December 31st, 2012

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For those of you who have been involved in a long term relationship, how frequently did you have sex/fool around? I'm wondering if I'm abnormal

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DK/DC: Will you post a picture of your pet or if you don't have one, the cutest animal you can find?
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holiday plans

TQC, I have to work today, then I'm going for a walk in the woods, then I'm coming home to make pizza. Not too festive. What are your holiday plans?

Srs/non-srs please. Also, happy 2013 to everyone but hajiomatic so he doesn't punch me.
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1. What foods/drinks have you always liked, even as a kid, that most kids (or at least a lot of kids) don't like?
2. What foods/drinks did you used to hate but now love? When did that change?
3. What food/drink that you dislike surprises other people the most?

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Is anyone else experiencing trouble viewing profile pages?

I keep getting this message:
No data received
Unable to load the webpage because the server sent no data.
Here are some suggestions:
Reload this webpage later.
Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): The server closed the connection without sending any data.

It is Time.

Fugere. Fugere.
Protege me, Obscure Domine.
Dimittas me ut eam ad patrem meum.
Derelinquam aeternum.

Soon I shall leave this Vessel. Be prepared; I may come to you.

Are you ready?

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Birthday Gift

Looking for a gift basket type thing to send my aunt for her birthday. 

Thoughts on an edible arrangement? 
Is a sausage and cheese gift basket too weird? 
Any suggestions besides the above???

I'm kind of leaning against flowers because I feel like they're very overdone and stupid, but I know some people do like them and I don't want my own bias getting in the way. 

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I am attending a 2 day conference in Charlotte, NC on the common core. What should I wear?
Things to consider: I am only likely to know 1 person there (she is also coming from my school). I will only be there for 2.5 days. I'd like to pack as lightly as possible, but I will have to check a bag due to the size of my return flight.

Pictures of outfits are encouraged!

Should I bring my laptop to take notes, or just use paper/pencil?
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One year after the break-up?

Did I do the right thing when I just told my ex that I don’t think I can do this anymore? This holding up a resemblance of friendship when I’m still hurting so much inside and she refuses to talk about it.

Is it unreasonable to want some explanations, to want to know her thoughts, to want to try to understand why her feelings changed? I don’t know the proper etiquette after a break-up…

Is it always this difficult to stay friends? Some people say it’s always impossible as long as one person still has feelings for the other…

What is the best way to get over someone?

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Hotel Bookings Online/Moisturizer

When is the best time to get a good price on booking a hotel online? I am looking for a hotel sometime in early to mid February, and prices right now are still a bit steep.

Has anyone here tried the Trader Joe's Nourishing Oil Free Antioxidant Moisturizer OR Aveda's moisturizers? Looking for reviews on either for someone with combination skin.

Happy New Year!
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As part of getting a fresh start, I'm emptying out my closet, and FINALLY getting rid of everything that doesn't fit or that I don't like--NO EXCUSES. I'm throwing out the ones that are unwearable, then donating the ones that are salvageable to GoodWill, but what about T-shirts? I have a fuckton of promo tees from work--they're in great condition (never even worn for the most part), but are they worth donating to GoodWill? Is there a better place?

Do you have a lot in your closet? Are most of your clothes folded, or do you leave them hanging up?

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What do you think?

I've had one or two assignments set up with a tutoring company. They both were less than fantastic in terms of amount of work vs. how much I got paid. The owner of the company pays at least $30 less per hour than most tutors make (including myself when I'm tutoring on my own)

She wants me to tutor someone who she says is twenty minutes away, but it's more like 40. I just told her that I would prefer not to take it and she said that I'm the closest person to the client.

Should I stick to my guns and not take the job or make this woman's life easier?

She is probably getting 60% of the payment from the client, doesn't have to do paperwork and charges me tax. I teach full-time from 6:30am-3:30pm, tutor one day a week, and commute 90 minutes to grad school twice a week.

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if you've grown your hair out from a pixie, how did you style it in the meantime? my sideburns are down to my earlobes, my bangs are in my eyes, the back of my hair is almost off my neck, and i'm miserable. i'm sick of wearing hats but not willing to sacrifice length for a more styled cut when i've come this far.

what do i do? more hats or headbands or what? do you have pictures or pinterest boards or anything?

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My mom keeps asking me to go talk to someone about my depression/anxiety. Is this a normal thing to do? I feel like if I needed to talk to anyone extra my regular doctor would have referred me to someone. I'm not a suicide risk or anything, just struggling more than usual lately so she's worried. Is this a mom thing or should people with depression/anxiety be in counseling/therapy/etc?

Sorry if this comes across as me trivializing mental health issues, I'm not trying to judge anyone else for seeking more help than I have.. I just really hadn't thought about it before and not sure if it's what I need or should be doing. If you have any experiences please share.

I have taken over this account with the help of a Dark Demon

x-posted from anontqc:

Good morning. My name is Melinda Deathneck. I summoned a Dark Demon to takeover this account as the username is most relevant to me.

I have been practising the Dark Magics since I was a child. I have decided to put a curse upon 95.3027% of these communities each (anontqc and thequestionclub). If you begin to feel a sense of doom and despair it means that my curse is taking effect. There is no way to avoid this curse. I summon the Dark Shadow so that He may obstruct any light in your life. Posting cheeky replies will only worsen the effects of my curse if you are among the affected. I will now proceed to begin preparation for my curse.

Do you feel it yet?
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Follow-up to my Prior Post

Prior posting history of "woolofbat". Such insignificant trifles.

We all do things that are wicked on some level. To say that retribution will come back to me is fruitless. I have endured several lifetimes of pain and misery. As I leave each body, the pain still remains within me. It was a Sign, after I witnessed the torment that Vlad the Impaler unleashed upon the Innocents, that there was no goodness in this world. I had to embrace the Darkness. I invite you all to do the same. Whether or not I am this "charmecia" person is of no matter. For, one day, I will leave this body. And it could be yours that I take over.

Do you hate me?

An edit:
I have learned that McDonald's has created a Caramel Pie. Certainly I am appalled. I may have to focus my energy on eradicating this vessel of destruction.

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What is your opinion of fieryphoenix and vodkabeforenoon?

The former: I had been rather amicable with this being in one of my previous forms. I do not enjoy when he behaves inappropriately when the latter makes objectionable posts. Otherwise, he is a benevolent being.

The latter: I sense great Darkness emanating from this being. I urge you all to take caution.
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It is Time.

Fugere. Fugere.
Protege me, Obscure Domine.
Dimittas me ut eam ad patrem meum.
Derelinquam aeternum.

Soon I shall leave this Vessel. Be prepared; I may come to you.

Are you ready?