December 27th, 2012



What are some of your favorite movies of all time?
What are some good movies you've seen recently?
What are your favorite movies that take place in NYC?
What are your favorite movies that take place in Las Vegas?
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My daughter's baby book wants to know what clothes are currently in style, hit songs, famous movie stars, and famous athletes. Since I live under a rock, I am obviously unqualified to answer these. Can you help me out, TQC?
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I collect stuffed Eeyore's...have a lot of them. I also have a few other sentimental stuffed animals that I've had for years. I just moved into a new place, which SO will be moving into in about 2 months (when he gets out of the army). I previously stored these stuffed animals on a shelf in a spare closet...but our new spare closet will need to store other things.

What should I do with these stuffed animals? I feel badly giving them away because they all mean a lot to me...which probably sounds weird (some were gifts from my deceased father) but I don't have anywhere to really store them.

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Click if you have never seen...

The ocean
Palm trees
A building built before 1800
A professional sports team play
A D-1 college sports team play
A concert in person
A professional theatre (play/musical etc) show
an original piece of art finished before 1800
A real cactus growing naturally

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first of all - to those who asked for my pdf files for clean eating, i cant email them to you now but in 2-3 weeks probably! im in my home country and the internet is spectacularly slow it took me half an hour just to open up tqc lol.

anyway - has anyone read life of pi? what did you think of it?

i believe it was a book i needed to read and a story i needed to hear. i am so glad i read it! i had trouble with the idea of god and religion, but the book made those concepts so clear in such a graceful way.
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A "Holiday" Card

My friend just publicly announced that she was pregnant. That's all fine and dandy. But then we recieved a 5x7 "holiday" card in the mail with an image of her first ultrasound and the caption "Coming to a home near you June 2013" and in tiny print "Happy New Year, Mom & Baby Daddy name" My daughter is 16mo old and when I was pregnant I would have never thought to send pregnancy announcements. I mean I made the facebook updates and posted belly shots, but never sent out an actual card saying "Hey look, I'm having a baby!" My friend has been known to be a bit of a drama queen/attention whore in the past, but this just seems like too much IMO. So I ask you TQC, is this something new, sending pregnancy announcements? Am I missing something? Is this tacky or trendy? Because I can't get over how weird this feels.

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I am applying for jobs, which involves emailing my resume and cover letter various places.
The second email I sent, I got a message from "mailerdaemon@yahoo" that my message was not delivered because my IP address was blacklisted by SORBS-ALL as "currently sending spam."

First of all, I am not sending spam.
Second of all, the IP address listed in the message is not even my IP address.

I want to resend my email (if I even can??) to this company, if they didn't get the first one. But I don't want to send it twice, if they did get the first one. I forwarded the error message email to a friend and she got it, but I don't know if it would only be blocked to her if she subscribed to whatever this spam service is?

So, do you think my email went through, or didn't? And why am I getting a message about an IP address that isn't even my address? What should I do about this problem? Help me, TQC!