is not enough. But it is the only antidepressant that seems to work for me.

Also apologies for the previous post. I suspect I tried to post it during my idiotic phase and due to the time stamp, it posted on New Year's Eve. I don't know.

Edit: Copy/paste fail. This is the post (thanks noodledays).

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If you've been to several bachelorette parties, what made the memorable ones memorable?

I'm maid of honor for a wedding in June. I want to start brainstorming. The bride isn't a crazy party girl and has mentioned wanting something lower-key and "classier" than some other bachelorette parties tend to be.