December 17th, 2012


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Anyone tried a clarisonic brush? yay or nay?

DK/DC: London or Cardiff? You have 2000 pounds savings to start with, and friends willing to let you sleep on their couches for a little bit.
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Has anyone else had an extreme emotional reaction to the elementary school shooting?
I don't know anybody involved, or even anybody who knows anybody, but I haven't been able to stop thinking about it, reading news articles, looking at pictures of the kids and teachers. I've been so sick in my heart since I heard. :(
Talk about feelings?

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Our office announced to us that we are going to have a half day at work on Friday and then go to our holiday party at a restaurant at 1pm. Some of my coworkers are asking if we have to come back to work afterward.

Stupid questions aside, have you ever known a company/office that has made their employees go back to work AFTER a party?

Are you having a holiday work party? What are you doing?

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Were any of you raised in a household where your parents subscribed to two different religions, or maybe one parent was religious and the other one was not?

What was it like? Did this ever present any discord where you were concerned, like "I want him/her to be raised like this!" vs. "Well, I want him/her to be raised like this!" How was the situation dealth with? What was it like for you as a child growing up?

Your relationship

Poll time!

Poll #1885211 Your SO

How often do you see your SO?

I'm single
Every day - I live with my SO
Every day - We make time to see eachother every day
Once a week
2 times a week
3 times a week
4 times a week
5-6 times a week
Once every few weeks
Once every month
We are in a long distance relationship, so it varies a lot

Answer in comments: Are you happy with the 'together' time you have with your SO, or would you prefer more/less time together?

First world problems

I cant access Facebook on my tablet or computers, but I can get to it just fine via my phone both on the app and directly through the browser.

Why? What can I do to fix this?

I have checked my firewalls and blockers, restarted the computer, tried with Opera,Firefox,Chrome and IE with no luck.

None of my friends are having any issues.

I have clients waiting on session previews man!!1 COME ON!!

DK/DC : What is the last thing you bought?


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I can't stand it when fluent English speakers don't know how to correctly use an apostrophe. This bothers me way more than mixing up your/you're and there/their/they're.

What grammar errors bother you? If English isn't your first language, then what in your native language?

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hi guys :) 
im home for a month for my semester holidays and yesterday my mum made me feel super guilty for not wanting to join her on a little trip for the next 5 days. its gonna be her, her sisters' and their families, and her friends and their families. i dont get along with any of them (because of language barrier and just general differences) and my mum tends to ignore me / tease me constantly when im there. i dont want to go cause ill feel alone and wont have fun, but she was angry that i told her i didnt want to go.

what would you do tqc? would you feel bad? i always feel bad because it's my mum, but i know ill feel awful there. and im 22, i should be able to decide what i want to do, right? i just cant stop thinking about it tho and i think shes kinda giving me the silent treatment right now :x

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You've got food at your desk, ADMIT IT. What have you got? Is it Christmas food? Are you eating it right now?

Brought to you today by the bag of Munchos I somehow have in the bottom drawer of my desk.

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Guys, I'm going on a date tonight. We're doing coffee downtown. I don't know what to do with myself, though! I can't seem to decide on hair and makeup, so can you decide for me?


Hair down and curled
Hair in a loose, voluminous up-do, curled


Smokey eye
More natural eye

I know I'll be doing matte brown lips and a plum-toned pink blush. Feel free to make other suggestions if you want!
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How would you refer to a tool that's meant (once lit) to start a fire, but specifically one of these:

A piece of paper that's been twisted into a long, narrow cone;
A very long, narrow matchstick, or a long, narrow piece of wood that's been lit?

I thought it was either spliff or splint, but whenever I google those terms I get the obvious answers (joint and medical aid respectively). Does anyone know what I mean?
ETA: I think the term I'm thinking of sounds like spliff or splint, but probably at least begins with S.

DK/DC: What's your relationship with fire? Are you more inclined to like it or be frightened of it?

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Lets say you live in a one-bedroom or studio apartment - would you rather clean your place up all in one day, or spread it out over a few afternoons? It's going to be a thorough cleaning.

What are some of your favorite graphic novels/comics?
Red roses

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LONG STORY. Am I just being a doormat? Should I branch out and try to find someone else?

Don't have an answer?

What do your pets look like? PICTURES!
Do your read fashion/beauty/fitness blogs? LINKS! please.

Looooooong hikes

Have any of you ever hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, the Appalachian Trail, or any other long-ass hike/walk anywhere in the world?

If so, how was it? Any words of advice for me, or book/website recommendations for preparation? While I'm a seasoned veteran of world traveling/long term backpacking, I've never quite done any long wildnerness hiking or constant hiking for months on end. I'm planning to do the PCT starting in the summer of 2013.
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There is a new girl at work. She's nice. We work with a bunch of guys. Anyway, I've been around for a while and am friendly with everyone in our area. The other day the new girl started getting the guys to do weird dances. I laughed at the dances because they were funny. Later, on her way out, she said, "By the way, they were dancing for me." And then she said another variant of that yesterday, "They dance like that because they think it'll make me feel better." And she also said, "I wonder how many guys I can make dance for me tomorrow!" 

What the fuck? Is she trying to make me jealous or is she just really insecure or is she just weird? I don't care who they're dancing for.   

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Does anyone here watch survivor? What did you think of the outcome? Did the person you want to win? If not, who were you rooting for?

[Cut for Spoiler]If you were Penner, would you have "outed" Lisa? I'm very neutral on the outcome. I really didn't have a favorite, I kind of liked them all. I think I would have tried to get Lisa to out herself or just plant the idea that she was hiding something to the jury and see if she admitted anything or kept quiet.

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Has anyone who was previously anti e-readers got one and been converted?
I think I want one to get me back into reading, but I love having a shelf full of books.

ETA: A big deciding factor is that i'll be moving to Florida for a year in April - involving a lack of luggage space, abandoned books and poolside reading. 

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A bunch of YouTube videos aren't working for me; they just show up as a black rectangle. But several videos are still working for me, and I can't seem to figure out a pattern as to which ones will work and which ones won't. Anyone know why this might be and how I can fix it? I ran my software updates and restarted my computer and I'm still having the problem. I use Safari, if that makes any difference.

NEVER MIND fixed it. Apparently they signed me up for some janky trial without telling me.

What's the last YouTube video you watched?
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so i'm organizing/decluttering, TQC, and i ran across this little ceramic doll.

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DK/DC where i got it--don't even remember acquiring it. the only thing i can tell about it is it seems to be somewhat posable--the legs can bend so you can set it up to "sit".

but i'd like to know more about it so i know if it's worth listing on ebay. is this a collectible of any kind? a rare one? any idea what company even made it or how old it is? any info at all?

thanks in advance!
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