December 10th, 2012

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Long car trip with a kitty!

I adopted a kitten from the humane society in August and next weekend, I will be taking her on her first road trip. She's been in the car for short periods of time like coming home from the humane society, or going to and from the vet. She meows a bit, but seems generally relaxed.

Next weekend, we'll be driving to Canada for the holidays. 7 hours in the car on the first day, around 10 on the second day. What are some tips to make this the most comfortable and stress-free ride for her? She's my first cat, so I'm really not sure what I should be prepared for.

I will be bringing her litter box as well as her carrier. Should I be keeping her in her carrier for the whole ride or let her out a bit every once in awhile? My dog will also be in the car but they love each other so that won't bother her. Should I keep her on her regular eating schedule?

Any info would be appreciated!

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Okay, TQC. Solve this one for me. I’m dogsitting a charming little mutt who I shall call Dog. Last night I was in bed, all the windows covered and the lights out, and I sat up to push Dog over to her side of the bed because she was taking up too much space. She resisted, so she ended up dragging her feet when I pushed her.

Her feet/footprints glowed BRIGHT GREEN whenever she moved.

No, I wasn’t hallucinating. I pushed her around the bed four more times and played with her feet and every single time she lit up like a fucking bioluminescent flashlight.

Did she step in something? Is she an alien? Are dogs naturally bioluminescent? Am I insane?

The Dark night

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5-Hour Energy Drink has a version where it raises money for breast cancer. It comes in a pink bottle and the flavor is pink lemonade. Let's say they were doing the same thing for other cancers. What would the bottle and flavor be for...

Lung cancer?

Bowel cancer?

Prostrate cancer?

Brain cancer?
warhol zebra

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I'm Christmas shopping for my boyfriend and I want to get him a new car stereo. I am not the most tech-savvy person in the world, and while I've found a system in my price range with good reviews and all the functions he wants, I do not know how to find out if it is compatible with his car. How do I figure this out? (If it helps, this is the stereo and he drives a 99 Pontiac Bonneville)

Can you recommend a good pair of house slippers for me? I want something that slips on (no booties or sock-slippers) and has a comfy but resilient sole so I can wear them to take the trash out or fetch the mail. Cuteness wins bonus points!

Would you rather give up eating or drinking forever? Let's say that your complete nutritional needs will be met either way, so you don't have to worry about starving or dehydration.
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I have an upgrade available for my Verizon phone and one of the free options is the HTC Rhyme. Anyone have this phone? Do you like it? Why/why not?

Or should I wait until I can afford a $100-200 iPhone or Droid upgrade? I'm currently using the old version of the HTC Incredible that came out in like 2010. It works fine, but it freezes up occasionally and has a bunch of cracks in the screen.

dk/dc/stfu: how do get yourself out of a crappy mood when you're at work or some other place where options are limited?
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Does anyone know of a place that can print postcards (or, if not, invitations)? I'm thinking like, Target or Kinko's or somewhere I can go in person. Zazzle totally failed me and I have exactly four hours to figure out an alternative :(

This would be a lot simpler if they were cheaper.....

This is kind of a dumb question, and I'll figure it out once I talk to my sister again and she makes up her mind.
But here's the situation:
A few months ago, my bf and I made a kind of promise to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra together. He was really excited and he's never seen them before (I have). 

A couple of weeks ago, my mom bought 5 tickets to see Trans-Siberian for the family, assuming everyone wanted to go. But now my bf and I wouldn't be able to sit together since he'd have to buy a separate ticket and for whatever reason the seat-choosing thing doesn't work. 
My mom told my sister about buying the tickets and my sister seemed very disinterested, so my mom said my bf could buy her seat from her. But then when my mom told my sister that, she said "I didn't say I didn't want to go". Needless to say, I'm kind of annoyed by this. I don't think she really wants to go (TSO isn't really her thing) and it wouldn't be beneath her to ditch at the last moment. 

Sooo,  if she does want to go, I'm figuring me and my bf should just buy our own tickets, and give the extra one to either my sister's bf or my aunt. It would be a lot easier if she would let him buy her ticket, since he actually really wants to go, unlike her. But she won't make up her mind. 

Anyway, assuming she wants to go, should me and my bf just buy our own tickets? I mean, he could just buy a separate ticket, but then we won't get to sit together, and the point of seeing this concert together was to see it together. 

ETA: I talked to my sister and she said she's going for sure, so my bf and I decided to just buy our own tickets since that was the only way we could sit together. Thanks for your input, guys.

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Have you ever remained really good friends with an ex that you were with for an extended period of time?
Has your SO ever been really good friends with an ex? Did it bother either of you?

I still consider my ex-bf that I dated for three years my best friend. We don't see eachother but still talk pretty much every day. We broke up in June and I started dating my newest bf in September. However, it bothers my current SO A LOT that I am still on such good terms with my ex. And all of my friends find my friendship with my ex really weird as well. But on the other hand, the guy was with me through a lot of crap in my life and really helped me out, even if we aren't compatible as a couple. If I liked the guy enough to date him that long, I would like to keep him as a friend.

Is this as weird as everyone says it is?
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For the make up people..

Since I'm all grown up and stuff now and about to start a real job, I thought I might need to get some adult-ish things in the near future. My friends and family have been asking what to get me, and I suppose I should ask some of them for makeup. The thing is: I don't know anything about makeup. Okay, I know very little about it..

I have brown hair, blue eyes and extraordinarily pale skin. Whenever I've tried what I've been told are the "Go-To" colors of eyeshadow in the past (the taupes, browns, beiges), I look like I have serious eye inflammation within an hour or two. It just really makes the area around my eyes and whole face look... red. I don't get the same effect when I use nearly-black eyeshadow, but I obviously can't wear that to work.

Is there some color or some... thing... I can use to not look like I've been punched in the face repeatedly when I use these muted colors? Am I doing something wrong?

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Similar to the character Lenny from 'Of Mice and Men', I really like to touch soft things. I mainly like soft skin, such as earlobes, and am known to feel people's ears frequently, particularly my brother's ears because they are SO SOFT
Q1 - does anyone else do this!? My friend X is the only person I know who also does this, and my brother is so sick of her and me feeling his ears that he now charges 20p a stroke. X and I generally stick to stroking each other's ears now, free of charge. I am becoming increasingly aware whilst writing this post that paying money to touch one's brother's earlobe is a bit weird
Q2 - Today I felt his ear, and I felt something vibrate! He also noticed - it felt to him like pinpricks, and it felt to me like a vibrating phone. He felt nothing when X did it. I did it one more time, and after a couple of seconds of vibrating ears, it stopped. Any ideas!?
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Dear TQC,

after working hard for 3 years and earning a 4.0 GPA, I'm about to fail a semester of college. I feel like an utter failure and a piece of shit. I hate school and I feel like I'm stuck here forever. I want to finish, I HAVE to finish...what with all the time I spent and all the loan money I took out. Because I failed, I have to re-take courses and stay here even longer. I'm feeling so sad and depressed about it, I want to kill myself almost.

Had anyone else been through this? I just need someone to talk to I guess, or someone who can share their own experiences. I know I'm being overly-dramatic but I can't help feeling absolutely awful right now.

When was the last time your life felt like shit, and how did you cope?