December 12th, 2012

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What are some jobs/careers you just absolutely could not do?


Oh, and while I'm here, can anyone here make .gif icons? would you be willing to make one for me if you're not terribly preoccupied?

To play hooky or not to play hooky?

Ok TQC, I need help deciding whether I want to take a sick/personal day from work today.

I have nothing to do at work today that cannot be done tomorrow. I am totally caught up.
I have a million things I could get done at home, and I need to go Christmas shopping.

But...I kind of wanted to save my sick days since they roll over. I get a week every year.

I totally did it and I am SO glad I did!! It was the most productive day I've had in months! I was able to move 2 appts to today, and I got the whole house cleaned, laundry done, and some Christmas shopping done. And...I feel so great!!


If you worked somewhere for a few years and pretty much performed the same duties the whole time with a title bump or two, for example:

Office Assistant
Senior Office Assistant

how would you write this on your resume? would you just write down the last title you held?
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Say you buy a baby shower gift for a friend or relative who is pregnant. Three years later, they have another baby and you say "Oh, I noticed you bought a new X. Whatever happened to the one I bought you for your first baby?" and this friend/relative says "Oh, I had to sell it two years ago during that period of time when I was broke and essentially homeless." Would you be upset that they sold the gift you bought them? (Because seriously, I think my aunt is being way unreasonable here.)

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1) Can someone recommend a good lj comm for gif icons? Especially for tv shows like Happy Endings, New Girl, and Parks and Rec? I cant seem to find any that great :/ oops. nevermind.

2) How come all of a sudden lj isnt telling me when I spell things wrong? I dont like this... I dont like this at all.
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Book about Shintoism

How do you decide if you're going to buy a book or not when you can't look it up at the library first or look at it in a bookstore?

Right now I'm interested in learning more about Japanese history and religion. It's not for studies, just a general interest. I've read a lot about buddhism before, and the last book I read was sort of an introduction/overview to religions in Japan. However, that was the only book on this topic that I could find at the library, so I tried to find something online. I've decided I want to know more about Shintoism! I found this in the online bookstore I most often use:

The reviews on Goodreads are very mixed! Some people like the book a lot, others strongly dislike it. Now I can't decide if I can believe that it's worth paying for this book or not! (It's not the first time I've wished my library had more books!)

Has anybody read this book?

Do you know of any other good books for a curious person?

DK/DC - Anyone here who likes the anime Black Jack? :)

external hard drive

I'm looking to buy an external hard drive to complement my laptop. If you have one, what brand and model do you have, and are you happy with it?

I know there are three types -

desktop external HDD - needs to plug in for power, so it isn't very portable and mainly stays in one place

portable external HDD - gets its power from the USB ports on the computer it is plugged into, might need to plug into two USB ports at once

NAS Wifi Server type - lets everyone in the house connect to it for storage and access to shared files like music and images. The good ones aren't cheap, and the cheap ones aren't good. (So I've heard.)

Talk to me.

seasonal - TQC Christmas

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I would like to reconnect with the mother of an ex-boyfriend for career advice. I am graduating law school in May and she is a lawyer who is involved in the same field of law I am interested in. I don’t expect her to give me a job, but I would like to have lunch or coffee and pick her brain.

Her son and I broke up over 10 years ago and still talk occasionally. It turns out he likes men more than women, so it’s not like I broke his heart forever and ever. She and I talked frequently during the two years I dated her son, as I was often at her house. For that reason, I don’t think it would be too weird for me to approach her, but I have no idea how to break the ice.

What would you do, TQC?
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Do you prefer sweet or savory cornbread? I was raised by a southern mother and we always had savory cornbread, never sweet. I've had cornbread up north that was as sweet and light-textured as cake (and although it's good, I don't think of it as "real" cornbread).

dk/dc/gurl I don't eat cornbread: What is one holiday tradition that (for you) it just wouldn't be the holidays without?

Maybe inspired by cleaning out cabinets

1. Do you have any 3-ring binders in use around your house? What do you put in them?

2. Is there a way to store magazines in a stack without having the sides curl up? (which results in the top ones becoming sort of U-shaped)

3. What's the last new-to-you song (regardless of how new it actually is) you got hooked on?

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There was a comment on a Facebook post as follows

'Please XXXX lets not bring Judaism into it. I don't have a problem with gay marriage, as I think if Homosexuals want to be married let them. When it comes to religious institutions, then fine they shouldn't be forced to marry them, but there are amendments in the legislation to help them on this. My main starting point on this is if Homosexuals want to get married let them!'

I asked the guy in question to not use 'Homosexuals' they way he had, because I felt he was dehumanising a little bit.

BUT was I off the mark here? I identify as queer, and if someone kept saying 'If Queers want to marry, let them', it would squick me out.

tl;dr - validation post/ is using the word 'Homosexuals' in that way a bit grim?

EDIT: Guess I was just being a bit too sensitive. Think it was the capitalisation haha.

shoes and bunnies

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What's your favorite perfume or body spray scent?

I've been looking for a new smell and I just came back from the mall, I smelled everything there and it was all gross. My old favorites are Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue, Calvin Klein Euphoria, and Marc Jacobs Daisy.

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I have tickets to a midnight screening of the hobbit tomorrow in NYC. What time should my friend and I get to the theatre?

The only other time I went to a midnight screening was for the Dark Knight and we got there at 10 but our friend had been holding our place since like 3 PM.

DK/DC: what good things happened to you in 2012?

I got published (like, actually in print), and I got to move back home!

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from a white girl on my facebook feed:

"I think I just experienced some racism---shopping at Mi Pueblo, the (Hispanic) lady in front of me forgets her reusable bags. The cashier tells her in Spanish to not worry and that it is free. I get up next, also forgetting my bag, and the cashier charges this gringa $.10 for the bag....hhhrrrmmmm"

What are your thoughts on this, and would you comment on her status? if so what would you say?

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Can you help me think of some really sexy/trashy/skanky nicknames? Perferably with Kat or Kitty or Puss in the title

EDITED TO ADD: A girl posted a few days ago about getting $8,000 on a bondage/dominatiom website. Apparently there are men who want to dominate women financially. Or something. What do you even put in a profile on a site like that?
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I've been nauseated all day, should I force myself to throw up? I've never done it before and I'm scared. Tried pepto bismol, sleeping it off, to no avail.
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How would you describe the style of your writing?  Do you like your own writing?  How often do you go back and read something you've written before, just to read it?

I sometimes go back and read my old journal entries to see if they still read the same to me as when I originally wrote them.  Sometimes I like what I have written, other times I read an entry and feel like everyone who read it must think I'm barely literate.

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For $10,000 of cold, hard cash, which of the follow products/ideas would you agree to star in a nation-wide advertising campaign, TV and billboards, for? You don't actually have to use the advertised products/take the actions, just agree to have your face and name represent them.

"Commit to Celibacy/Chastity" campaign
New brand of diet pill. You will be the "After" person - they will get someone larger than you to do the before parts.
"Get tested for HIV/AIDS" campaign
Week-long nudist meditation retreat
"Report Public Sexual Harrassment" campaign. You will be the harasser/groper.
New type of full-mouth dentures
Free smoking cessation assistance - you will be the chain smoker
A spa offering a special on full body hair wax treatment
'Depends' brand adult diapers
A marraige/match-making service
Adult literacy program - you will play the illiterate adult
"Weed is just as bad as Speed" public service campaign
Ethusiastic political endorsement of your local elected representative
Fiber supplement that "keeps you regular"
Chick-Fil-A, "Great food, great values!"