December 14th, 2012


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I made cake pops for a pot luck Christmas party for my work for tomorrow night. Right as I finished, my kitten jumped on top of them.

I obviously cannot bring them now, because... cat on cake pops.

But I want to bring something and I need to make something tomorrow. Do you have suggestions of easy but delicious dessert recipes that would work for a pot luck setting?
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What do you want for Christmas and the new year?

Hello again!
Have you already bought gifts for relatives and friends for Christmas and New year?

I don't know what to give this year.

Poll #1884704 Gifts for Christmas

Are you ready for Christmas?

Yes, I bought candy
Yes, toys for children, cosmetics for wife
No, not yet
That have you bought?

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what do you personally think the balance between work and life should be? do you think people should be able to drop everything to go into work at all times or do you think there should be a thick line drawn between work time and personal time? something in between?

sorry if this is worded badly; it's a weird question to convey.

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How do you deal with really annoying people that you can't avoid? I realize I am irrationally irritable with certain people and I can be civil with them, but I don't know how to let go of my irritation...

Do you deal with any particularly annoying people on a daily basis?


I'm curious, how do you help you dog fight boredom when you're busy? Do you have anything special?


Personally I take a variety of tatics

-Old coke bottles with their dog food in it for them to chase around and empty out
-Hide their dog food in serval locations in the house or back yard for them to seek out
-Food Puzzles - Some boughten some handmade
-Peanut butter jars when there's not enough for a sandwich but still has some on the sides and bottom
-Bird seed/bread crums, Dogs love chasing the pidgeons out of the back yard. 

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I broke my knee in my sleep. :(

I didn't break it, exactly, but it hurts pretty damn bad. It kind of aches along the right side (right knee) pretty constantly. I can only bear weight on it when it's fully extended, but even that is pretty painful. When I try to walk normally, it just buckles and doesn't even try. I've had really minor problems with this knee for years- it pops a lot when I walk and it ached when I run for long distances (but then I graduated high school and stopped doing atheletics, really, at all). I no longer do athletics, but I walk a lot. I'm not overweight in the slightest. What what what what is wrong with my knee? :(
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Sit-Down Restaurants

What was the last sit-down restaurant you went to for a meal? What did you eat?

If you don't eat out or can't remember, what one holiday song do you never get tired of hearing?

My answers: I had arroz con camarones at a local Mexican restaurant. And my most favorite Christmas song is the instrumental version of "Christmastime Is Here" by Vince Guaraldi.
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Lindsay Lohan's storage locker is going to be auctioned off due to her inability to pay late fees. What do you think they'll find inside?

Designer clothes
Crappy, before-she-was-famous clothes
Empty bottles
Watches, jewelry, etc., with price tags. She may have stolen these
Drug and/or drug paraphanalia
Sex toys
Calculus book
Items taken from the set of Mean Girls
Family heirlooms (like she says)
Dead body
Sleeping bag, pillow, other evidence she may have been sleeping there
Towels, robes, from all the hotels she's stayed at
Magazines, Enquirers with her face on the cover

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I'm attempting to have a surprise birthday dinner for my husband tonight. I invited ten of his friends and four of my friends that he gets along with really well. Two of my friends are coming and three of his friends are coming to the dinner, with five more of his friends saying they can't make the dinner but will try to show up afterwards. What is the liklihood that any of these five friends will show up? Should I just give up on the whole birthday dinner thing since the turnout is going to be fairly low? Should I just try to organize getting together at a bar after dinner and have that be the surprise? Should I even bother with the surprise anyway? My husband's friends are notoriously lame, three of the five said they were coming to our wedding and then just didn't show up.
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sleeping pills

Does anyone here take Ambien and/or Sonata? I've been looking online, but I'm only finding drug facts and stories of people abusing it, not first-hand accounts of people taking it as prescribed and I'd like to hear other people's experiences with the meds.

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What can I do to make my resume better? I've only ever had the one job (scanning medical records/filing at a doctor's office) so there's not much there. I'm currently taking a break from school due to money issues, so that doesn't look that great either.

tl:dr: What can I do to fill in the gaps on my resume?
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In your opinion/within your personal social sphere:

What's the proper protocol when spending time/talking with other people after something horrible, but not personal, happens?

What I mean is: Do you meet up for dinner and go "So... Connecticut. Tragic" and then look at the menu and go "oooh they have artichoke puffs!"? Do you just meet up and not talk about it? Do you refrain from having a great time, or laughing too loud, or do you just go about business as usual?

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What's the best advice you ever got about dating or sex from a parent/parental figure?

My ex's uncle got drunk once and told him that getting a girl pregnant is the worst thing you can do, so BLOW IT ON HER TITTIES.
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TweetDeck users: I have this for company use and have my FB account linked, but am wondering if I can add my company's FB fan pages to the timelines? Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I can post to the page from TD, but I can't see that page's feed.

Friday Night Question

Is it an overreaction to scold/yell at a sister's boyfriend for not stopping a behavior when asked to do so by by your sister?

Would your answer change depending on the behavior being asked to stop?

Would your answer change if they were just playing around when your sister was yelling at her boyfriend to stop?

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I want to buy my fiance a new phone for Christmas.  He currently has the Blackberry Torch and we pay $40/month for him as an add on to my plan with unlimited data/text and 550 shared minutes (AT&T).  I was thinking of buying him the iphone, but am concerned if the price of the plan would go up?  Does anyone know if data plans for iphones are more expensive than for Blackberries or Droids...?