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December 29th, 2012

(no subject) [Dec. 29th, 2012|08:13 am]
The Question Club


1. For those especially whose parents live out-of-state lets say, how often do you keep in contact with them if you are at least on neutral terms with them?

2. If you could go back and relive your childhood again for one day, what would you be doing? (it can either take place now or you could do some sort of freaky time travel and go back to the time period when you were actually a kid)

3. If you could describe your 2012 in one word, what would it be?
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(no subject) [Dec. 29th, 2012|11:36 am]
The Question Club


Do you think you subconsciously presume the personality of others based on their hairstyle?

For example, say you see a girl with long hair and then a girl with a short, pixie haircut. Would you assume different things about their personalities based on their respective haircuts?
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(no subject) [Dec. 29th, 2012|01:17 pm]
The Question Club


[music |Rollins Band - The End Of Something]

What would your Facebook/Livejournal/whatever picture look like if you were an historical person *or* fictional character? Who would that be?
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(no subject) [Dec. 29th, 2012|01:31 pm]
The Question Club


what do you know about rational detachment?

are you good at it?
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(no subject) [Dec. 29th, 2012|01:32 pm]
The Question Club


Does anyone have any good recipes that include mint hershey's kisses (the dark chocolate ones)?

I bought some on sale after Christmas as they taste like toothpaste. I'd like to try and find some use for them, preferably something that will minimize the horrible taste (aka not cookies with kisses in the middle).
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Hi [Dec. 29th, 2012|02:41 pm]
The Question Club


TQC, I've really really missed you guys!

What are some new things that have happened to you in the past six months?
What are some things you are planning for the new 2013 year?

I will answer in comments
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(no subject) [Dec. 29th, 2012|03:07 pm]
The Question Club


So TQC, I am moving into a pretty small apartment and debating between the layout of the living room. Either:
1. sectional and a chair in the seating areas

2. Or two loveseats facing each other and a chair.

Which is better? I can't seem to make up my mind so I'm thinking of getting a sectional that you can split up into two loveseats.

The reason I am leaning towards the sectional is I feel like it will make my living room more open. The love seat configuration will be great for having people over.

Do you know any websites where I can find info on decorating?
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(no subject) [Dec. 29th, 2012|03:14 pm]
The Question Club


[music |Claude Debussy - La cathédrale engloutie]

What's the best book you read this year?
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(no subject) [Dec. 29th, 2012|06:15 pm]
The Question Club


Nevermind! I've decided i'm gonna go look at some accessories and how much they cost, and go from there. Thanks!

Some other questions:
Do you like winter?
Is your house clean or messy right now?
Do you like summer?
How about chocolate milk?

Alright TQC, i'm in the market for a laptop and i would like a little help making the final decision. I'm pretty sure i want to go for the ASUS, but would you do the same?

These are the choices

1. HP Model G6-2320DX for $379.99
2. ASUS Model K55A-HI5121E for $449.99

I'm leaning towards the ASUS because i hear it's better for reliability and quality, but it does cost more.

Things you might want to know:
1. My budget is $450, but i *could* go a bit over that for the ASUS one since there's probably extra stuff to get with it too
2. For right now, whichever one i get will probably replace our desktop computer* and i'll be using it to write sheet music and maybe some light gaming (this is not a priority), and once the fall comes around i'll be taking it with me to school.
3. They both seem fine to me when it comes to specs

*which is soooooo slow and old that as long as the laptop can get me on Google within 10 minutes of logging on it's already good enough for me
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(no subject) [Dec. 29th, 2012|06:41 pm]
The Question Club



What are your resolutions for the new year?

Posted via LiveJournal app for iPhone.

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(no subject) [Dec. 29th, 2012|06:44 pm]
The Question Club



is there something you don't know very much about that you wish you understood more?
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(no subject) [Dec. 29th, 2012|08:04 pm]
The Question Club



What do you think about people that are opposite of your personal political persuasion?

blooooody fools
bloooooody evil misguided moronic fools
every one is entitled to be WRONG
OMG...how can anyone THINK that way?
we should pass a law to criminalize them
opinions are like a$$holes...yours STINK
does this rag smell like chloroform to you?
they are sooooo primitive
other in comments
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(no subject) [Dec. 29th, 2012|08:32 pm]
The Question Club



remember livejournal userlava_sharks and livejournal user blaq?

yeah, i miss them too. who do you miss?
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How do you help an alcoholic? [Dec. 29th, 2012|10:07 pm]
The Question Club


How do you help an alcoholic? I've had it up to here with my father in law who is killing himself with alcohol. He stopped drinking liquor but drinks an insane amount of beer. He will drink 5 with lunch alone and then sleep all day until dinner when he continues to drink. I've tried confronting and logical thinking, nothing works ( he is a very smart man who works in the medical field). I'm pretty desperate you guys.

Posted via m.livejournal.com.

// I probably should've mentioned he's Ukrainian ad my husband told me "that's how it's always been and it's a way of normal life over there" I told him that is simply not an excuse.
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(no subject) [Dec. 29th, 2012|11:05 pm]
The Question Club


Last time you had a hair related disaster?

My housemate asked me to neaten up the back of his hair with the clippers, but didn't tell me the length guard wasn't on...so I accidentally shaved a chunk of his hair out. He's had to shave it all off.
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