December 20th, 2012

My Alaskan Malamute Jeter

Pet Question

What is your stance on allowing animals to live in your house?

My mother never wanted ANY animals in our house, not even indoor cats. I have two dogs (one medium sized, one big) and they are allowed in the house, even on the furniture, and our smaller dog actually sleeps at the foot of our bed every single night. Contrary to what my mother thought, it seems to me that muddy paw prints tracked across the kitchen floor every once in awhile does not immediately cause the disease-ridden deaths of all the human inhabitants of the household.

So what do you think, TQC? Pets in the house, or no? And if you'd care to elaborate, what pets do you have, and what are their living arrangements?


Have you ever had something seemingly innocuous cut you very deeply? What happened?
Will you tell me a story about your less-than-awesome parents? (Bonus if it's your mother, eh?)
Can you be adopted after your eighteen? 

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How do you handle it when you feel disproportionately annoyed at someone?
I mean how do you let it go, even though you feel pissed?

I have a friend who occasionally will sneer at things I say in a group setting, but she does it in the guise of a joke (maybe it is a joke). Since it is in a group setting, I don't want to snap at her and make everyone uncomfortable.
She's also been through a breakup very recently so I kind of have to give her some slack.

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I really like hiking, but the next day I am so sore I can barely move. If I do this every week will my muscles start getting used to it? Or any tips for combating soreness?

What do you do for exercise?
questions in the mist


I saw the Disney/Pixar movie Bolt a long time ago. There's a character in it named Blake but I can't remember who he was. Looked it up online but every search just says there's a Blake in the film without saying who it is, what he does.

Who is Blake?
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For those of you with a Winter Break (from school or work) what are your plans for it? Will you be catching up on certain TV shows, books, magazines that have piled up over the past few months, cleaning out your closets and refrigerator, vacationing, etc.? Also, how long is your break?

I have 5 weeks of break from school and will be catching up with friends, doing lots of yoga, reading some books for book club and personal pleasure, watching movies on Netflix, cleaning out my closets and under bed storage for donations, and going on a ski trip for a week in Park City, Utah with my mom and husband

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You have become Important/Successful enough to have something that requires a mascot. The mascot will be on all future stuff associated with you and anything professional you do. What do you pick to represent you?

Cherub style angel
Koi fish
Brain in a jar

What would your official colors be?

Aquamarine & Khaki
Ivory & Rose pink
Plum & Forest Green
Gold & Imperial blue
Coral pink & Maroon
Pale yellow & Sephia Brown
Blue-Grey & Black
Olive & Sky blue
Bright orange & silver
Lime Green and Slate grey
White and turquoise
Baby blue & Bronze
Taupe & Perwinkle
Black & Bright Lavender
Mint green and Eggshell white

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What are holidays like at your house? How formal is it? Not at all? Very?

My family is very formal (ny dad will wear a tie, we are wearibg buce clothes, i usually wear a dress) and I never knew any different until I started sharing holidays with my bf where I could eat in jeans and uggs at the table.
Conan & his Amazing Friends

der Krampus

It's almost Christmas, and for those of you who know the jolly and not-so-jolly history regarding Christmas, you may have come across the story of the Krampus. He's part of that dark side.

While shopping for Xmas gifts, I came across some Krampus greeting cards. You have no idea how cool it was to find such an odd thing. Just like Christmas cards, except instead of a fat man with toys on the front, it's usually a demonic-looking creature menacing children. I asked my Facebook friends if they'd like me to send them one, and only a handful of people sent me their addresses; even when I mentioned I'd throw in a Krampus poem. I still have most of the box left.

So I'll bring it to you, my TQC friends.

Would anyone like a Krampus card this holiday?

Because it's been an expensive month already, I will only send them to people in the US (international rates are a bit pricier, as well as the fact that it's more work to determine how much postage to use). Sorry :(

If you'd like one, message me your name and address. DO NOT LEAVE IT IN A COMMENT BELOW unless you'd like everyone to know.
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(no subject)

TQC, can anyone recommend a good work out DVD?
I bought '10 Minute Solution: Blast off Belly Fat' two months ago, and I'm totally bored of it. Most of it consists of laying on the floor doing crunches.
Anyone know any good 'uns?
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Does anyone know where I could buy this dress? I've seen it around on Pinterest but can't seem to track it down.
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Do you like it?

If you were going to a holiday party this year what would you be wearing?

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My office is having its annual Christmas potluck party on Monday. So far people are bringing Mac & Cheese, meatballs, a cake and cookies. Subs are also being provided. What should I bring?

Does your job do anything special for the holidays?
boiled eggs

What's going on the table this festive season?

What's your menu plan?

I'm doing a small Christmas this year, so I don't want to do too much, and have to be able to distribute any leftovers effectively into different dishes, so I've decided on a small roast ham, and some sort of brussel-sprout-based dish. Also have some carrots I ought to use up, so I can steam them alongside the sprouts.

Now I'm just trying to decide how to do the potatoes--I want something creamy and decadent (this being once a year and all,) so, scalloped/au gratin, or hashbrown casserole/Shwartzie's style?

Also I've just found my mother's recipe for hot buttered rum and Dad's already given me a bottle of Captain Morgan the size of my head, so it'll be a very, very merry one.


Spring Flowers

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What's the last ridiculous coincidence that happened to you?

I went to a bar tonight because a friend wanted to talk/hang out. While we were there she saw some guys at another table that were cute and wearing our alma mater's hat, so she went to hit on them and ask if they went there. She came back and a few minutes later she was like "Is that your ex?" and we realized she had just talked to my ex's friends so we booked it out of there and laughed the whole way home. Typing this out it doesn't sound as funny lol, but it was hilarious in the moment.

Weight Gain

So...a few years ago I decided to quit smoking by taking Chantix.  They were horrible pills, but they worked.  By quitting smoking, and starting a 9-5 (sitting all day), and getting into a car accident (being injured, no exercise), I gained about 80 pounds from my lowest weight.

I am getting married next summer.  I have talked to a trainer who will train with you 3x/week and put you on a nutritional plan and design an exercise plan for days that you are not training together.  Goal of this being: losing 50-70 pounds by August 1.

Here's the clincher:  My mom will pay for it all ($5k), if I sign a contract stating that I will take this program seriously, and to really try hard at losing the weight.  In this contract it would also state that if I should gain weight, then I would owe her the $5k back.

What do y'all think of this?  Would you do something like this?

**this would be my second time doing a program like this.  the trainer was awesome, but i wasn't exercising on my off days and not watching what i ate and i still lost 20 pounds!