December 9th, 2012


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Let's say that you live in the basement of a very large house, in a really nice neighberhood with your mom, who lives on the top floor (3 floors total).  The basement gives you a private entrance (altho you don't use it that much), a mini fridge, microwave, dishwasher (basically a mini kitchen). You also have two bedrooms, and 1.5 bathrooms, 3000 sq feet....

You are planning on getting married next year.  A lot of people are talking shit to you for not planning on moving out until after you finish your studies (law school).  Your mom is letting you and your fiance live there rent and utility free until you finish school and get your business in order.

Would you feel bad about yourself?  

Both you and your fiance work full time and are planning on going to school full time as well.  

Should a married couple move out no matter what or take advantage of an awesome situation and pay off debt/save up/not take out as many student loans?
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a friend had given me a screwdriver (as in vodka + orange juice) that she didn't want an hour or so ago in a plastic bottle, but it's wayyyy too strong for me.

problem is, i have nothing to mix with it in my APT to make it sweeter. no OJ/juice, no flavored water, nothing but soy milk. I have a few crystal light to go packets (Flavored peach mango) .... do you think that would taste alight if i mixded it in with the screwdriver?

UPDATE: it tastes okay, i would never drink it again voluntairily but i am faiirly drunk, so mission accomplished!
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Postcards! Vintage Anything! Fashion!

I'm in a bit of a listing rut with my shop: My husband gave me an early xmas present of 800 vintage postcards. I now have around 3,000 vintage postcards to sell. I never know what to list next. It's like trying to order at a restaurant from the world's largest menu. I need help! I have postcards from most of the states, and some non-US postcards. The non-US postcards I have are mainly from France, Italy, Germany and Belgium. What U.S. State should I pick to list from? Or which one of those countries? I'll follow this post and list what is mentioned here next (unless it's from one of the few states I don't have, like Georgia).

Do you collect vintage postcards? If not, do you collect vintage anything? When did you start collecting? How many do you have? Do you buy them or are they/were they given to you? What's the oldest one you have?

What's your favorite look from this current fashion season? Favorite color from this season? Designer this season?
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Have any of you drank Absinthe before? If so, what was your experience like.

I have a bottle of it right now, but it tastes like licorice-flavored gasoline and I have a sensitive mouth. Would making jello shots out of it help?

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My wife wants "beige, fold-down ugg boots" for Christmas. Based on the pictures I see at the following link, I can't figure out which friggin ones she means, other than maybe the "sheepskin" ones which I'm pretty sure aren't exactly her style,en_CA,sc.html#,en_CA,sc.html?prefn1=variationColor&prefv1=Neutral


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Which of hese unusual alcoholic beverages would you be most willing to try?

Prune juice and gin
Beer with a shot of expresso
Amaretto with condensed milk and heavy cream
Raw garlic infused vodka shot
Whisky with cranberry juice and grenadine
Bourbon mixed with grape soda
Rum with lemonade and sour mix
Hot chocolate mixed with warm red wine and nutmeg
Ooooh goody!

It's still the thought that counts, right? (Yeah, right!)

Okay, Christmas is coming up, and you're looking to get something awesome for that one person at the top of your list! (Whoever that is: Partner, parent, sibling, your cat...) Let's say that for that one person, money is no object. You can spend a gazillion dollars on that one person! What do you get them? My answer in comments!

For those of you who don't celebrate Christmas, you can still buy that special person a present, for another celebration or no reason at all!

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do you know anyone who has been on a reality show?

have you been in the audience for any tv show? (interested to hear about audience of sitcoms and daytime talk shows specifically but id love to hear your experiences with any other type of tv shows). i want details too! how you got tickets, did you fly there, what happened before the taping, how true-to-tv was it, what were some things you learned about taping tv shows, did you get any gifts, what were the hosts like iRL, etc??
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what would you charge per hour for babysitting 3 kids? 1 is 7, and two 5 year old twins. hypothetically speaking, minimum wage is $7.40 in your state, if that factors into your math.

(Also this is verbatim the email the dad sent me, lol: " to talk to u. Im s single divorced dad of 3. . I could use some extra help on sat. How.much.per hour n when can we talk about this.really need the helo n your close
Sent from my Kyocera Hydro")

Update: his second email, in response to me suggesting we talk on the phone instead: "My son is 7 my twin girls are goibg to b 6 in april lets talk. Im better at e msil n text tell abit about u"


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The present I got for my boyfriend for Christmas is already wrapped and under the tree. Next weekend, he really, REALLY wants to go out and purchase exactly what I got him. How can I subtly keep him from going?!

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I want to read a book on my Kindle. Here are my limitations: No sci-fi (I can't get into it). I like non-fiction that talks about human behavior and I like general fiction. 

I'm open to suggestions. Winter break is coming upon us (I'm a high school teacher) so I an probably get in a book or two if I dedicate my time to reading. I'm also going to read my Kindle at the gym while I bike/run. 

TQC, will you recommend a book for me and tell me why you like it? 

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What could you go for right now?

Bowl of ice cream
An alcoholic beverage
Fast Food
A jog/run
A nap/some sleep
Some weed
Masturbation time
Some amusing gifs

Are you looking forward to Christmas?

Yes I am
Not at all
Yes but not for typical reasons
I'm indifferent

I know this isn't a great thing to ask others, but I suck at making decisions big time and need to choose a paper topic ASAP...which would you say I should go with? Feel free to be random if you dk/dc...

Saudi counter-terrorism measures against al-qaeda/related groups in the last decade
Russian counter-terrorism against Chechen terrorism since a bit over a decade ago

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I want to get into reading more poetry for the new year. I'm new to it, so what are some poets that you would recommend? Which ones should I look over?

I also want new little tricks to decorate a small space. Anything knick-knacky or craft-based excites me. What are some of your suggestions?

What should I ask for the holidays?

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Do you have any friends who tell you the same stories over and over? I have a friend who does this all the time, to the point where I've heard most of her stories three times. Should I start saying something? What?

Have you had any odd conversations lately? Yesterday I was talking to my boyfriends' sister and she said she had been talking to a friend, and that the friend had said (word for word) a comment that I posted about my own life on facebook a few days earlier. I think she got muddled up between fb and real life so I just laughed anyway but it was pretty confusing.