December 7th, 2012

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Guys, I need to bake a cake. Last time I made one I didn't spray the pan first because the instructions didn't tell me to do that. So after I put frosting on it it was a big delicious mess that didn't resemble a cake. I know, I know, I'm terrible at baking.

This is for my SO's birthday tomorrow and he doesn't expect me to bake a cake, so I want to surprise him and not destroy the kitchen or the cake in the process. It's black forest. Is there anything besides spraying the pan I should know about? Have you baked this cake and followed any awesome recipe online? I'm basically picking at random. It will still taste good tomorrow after being in the fridge all night, right? I don't even like cake, so I don't know at all how well they last.

What are you getting your SO for Christmas?
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how old are the kids in Degrassi: The Next Generation supposed to be?
how the heck are they gambling in Vegas?

what was the last thing tv/movie related that bothered you?
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What scent or combination of scents do you most closely associate with your mom/dad/primary person who raised you? (My answer in the comments)

dk/dc/I raised myself: How busy are you today? Have you got a lot on your agenda or are you just chilling today?


Can bedbugs just appear out of literally nowhere? My 6 year old woke up this morning with 8 bites on her chest, scattered everywhere, and she slept with a shirt and pj bottoms. They do not itch her at all. We've lived in the same house for 3+ years, haven't traveled in over a year, no new furniture/matresses, no new people, nothing. We got new carpets in the room from Smart Carpet 2+ months ago in the entire house and no one else has any bites on them at all. I called her Dr. and she didn't seem concerned because they weren't bothering her at all. I plan to keep an eye on them and in the mean time I stripped her sheets/blankets in case. Opinions?

EDIT: It looks like in Google Images that bed bug bites look more like welts, these are just red raised bumps with nothing around them.

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my nephew's first birthday is coming soon. what should i get him? i am definitely getting him a bunch of books, but what else?

my cousin (nephew's mum) is having trouble with deciding how to celebrate his first birthday. they are a wealthy little family so "small and intimate" isnt really their style. anything you saw from previous kid's parties that you liked? i think they are going for a carnival theme.
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Your SO decides to become vegan for, what they consider, moral reasons, and want you to do the same. Do you - say you're not already vegan - would you change your diet to suit them?

Inspired by my vegetarian flatmate's none-veggie boyfriend moving in.

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Ok I am graduating in law and accounting soon but I am applying for reception/admin positions to improve my changes of finding a job.

The question is how should I respond if employers ask me why I am not pursuing to be a lawyer?

Should I just tell them the truth that I don't really want to be a lawyer anymore because lawyering jobs are really stressful and involves working long hours like 50 hours+ a week which I cannot handle. (I have multiple invisible disabilities). And finding a law job to apply for right now is extremely hard. For every 20 admin/reception positions there is only one law job available to apply for.
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Which of these mean things would you do for $5,000?

Key a new car. Still has the dealer plates. Not anything fancy, just a Corolla or something. You have to key the entire passenger side, from one door to the other
Cut the leash of a seeing-eye dog, separating the dog from its blind owner. You'd have to do this in a crowded intersection
Wait in line until it's your turn, and then give a department store Santa a lapdance. It has to last for at least 10 seconds
Take the money from a homeless man. There's a cup of money in front of a homeless man, who's sitting on the sidewalk. You'd have to reach in, grab it all, and run away. You can't return to give him anything afterwards
There's a mom and her little girl walking across a bridge. The girl (prob 4 years of age or so) has a Barbie in her hand. You'd have to run by, grab the doll, throw it over the side, and run away
You see a big sheepdog tied to a post outside a supermarket. Spraypaint a big splotch of the dog's fur red, and then leave a PETA card, and leave
At a crowded strip club, give a stripper on stage oral. She's on her back, gyrating in front of the whole club. Sneak up onto the stage, and go down on her, in front of everyone. You'll probably get thrown out
You see one of those March of Dimes Santas on the street, ringing the bell next to his pot of money. Go over and throw up into the pot, and then leave
You're given a pickup truck to use. Go to Home Depot and pick up 5 day laborers. Drive them 2 cities over. Leave them there
While riding shotgun in a car, you see a hitchhiker. Throw a water balloon filled with Pepto Bismal at him, and then don't look back
While waiting in line to see a department store Santa, tell the little kid directly in front of you that not only is there no real Santa, but last weekend you ate Rudolph, right after you hit him with your car

How do you feel about yourself after answering the first question?

No different. I'm really not surprised about what I'd do for money
A little disappointed that I can be bought for such a low number
Inspired to do some evil pranks
Indifferent. It's a fourcorners' post, not anything prolific or introspective or anything
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I've usually always worn my hair shortish for a girl, but I've spent the past year trying to grow it out. Until this morning it was the longest it had ever been in my life, but the ends were looking a bit shaggy so I went in for a "trim". The hairstylist took about 4 inches off and totally undid the past year of growing. :( I'm so bummed.

To make me feel better, can you tell me about a time you had a bad haircut?


First, thanks for the vegetarian help, things have been going well, and no fights or fits at the house. :-)

Um, I'm not really sure what to do about this or if there is anything I can or should do? So the high school students have become increasingly worse when causing traffic problems. At first it was just the normal, jay walking causing traffic to stop for them to cross the street, not so horrible.... but now we have kids walking down the middle of the road, or today is the worse I've seen, two kids were walking down the middle of the road and two kids were walking beside the side walk in the street, barely enough room to drive between them, and it makes me really anxious that someone might hit them while they're trying to be so 'hard-core'.

t might be one thing if this was occurring around the school, like a "hey, people need to slow down near schools protest" (even that would still be pretty stupid).... but this is occurring several miles from the high school. Do you call the school or the cops or just wait until someone gets killed?
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How do you tell someone they have BO in a nice way? Is there a way that doesn't sound like "eww, your odor repulses me" even though that's exactly what I want to convey?
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missing game from my bundle

I've tried googling. Either other people aren't having this issue or I'm just not using the right search words.

Anyway. I ordered a Wii U basic bundled with the new Mario Bros. game and the console came today, but there's no game. Has this happened to anyone else here who ordered the same bundle? I thought maybe the game was a download, but there's no code or anything and when I tried to update the console's software (or whatever it is...), I got disconnected from the server so I don't know if it was supposed to download automatically or something. I'm on the phone, but they seem to have their heads up their asses. I know the deluxe modee had another game included that was supposed to be on the system already, but they didn't say this would be a download.


*edit* Never mind. The game wasn't available and will be late. Complete BS. Don't order from Target, especially if you want this for Christmas! :P

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Have you ever been in a car accident? What happened and were you injured? Was it terrifying?

I was in my first car accident while I was driving tonight and it was seriously terrifying even though I am okay and only have a fat lip and an injured hand. My car however had to be towed and is pretty much totaled.

If you don't want to talk about car accidents, will you post a funny gif?
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disconnect from the Playstation Network remotely?

hi tqc friends,
when I moved in with my fiance, we each brought a PS3. he sold his to an old friend and we combined our data on mine. it's been a few months and we're slowly discovering that should have wiped it clean. she was watching Netflix via his account and we weren't comfortable with this, so we changed the password. we haven't seen anything weird on the 'recently watched' list so we're assuming she's unable to get back in.

just now we were both playing Borderlands 2 on my account when it said he logged in. with him sitting right next to me, it's likely that it's this girl. this is the first time we've seen her online on his Playstation Network account. we are both pretty irritated at this and uncomfortable that she has access to an account tied to his credit card.

what's the easiest way to kick her off? if he changes his password from this PS3, will it prompt her to enter a password on her PS3?

any advice at all would be appreciated! thank you!