December 22nd, 2012

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Some bad things happen unexpecedly and you find yourself very, very financially strapped. Just when you really need it, your SO comes up with a good bit of cash to pull you (or yall if your finances are together) through the worst of it. SO is evasive about where they got the cash, but you eventually find out. Which of these money-making activities would potentially be a deal breaker?

Working as a nude artist's model
Selling hard drugs
Stealing money out of the till at work and letting a coworker take the fall
Mugging a wealthy stranger
Insurance fraud
Very aggressive panhandling
Being test subject for various medical studies
Stealing/Selling copper and such from foreclosed houses
Very successful dumpster diving
Robbing several convenience stores
Working in a Furry BDSM dungeon
Smuggling illegal exotic pets
All of these are ok with me if the money was to help us get by

government 101

If Puerto Rico or some other US territory were to be declared a state tomorrow, how would Congress go about redistricting House representation? Would it be done immediately, at the next election cycle, or after the next census?
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This morning I went to turn on my Sceptre-brand flatscreen TV and it made a loud noise and smoke began billowing from the top, accompanied by the smell of burning plastic. FUCK! It's supposed to have a 1-year manufacturer's "limited" warranty, and I've only had it for about 6 months, but I won't be able to get in contact with the customer service people until later in the day. Do you think the warranty covers the tv BEING ON FIRE INSIDE OF ITSELF FOR NO REASON? Do you think they'll give me my money back? Because I really don't just want a replacement explodey-vision.
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holiday photo op

If you're a parent and you celebrate Christmas, do you make a point of getting your kid's photo taken with Santa every year?

Inspired by my sister doing this "holiday tradition," which is baffling to me because it was never our tradition growing up...apparently we were missing out on a great thing and I didn't realize it.

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Poll #1886409 Should I risk it?

I'm on a bus from DC to NYC and have a couple hours left to go. I don't really need to use the bathroom yet but I think I will before we get there and I don't believe there will be a rest stop. What should I do?

Use the bus bathroom. It's probably not as bad as you fear...
Bus bathrooms are terrible - give those bladder muscles a good workout!

On a scale of 1-5, 5 being best 1 being worst, how much do you like the shape and size of your hands?

Mean: 3.80 Median: 4 Std. Dev 0.98

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There's a Christmas song on the radio right now - a male acapella group singing a medley of "The 12 Days of Christmas", along with various other tunes like Carol of the Bells mixed in. Does anyone know what that could be? I want to find an mp3 of it.

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I'm depressed and overly-emotional right now.  I'm so tempted to tell my boyfriend that I can't come for Christmas so that I can stay home, be alone and pack my apartment up in peace.  I know his family would do their best to keep me in a good mood, but I'm not very good at putting on a happy face.

What are your plans for Christmas? 

Is there anything creating some extra stress for you right now?  How are you dealing?