December 11th, 2012

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How do you push through in times of great stress or difficulty?

Any end of term horror stories you want to share?

I have 8 hours to finish writing my literature review and methodology and I'm only half way there. I am so stressed I actually have a pain in my left eye. Tell me I can do this!
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Does anyone live in Los Angeles? I currently live in the Bay but if I have to stay here for one more year, I think I'm going to blow my head off. So, I'm looking for jobs in LA so that I can re-located and ditch this place.

I've been to LA once and despite what other people told me beforehand, I really liked it. I stayed in Santa Monica but spent a lot of time in Venice and various neighborhoods in LA proper. Parts of the city reminded me of Chicago, my hometown, which was weird. But after living in boring fucking suburbs for 4 years (Bay Area Peninsula), I think I was also just happy to be in a place that was remotely city-like (even though LA is pretty damn suburban compared to other big cities).

Anyway, one of my regrets is that I didn't really interact with people while I was there since I was visiting with a friend. Any thoughts on the people in LA/neighborhoods/culture -- especially young people culture? If you live in LA, who/what kind of crowd do you hang with? How do you like living in LA or the surrounding area? Would you recommend it to "outsiders"?

candles and girl crushes.

so basically, christmas is always a little hard for me since i've been away from home (at uni) for the last three years. one silly ridiculous way to combat homesickness is ...candles! i know, it's odd but my mom burns tons of them and they remind me of her.

does anyone have any recommendations of brands or scents of candles they like? i'm currently thinking of trying red velvet from yankee candle! i'm quite keen on vanilla or food scents (strawberry, cinammon, the bread candle from b+bw) and am generally more sensitive to and stay away from strong floral scents (jasmine, lavendar, rose).

DC about candles: girls, do you have a celebrity girl crush? what makes them your crush? same goes for guys! mine are definitely kaya scodelario and emma stone. emma stone obviously has a perfect personality and kaya scodelario is an absolute natural classic beauty! :)
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did you know that they'res a whole market/fetish within the bdsm community for men who get off on buying women tons of stuff for doing nothing in return?

exhibit a: this dude paid me 8 THOUSAND DOLLARS for literally asking him to pay me something, no nudity, no camming, i've never spoken to him, he's seen 3 clothed pictures of me, and that's it.
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diagnose me tqc.

I've been diagnosed with both depression and adult ADD in the past and have been medicated for both (not at the same time) over the past 8 or so years, but I currently take no medication and haven't been to the doctor in a long time. I'm having sort of a "depressed" period but I can't tell if it's caused by depression or ADD.
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Need Your Creative Minds

I want to make my aunt a little change cup out of clay and paint it because she's loaded and there's really nothing I can't buy her for Christmas anyway (my boyfriend is getting her a real gift anyway).

Can you think of something funny I could make it say? Like, "Mommy Taxes" or something (except not lame like that)? She's very high-powered and works a lot and manages everything. Something hilariously bitchy could be good. 

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I have £40 in Amazon vouchers for collecting points in a supermarket. 
I can either cash these in now and spend them, or wait a little while longer and wait to collect more. 
I have no idea what to use them on - i'm moving to Florida next year so something useful for that, but I have pretty much everything I need (except money!). (I've also got vouchers from a different supermarket i'm thinking of buying a kindle with)
What should I do with these vouchers?
If you were moving to a foreign country, what would you bring/buy?

Should I ask for time off?

I can’t decide whether to ask my boss for the day off on Thursday to take my driving test. He’s really busy and it’s difficult to get a hold of him but my instructor needs to know by 1PM today.

I already took the day off last Monday to do the driving test and failed. It’s really unusual to get another shot so soon, usually the line is 40ish days. My license expires in March and if I wait, I might get snowstorms in Jan and if I fail a second time, my license might not last until the third try.

But I’m so scared of my boss. It’s a new job and I don’t want to make a bad impression. We’re already not getting time off for the holidays.

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Present for dad

Here's the scoop:

My dad and I are not close. He lives in a different state, and I talk to him on the phone on holidays and occasionally by text the rest of the year. We had a bit of a falling out last year, and we're sort of trying to repair our relationship, I guess. I'm not enthusiastic about it at all. He is single. I'm an only child.

