December 19th, 2012

Wednesday Morning Question

Which of these things would you have a serious problem with if your roommate partook in?

Was apart of a religious group that constantly tried to recruit people to their denomination
Drank out of the milk jug
Never put the new toilet roll on
Put wet dirty rags in with the clean rags
Loud religious chanting in the mornings and evenings (no participation required of you)
Animal sacrifices (religious)
Animal sacrifices (non-religious)
Seemed to think the common room was a fine place for their thousands of nicknacks
Wanted everyone to pray before eatting
Insisted everyone eat a meal together
Refused to learn to drive but constantly asked you for rides (pay for gas)
Wanted to keep chickens in their room
Gave loads of unsolicited advice to everyone
Would not lift a finger to do anything that wasn't agreed to at least a week in advance
Cooked very bad smelling food daily

Are any of the actions above something you would consider asking them to leave over?

No, I'm really easy going
Yes, maybe I'll explain in the comments

(no subject)

TQC, did you ever fantasize about your wedding as a kid? Like, the kind of dress you would want, the colors, etc? How does what you think you'd want for your wedding now differ from what you wanted back then?

(no subject)


From a moral perspective, what are your feelings about the idea of tattooing animals?

This guy has a farm in China (had to leave Belgium due to EU laws) where he tattoos pigs and then lets them live freely, treats them well, gives them names etc. I think people can come visit the farm, like a petting zoo or something. Eventually they die/ get slaughtered and he either stuffs them or skins them and sells the tattooed skins/stuffed pigs to collectors.


Whereas apparently some pet owners in Russia have taken to getting their pet hairless sphinx cats tattooed for their amusement. This guy and his cat have matching tattoos:

It's my understanding that the animals are sedated during the tattooing procedure. Do you think what they are doing is wrong? How would you feel about someone who decided to tattoo their baby or toddler? Does this differ significantly from tattooing an animal? How come?

What consequences, if any, do you think people who do this to animals should face? What about if someone did this to their baby/toddler?

(for sake of argument, lets assume the tattooing was done in sterile, medically appropriate way by trained professionals)
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(no subject)

After a year of being together, I am finally beginning to develop a friendship with my s/o's father. Her parents are divorcing immediately after the holidays and her mother is, quite frankly, a zombie and treats my s/o and her brothers like shit they don't exist.

Do I get her parents Christmas gifts? Do I buy for both or just her dad? Any gift suggestions? I don't want to get anything too formal...

(no subject)

If I wanted to complain to my college about the quality of one of my professors this semester, what department would I contact? Or should I contact multiple departments, or even the dean?

This professor has been horrible from the start, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt because it was his first semester at our school and the first time he was teaching ed psych. But last night in class he admited to all of us that he never read the material and only spent maybe 5 minutes looking at the book before each class.

(no subject)

Does it bother you when people use ellipses for no apparent reason?

My professor just answered my question about what kind of spacing he wants on a paper with "I'm not bothered. Up to you..."


Also, I still dunno what to do. The paper is supposed to be 15 pages max. 15 pages 1.5 spaced is a bit different than 15 pages double spaced...I already asked for an extension for this, so now that he won't specify I feel like it will look lazy of me if I submit a double spaced paper. Should I just do it 1.5 spaced? Am I over-thinking this? What would you do?

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Over the past two days two different guys rang my doorbell and asked me to make a donation through NAACP and another through our local newspaper. The donations were going to a college fund. Has anyone ever come to your door with something similar? is this legit?

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I really need to get a job SOMEWHERE while I look for a full-time salaried position.
I'm thinking of retail, but I hear horror stories. What's a retail job you work(ed) that you actually like(d)?
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(no subject)

Would it be a terrible idea to take 1 10mg Ambien pill tonight in order to fix my sleeping pattern? I have never taken sleeping pills before. My grandma suggested I cut the 10mg pill in half but it's not scored so I'm not sure if I should do that. I don't plan on continuing using sleeping pills, I just want to use it one time to get back on a normal schedule.

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Apparently it's relationship night at TQC.

If/when you are in a long term relationships, do you still get crushes on other people?

Little crushes or big crushes? Tell me about them.

Do you still flirt with other people?