December 8th, 2012

Spring Flowers

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Have you ever had a crush on someone while you were in another relationship and then dated that person once you and your ex broke up?

The person I'm currently dating and I have had things for each other for ages but I was in an on-off relationship with someone else. And they also had another girlfriend in that period. But last year we had sex with each other and it rocked. Now we're together and it's fucking phenomenal and I hate that I wasted so many years being miserable with my ex when I could have been happy dating this person.

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I have been extremely hurt by someone I never expected to be so hurt by....I was lied to, blamed for things that didn't matter, and treated like an idiot.

Right now I feel a very large hole in my heart. Every time I see pictures of this person or think about him I get nauseaus and angry.

So, right now I just am in a funk - can you post happy things to lift my spirits? Gifs, pics, stories - anything!

Music, then.

Do you still have an MP3 player (i.e. just plays music, maybe video), or do you listen to your music on other devices when you're on the go?

If you still have one, what kind is it and how long have you had it*? If you've never had one, why not?

*I just managed to crack the screen on my 4-year-old super-awesome Sansa(e200) still works, but it puts a damper on my videos, so I've been thinking about a new one but none of them look as good. Recs would be great.

ETA: Nothing important, but I am loving the sharp contrast in answers to the first section, impressive amount of support for both sides.
Legally Blonde

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1.) My laptop broke the other day. There are no visible signs of damage, but when you turn it on the screen is cracked from the inside out. I am going to be travelling on an international flight in a week. Would it be possible for me to purchase some sort of traveller's insurance before my flight and then claim the laptop as damaged afterwards in order to get money for a new one/repair?

EDIT: Didn't consider the legality of that...Woops.

2.) When was the last time you called someone out? What was it about? What was the result?

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Can someone explain to me why myself and anyone else with bipolar disorder is assumed to be a compulsive, pathological liar? 

I mean, for the rest of my life, are sane people who meet me and hear I'm bipolar just going to assume I'm more likely than not lying to them?

Was "has a history of pathological lying" a diagnostic criterion that I just never noticed?  

Am I going to wake up one day and start lying for no good reason?

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How long after a romantic relationship has ended did you start to date/see other people/get in another relationship?

More specifically, after a year long relationship or longer?

Can you explain any feelings or thoughts on it?

DK/DC: What are your pets names and what animal belongs to which name?

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You wake up completly covered/soaked in blood and no memory of how that happened. What would be the FIRST thought to go through your head?

Fear that I am seriously injured
Fear that I murdered someone
Fear that this is going to lead to HIV infection
Pure mindless disgust
Amusement - this must be some kind of prank!
Apathy - back to sleep you go
Paranoia that someone is about to frame me for a crime
Fear that I am going insane and hallucinating
Fear that I have pissed of the mob and this is a threat
Other (explain)

Freezing wontons

Can I freeze the ravioli I made with wontons? I read to freeze before you cook them.. but theyre already cooked and I have too many left overs to finish. Is it okay to freeze them after theyve been cooked?

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This year I decided to pick a name off of the giving tree in my local mall. I picked a 94 year old man who wants a 'patriotic America book' that's all the information I got. Any recommendations?