Would it be tacky to send him a gift card to a restaurant for Christmas? I normally would just send a card, but I want to send him something he can use.

Any other suggestions for low-effort, easily mailable presents?

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Can you recommend TV shows (or movies or mini-series, I guess) that really focus on platonic rather than romantic interest between the main characters? Shows that emphasize friendship? (i.e. Parks & Rec, Community, Sherlock, etc.)

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So a silly question from an over-thinker.

A man from my husband's life insurance company is coming over to our apartment today to discuss a few things. We live in a small one bedroom. I am wondering how to seat the three of us. We do have a kitchen table but there are only two chairs and a big fish tank on it. The only other chair we have is a computer chair.

Would it be weird to seat him on the couch/loveseat? Should I drag the chairs out from the kitchen..? I never have company over that isn't close friends/family so I haven't had to think about this before.

Thanks :P
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People are coming over to clean my carpets today. Would it be awkward for me to let them in and then go run some errands? I think this would be less awkward than me like, standing around while they work but idk.

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So let's say you're working at a busy office and your boss tells you to delegate certain tasks to some others in the office - but the overall project is your responsibility. Certain members of your support staff seem to be trying hard, but just aren't producing quality work. You've worked with them for awhile to let them know how they can improve and fix their work, but it hasn't sunk in. When your boss asks you why things are taking so long, what do you say?

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If you celebrate a holiday that involves gifts, and you have kids in your family, are the kids either encouraged or expected to buy gifts for everyone? What are your family habits regarding kids and presents?

Is it weird, or feasible, for someone under 9 to be somebody's Secret Santa when the rest of the people are adults? (I feel like in that case, the kid's name should be left out of the hat and all the adults should just buy her or him a present, but maybe that's just how I grew up. With the "kids get loaded with gifts" mentality.)

At what age did you start buying gifts for people (with your own money or your parents' money)?

N/A / bah humbug: What do you hope to accomplish before the year ends?

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I had my first ever yoga class yesterday and it was wonderful! I got a deal on an unlimited pass for a month and almost every day they have beginner level classes so I'm going to try to go often and see if I notice any differences after a month.

Do you practice yoga?
How often do you go? What benefits have you noticed from it?

if not, do you do any other exercise or classes? I just moved to a (small town just outside of a) big city and I'm super excited to have all these opportunities to learn new things.

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If you were going to put your best friend on a show like Scare Tactics, what kind of scenario would you want the show to construct for them so that maximum scare-age was acheived? Like, what would make your friend pee their pants?

Would you sell your soul for three bucks?

There's a guy sitting at a little table. As you walk by, he asks if you'd like three dollars. You ask what's the deal, and he explains that is buying souls, and the standard rate is three dollars, and he'd like to buy yours. There's no paperwork, no signature in blood. All you have to do is shake hands with him to seal the deal, and he'll hand you a stack of tarnished dimes. (If you prefer, he'll hand you the the $3.00 before the handshake.)

So, this is a nice opportunity to walk away with three dollars in exchange for a nonsense transaction that doesn't cost you anything, right? Do you take the money, or not?

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If you were having surgery, would you be okay with a medical student observing? Would it depend on the kind of surgery? Would anything else affect your decision?

When did you last bake something delicious? What was it?

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You wake up one night to the sounds of your barn animals crying out. You grab your gun and run outside to see two dogs fighting over the carcass of one of your animals. You fire at them and miss, but the dogs do turn to look at you. Once they see you, they take off, but one thing: They take off and run on their back legs.

What's your next action?

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The apocolypse is upon us. What would be worse?

You die instantly in an accident just minutes before the madness of the apocolypse begins.
You find that you are the sole survivor in your town/city/area

As the apocolypse madness unfolds, you find that most of the survivors in your area are gathering in a church. Do you join them?

Yes, I could use some spiritual guidance/assistance
Yes, they might have resources I could use
Yes, I don't want to be alone
No, I'd rather wait and try to find other non church-goers
No, I prefer to be alone at such a time

How long could you reasonably survive off the food/beverage you have in your house right now?

1-2 days
3-4 days
1 week
2 weeks
3-4 weeks
1-2 months
3-4 months
up to half a year
up to a year
longer than i'm ever likely to live