December 26th, 2012

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EPs vs Albums

Do you take EPs seriously?

"EP" just screams "unfinished" to me. It's hard for me to see them as standalone works. Even if there's an EP I like, at the back of my mind I always think, "Well, cool, can't wait till the actual album comes out." Maybe that's because people use a lot of the same songs from their EPs on their albums?
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Ebay? Yardsellr? Boutique?

This post brought to you by my having checked out - a site recommended in the January 2013 issue of Real Simple (which my mother subscribed me to as a gift, don't judge) - only to find that is not accepting new items and will in fact become yardsellr fashion (or something like that) as of...January 2013. (???)
The deal RS said had was that you paid $10 and they sent you a box and prepaid mailing label - you filled the box with your stuff and mailed it back, they sold your stuff online & paypalled you proceeds (minus commission); unsold items could be donated (and you get a tax receipt) or mailed back to you (you pay return shipping).

Anyone know another site that might still exist and have a deal similar to this?
Alternately, anyone want to share information about what sites online have better/worse success with selling clothing, and/or how that compares to selling clothing by consignment at actual stores? I know Ebay has a lot of traffic, but I've heard that clothing generally doesn't sell well there - truth? myth?

Thanks, and merry day-after-christmas

ETA: I am totally too busy/have too much stuff to list things myself, but am open to finding someone who lists things for me... I know I'll have to pay for that service, but I've been meaning to do this myself for two years now, clearly it is not actually going to happen.
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stuff and stuff!

Hello TQC

I have lots of craft stuff.  Like, I hate to throw away solicitations and magazines that I get, and because I live in an apartment I get bi-weekly supermarket things and yadda I save them thinking I'll do something with them.  And other junk.  I have different colored paints too- pretty much any color you can imagine.  Yarn, old buttons, glitter, glue, random odds and ends....all kinds of things.

My question is, if you could do one giant master project with all of the crafty things I mentioned (and/or others you might have), what would you do?  A bunch of little things?  One big thing?

If you've already done stuff, will you post your pictures so I can stand in awe of your craftiness?


EDIT:  this totally does make me sound like my apartment is full of junk and I am a crazy hoarder.  When I say I have a lot of stuff, I mean I have one plastic tub that is half legit crafting things and half paper and such, tucked into my closet.  I am crazy, just not in that way.  
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Barring an outright physical limitation, can you do anything that you set your mind to?

By "outright physical limitation," I mean something like trying to be a basketball player when you have no arms or something crazy like that.

Ghost Text?

Yesterday, my mom showed me a text message that she said she had no memory of writing. The spelling style and tone didn't sound like her at all. My first thought was someone was spoofing her number but the message hasn't been sent. It was sitting there waiting to be sent (to me, incidentally). She has an iPhone 4S, if it matters.

Is there any way this message wasn't written by her? She was alone in the house so no one picked up her phone or anything. I am a bit worried about her otherwise.

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Purple Forest

Better luck next lifetime?

I'm panicking.

I'm a junior pre-med undergraduate student, majoring in Biochemistry. Current cumulative GPA is 3.5, science is 3.4. I've had three Cs in my undergraduate career in Genetics, Organic Chemistry 1, and Biochemistry 1, all in the same year. It was just a rough year, I slacked off, needless to say my own fault.

I'm still applying for medical school (at this point I'm headed for D.O. programs and I refuse to go to the Caribbean) as per my parents' wishes, but I'm also looking into physician's assistant and graduate programs.

I'm just scared that I screwed up too much to turn back. A lot of people keep telling me "You still have time," "You're still competitive," etc. but the fact of the matter is I'm treading on thin ice and I'm afraid it's going to crack very soon and I won't be able to get out and I'll be stuck doing nothing substantial for the rest of my life.

Advice? Cold-hard truth? Reassurance?
Anything you can offer because right now I'm alone and I have no one to give me guidance.

Edit// I just realized I made a very silly statement. Yes, my parents would like to see me go to medical school but it is mostly my choice. I want to be working in the medical field one way or another; it isn't pressure from them that is compelling me to apply.
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I am trying to grow my hair out to save time/money on getting haircuts. I had a super short pixie cut for years, and it required a haircut every 4-5 weeks, which was an expensive hassle, so I let it grow. It's still growing out but it's kind of short bob length now. I just got it cut in mid-November and it's already super bulky and hard to deal with. I have pretty thick hair, and once it starts to lose its shape, it's intractable. I hate to go back and get another haircut so soon, but I look a little like Velma from Scooby-Doo right now.

How often do you get your hair cut?

How long is your hair?

Bonus: Feel free to post pictures of you when your hair is lookin' fine!

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In your opinion, is there something inherently inappropriate about using Tahoma font for a resume?

Would you be less likely to take a resume seriously that was submitted in Tahoma if you were doing hiring?

What fonts do you consider to be appropriate/inappropriate for professional things like resumes?
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See's Candy

Does anyone know where I could find maps for standard see's candy boxes? They have a list on their site by piece, but some are still a bit difficult to tell and I'd like to find a layout map (specifically for assorted chocolates, 1 lb.).

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I work in a hotel. Tomorrow we have zero guests booked in, which means a long boring shift for me. I will have access to a computer but one without sound, so I can watch stuff with subtitles and play on the internet. 
What else should I bring to pass the time?