December 15th, 2012

I love chocolate

What chocolate do you like?

Poll #1884902 chocolate?

The best chokolade for you

Mars, I love in it
Snickers, Only Snickers
Milcy way of course
Your version in the comments
I am a cat and sitting at the computer owner and eat only Whiskas!

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For those of you working in social care, what group of people do you care for?
I care for adults with learning disabilities and mental health problems.

Could you ever see yourself working in a completely different field? Anyone who works in care who I've spoken to say they can't.
My goal is to move on to social work, so I'd still be working in the same field.

If you don't work in care, what industry do you work in? Could you see yourself changing from that field?

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Have you ever participated in a white elephant gift exchange?

What have you gotten from them?

I did it for the first time last night at my office Christmas party. I got an ornament with my boss's face in it. It's pretty creepy and hanging on my Christmas tree.

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Poll #1885041 which describes you best?

pick one.

shorty get down
baby got em open all over town
strictly biz, she don't play around
cover much ground
got game by the pound
getting paid is a forte, each and everyday, true player way
pushing phat rides
tricks in the stash
stacking up the cash
fast when it comes to the gas
by no means average
got class and style
street knowledge by the pound
baby never act wild
very low key on the profile
catching feeling is a no
curve's the words, spins the verbs
rollin with the phatness
you don't even know what the half is
you've gotta pay to play just for shorty bang bang to look your way

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Are lottery tickets a good Secret Santa gift? Or at least an OK, not horrible gift?

If you are in a relationship but not married, do you ever pretend to be married to your SO to receive some benefit (like a joint gym membership)? Does anyone ever check? What benefits have you received this way that you wouldn't ordinarily get?
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1. if you like your dad/plan on getting him something for christmas, what are you getting him? 
i renewed his subscripition to golf digest (haha) and i'm going to get 5-6 dvds for him and my mom but i feel like i should get my dad something else but i have no idea what! (i've been living away from home for about 8 years now, he's about 57, likes golf, likes to read (but i got him a book last year), travels around for his job (by car), work sometimes stresses him out. does anyone have ideas for me? :)

2. do you ever have a question that you really wanted to ask but completely forgot? because that's what just happened. i wanted to ask the first question but i had another question i really wanted to know the answer too and now i can't remember it!!! :(
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help, I don't speak French

I just bought the liquorice flavor of these as a holiday gift for an exchange at work. The recipient has to eat a gluten-free diet and she loves licorice (and has trouble finding gluten-free licorice that isn't gross), and I couldn't see anything on the tin that looked like trouble. It's devoid of any useful info.

Does the website have any gluten-related information? Their English text is just about how delicious the candy is, which doesn't help me here, and I don't speak or read French.
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I've made a few posts about villains/antagonists/antiheroes here in the past and have found that there are a lot of people that have had good stuff to say. So I'm curious to ask those of you that have a fondness for antagonists, what are your thoughts on the character Loki? Did you like or dislike the character? Does he suffice as a villain to you?

I really liked Loki, but my friend thought he was very "meh", so I was especially curious to see the reasons why people may be unimpressed with him or dislike him.

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This one guy on my Facebook keeps posting these updates about how upset he is about the recent CT shootings, how he's physically shaking, how it's unfathomable, etc.etc.etc. I agree with him that it's awful, but he has posted about 8 or 9 updates about this since it happened and I know for a fact he did not know any of the victims or anyone who lives in that town. Am I totally off base in thinking he's kind of trying to turn someone else's tragedy into his?

Or if you don't feel like answering that, why do you think these shooting sprees keep occuring?
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who takes care of the dog?

Let's say you have a family of four: Dad, Step-Mom and two boys (A&B). A and Step-mom really want a dog for Christmas, but B doesn't bc he understandably doesn't want to clean/take care of it. Is B still responsible for cleaning up/taking care of the dog if he still lives at home?