December 16th, 2012

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TQC, I'm really sad and depressed right now about something really stupid. I know I shouldn't be upset at all about something like this, but it's really hard to get my mind focused on something else. I don't really have any friends or family around who are awake or who would want to hear me talk about all this crap. I've literally just been staring in front of my computer for the past couple minutes, trying to think about something to do. I am NOT suicidal. I am just feeling really, really alone right now. Could you post things to cheer me up, or any words of advice/encouragement? I don't have a history of depression at all, so this is kind of baffling to me and it's hard to know how to stop it.
Thank you.

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TQC! Tomorrow I am going to see a room to rent out. It's perfect in every way, and is so close to my university! How can I win the current flatmates over? I want this place so much! Give me your best tips.

Dk/Dc - last time you moved?
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I went into the local no kill cat shelter a week before Thanksgiving looking for some feline friends. I found an adorable pair and I filled out an adoption application. It's been a month, and I haven't heard anything. They asked for references on the application and they have not been contacted either. My phone number changed a week ago and I tried calling the shelter and got no answer. They are open to the public twice a week for 3-4 hours but I work during both shifts. I knew going in that they were not going to rush the process because they want to make sure the cats are going to good homes, and that's totally fine, but it seems like it has been an excessive length of time for nothing to have even been started. I'm guessing the fact that I recently had cats for 2+ years but did not have a vet reference has made them uninterested in me as an adopter.

I'm thinking of going to the humane society tomorrow and starting fresh but I feel guilty about abandoning the two kitties at the shelter. Should I give the shelter more time/try to call again, or just move on?
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Okay, TQC. Can you be my unauthorized doctor and help me understand what could have happened to my skin:

Around the end of November I had this large, hard bump growing near the end of my left eyebrow. I thought maybe it was a cystic pimple. It dies down a bit in the next few days, but at the same time two white heads started growing above it. And then the next several days after that 5 pimples started growing on my left cheek. 

Where did this legion of pimples come from? This has never happened to me before. 

Is it makeup? I usually just fill my eyebrows as makeup so I honestly don't wash my face too often.
Diet? I cut out sugar back in October and started using Splenda around this time. 

ugh adult acne.

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Do you like pretzels? What's your favorite kind of pretzel?

I like simple soft, salted pretzels from like Pretzelmaker or places like that, with a good amount of cheddar cheese sauce for dipping <3
My Alaskan Malamute Jeter

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Do you like eggnog? Is there a commercial brand of eggnog that actually tastes good?

I used to make hard-core eggnog from scratch with bourbon and brandy and raw eggs, but now I'm afraid of poisoning people with the eggs so I don't make it anymore. If there was a commercial brand of eggnog that didn't taste like ass I would buy it and add booze to it, but I don't know of any :(

If you're not an eggnog drinker, what is your Christmas spirit of choice?

based on something i read elsewhere...

Tenant is unemployed/underemployed and is on the search for housing they can afford. Tenant looks at apartment owned by Landlord, but it is still above their budget. They explain situation and ask whether Landlord has any cheaper/smaller units available. Landlord then offers to let Tenant have the place, and pay half their rent in cash, and half in sexual favors. Tenant agrees, and they discuss and agree on nature/frequency of the favors that would be appropriate compensation.

Do you think there is anything inherently wrong with this situation?
Do you think this situation/the offer was exploitative of the Landlord?
If not inherently so, do you this this situation is likely to devolve into either of the parties involved being exploited/taken advantage of/screwed over?
If you had to predict, how would guess this situation will end?
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Being an adult is hard, guys.

My mom's best friend since before I was born invited my husband and I to her house for dinner, for the express purpose of giving us a Christmas gift. I feel like, since we're adults and stuff, we should probably have a present for her and her husband as well. Or at least should bring a hostess gift or something.

What do you get for an older, established couple who are really, really well off? Wine seems like an easy choice, but they definitely have better/older/more expensive stuff in their wine cellar.

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What are your thoughts on honoroary doctoral degrees? Do you think life experience can really make up for everything learned in a doctoral program? Honorary degrees in general? Should someone who has an horonory doctorate demand to be called Dr. in professional situations?

*For example, Maya Angelou insists on being called Dr. Angelou even though she doesn't even hold any undergrad degrees, let alone doctorates
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Creative checks

What are the rules for formatting a printed check for a checkbook? What rules are required for the bank to accept it? Obviously, it needs the routing and account number, but what else?
I want to design my own custom checks instead of buying from a checkbook company, but I know it's got to be harder than it looks.
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Do you tend to comment on changed relationship statuses on FB? (People going from "in a relationship" to "single" specifically.) What do you usually say?

I always see people say stuff like "You were too good for them anyway!" or "I guess they just couldn't handle how amazing you are!" and stuff and it seems so awkward. Especially if the breakup was friendly or they may get back together.
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Am I the biggest hypocrite ever for telling my child I don't believe in god but that she should believe in Santa? She goes to church about once a month with her practicing family but I don't hold my beliefs back. Santa is just the tip of the ice berg, I hype up the Easter bunny too. She's 8. Am I a butthole?

Edited to add
By "should believe in Santa" I mean write him letter's, expect he bring presents etc. Not that I'm telling her if she dosen't believe in santa he won't bring her anything.

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ETA: What should I do for my anniversary?
My So and I are outgoing people.
Things we have done already: rock climbing, go kart racing, sky diving, snowboarding, zip lining, hang gliding, and went in a hot air balloon.
If it helps, we live in california.
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Clothing disaster of ginourmous proportions!

So...apparently Arizona no longer makes my jeans. I've been wearing the same size for the past decade, and the same style for even longer. They are no longer to be found. If anybody cares, it's Arizona Barely Flare size 16slim. They were amazing...they fit perfectly, were affordable (around $22), the stitching was understated (it didn't 'pop' against the fabric color), and they didn't have any of that glittery shit like all the other jeans in the girls section.

Why would they stop making these jeans? It's a personal attack on me, y/y?

Should I suck it up, and start wearing straight cut again? Or should I spend an ungodly amount of time at the mall trying to find a new perfect style of jeans, and hope that doesn't get discontinued?

Have you ever been forced to abandon a long-held clothing choice, because it was no longer available? What was it? How did you cope?

I seriously feel like my whole year has been ruined, like 2013 is an impending disaster. I haven't been able to buy new jeans in 3 years...I know they're just jeans, but I have treasured the fact that I didn't have to go through the hell of finding pants that fit. I was planning on wearing this brand/style for the rest of my life (or until my hips decided to expand to grown-up sized).


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What would be worse?

You wake up and find a roach the size of your fist in your bed
You wake up and find a rat the size of your foot in your bed
You wake up and find a man the age of your father in your bed

Which of these best describes your childhood experience with balloons?

I liked to pop balloons/let the helium ones fly away
It made me really sad/upset when balloons popped or escaped
There were no balloons in my life as a child