December 23rd, 2012

Calvin family

Forgive me if I bring down the mood here...

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TL;DR - Mom wants to do something special for Dad's nursing home staff this Christmas, because they did something special for her.

Any ideas? What would you appreciate if you had to work on Christmas?

DK/DC/Elbie is a Debbie Downer: What's the last random act of kindness you've done? (Putting pocket change towards a good cause counts. Not flipping off the person who cut you off in traffic does not.)
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Happy Festivus!

How has your family disappointed you over the last year?

Which family member do you think would have the best chance of pinning the head of your household in a wrestling match?

Do you find tinsel distracting?

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Do you guys know of any websites or something where I could send in an image and have it blown up to poster size/have it made into a poster? 

I've looked online and found some places that are supposed to do this but I'm just skeptical that I'll pay submit this thing for 20 bucks and get something really poor quality back, so I thought I'd consult people in order to find something tried and true.

boots n' nails

1) I have two pairs of boots that are faux leather. Can I protect them with products designed to protect real leather/suede boots from snow and rain? If I use these sprays on my man-made "leather" boots, will it work or will the spray just not have any effect? Will it damage them?

2) I'm looking to get my nails done before I go on vacation. At first I was just going to get acrylics since the polish will definitely hold up for the entire week that I'll be gone and I will also get length I like without worrying about them breaking. But now I'm really starting to consider getting a Shellac manicure since those claim to last for up to two weeks. My question is, does the Shellac add any thickness to your nails? Are Shellac'd nails just as likely to break as much as your natural bare nails? Sharing any experiences with Shellac manicures would be greatly appreciated :)
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My college kids, this is a question for you.

My mother has just dropped that she'll no longer be helping me with college and it's all on me now. 
If you're paying for college yourself, how do you do it? Obviously I'll be getting a job and saving but I can still see it being pretty difficult in the long run.

Any tips, tricks, or scholarships you've found that help you?

Don't particularly know the answer to that question? Trust me...I have thousands of questions running through my head to ask.
  1. How do you motivate yourself to clean?
  2. Any roommate horror stories?
  3. Where do you live, whether in a dorm for college or a condo....etc
  4. How are your budgeting skills/do you keep a list? Examples?
  5. Are you married? Post your favorite photos from the wedding!
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Submarine duty

It's been some time now since the US Navy has allowed women to serve on submarine duty. Thus far, none of the dire predictions have come true. The ingratiation, I've read, is going smoothly. But, it made me wonder why anyone would volunteer for such isolated duty, with months on end confined in a steel tube without so much as a window to look out.

I figured the only way I could do it is if I could bring along a Kindle fully loaded with books, an MP3 player full of music, and an iPad loaded with games and movies. I'd probably also bring my portable charger, which allows these devices to be charged from a AAA battery pack. (And, plenty of batteries, of course.)

What would you bring?

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Do you have any suggestions, tips, or resources (excluding Pinterest) for decorating ideas on a budget? Alternately, pictures showcasing how you've decorated your own apartment/living space would be great, too.

Basically, I have a 900 square-foot apartment and have no idea how to decorate it. I'm open to most any suggestions, though I'm not huge on posters and don't really want to paint and repaint.
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Do you own any toys, or any collectible items based on children's media, that you bought as an adult? Talk about the childish frivolities you own.

Inspired by this handcrafted Harry Potter wand I just bought off Etsy. It's a random draw, so I entered some adjectives and vague specifications and now it's going to choose me. Hah.

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so my mum was away for a whole week and it was pretty blissful. she just got back and i told her 'good news' - that my brother was kind enough to cook for me or buy me food the whole week and that my boxes from australia arrived safely.
as soon as she saw me though she didnt break into a smile even when i hugged her (she obviously didnt hug back - she just stood there). she complained about me locking my door and her not being able to come in (i was on the phone and i thought she was my brother), then she said my brother only cooked for me because i was too lazy to cook myself, and when she saw my bags from australia she complained about why i had so many bags (all of them were bought 4-5 years ago). she even saw i had a ring on and said that i was wasting money on buying useless things like accessories.

wtf is her problem TQC? i already feel like crying and i only talked to her for no longer than a minute. when we're apart we talk on the phone ok and she's neutral (which is the best she ever is). but as soon as she's home with me, she nitpicks and tries to tear things apart.

i always feel like i have to please her, i always try not to disappoint her in whatever i do, but sometimes i thinks she's just an unkind person and i shouldnt give a shit.
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Anything awkward happen to you/your family this weekend?

Anything awkward that you're anticipating happening for Christmas?

My oldest sister is going through a really bitter divorce (restraining orders against each other, super strict court mandated visitation etc...) and only has my niece and nephew for a 4 hour window on Christmas Eve. To make the most of this window, my poor dad and stepmom are going to sister's new boyfriend's house to celebrate Christmas with sister and her kids, boyfriend and his kid, and boyfriend's parents. My dad is completely horrified, but sucking it up for the kids. I'm kind of horrified for him, but also laughing my ass off because it's just too awkward for words.