December 6th, 2012

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Do you know what a hot water bottle is?

If not, would you like to guess?

Do you ever look at your toast before you butter it to make sure you are buttering it on the right side?

What do you put on your toast?
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I'm looking to purchase a new laptop for my siblings for Christmas, except my entire computer experience thus far has been with Dell.

What brands would you recommend, TQC?

Reviews are telling me Lenovo is useless. There are some Acers that are in my price range (trying to stay under $400CDN, preferably with Office included, but I realize that's a pretty long shot) and other than that...I have no idea.

DK/DC: What's the happiest song you can think of?

after graduation ??

hey ppl, i graduated (degree) almost 3 months ago.. back in my home country now. i havent really applied for jobs cos i dont really know which field i wanna go in and as for masters, i think i wanna wait a while, like get some working experience.. i dont know, these days im completely idle and i spend the rest of my time at home, watching movies and sleeping and its boring and depressing. i seem to have lost motivation in doing something. like im really into sth, i do it with much dedication but then i lose interest. im at this point of my life, where i dont know what i want, who i am and where i will be. makes me feel low, inexistent. did u ever feel that way? any suggestions??
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My closest friend*'s birthday was a month ago. She's the spiritual-hippie-mystical type so I got her some sage to burn. I spent like $3 on it, she knows I'm very broke. I mentioned to her on the phone (in early November) that I had gotten her a small gift. But I haven't seen her since before her birthday because she's always busy, and the other night I ended up burning the sage myself. Now my birthday is coming up this weekend and she called me yesterday talking about getting me a present. I feel bad because I used hers.

Do I need to get her a new present, or would it be okay to be like "hey I used your present because a month went by and I didn't see you, let's go to Starbucks and I'll get you anything you want to make up for it"?

*I say "closest friend" and not "best friend" because while there's nothing in the world we wouldn't tell each other and love each other a lot we're not really part of each others' personal lives, don't have much in common, don't see each other a lot, and catch up on the phone a few times a month. we've known each other since 3rd grade and feel probably more sisterly than friendly toward each other. if any of this makes a difference.

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Say you just found out you've been rejected from something that you've dreamed of doing for YEARS and were really excited about. Now a bunch of your plans are in shambles as well. Is there anything a good friend of yours could say or do that would make you feel less bummed out?

Edit: assuming this friend does not live anywhere near you/anything in-person is out.

A while ago while walking to the train I ran into one of my roommates (who I get along best with) on the street. He asked if anyone had asked about/for him and I said no. He then asked that, if anyone did ask for him, that I tell them he doesn't live here/I do not know who he is. I said ok and didn't ask more because I was in a rush/not my business but...for kicks and giggles, why do you think he asked such a thing of me? non srs answers preferred xP

Perfect Age to Have Kids?

I'm not asking because I'm planning to get pregnant, I'm just curious!

1) What do you think the perfect age to have kids is?

2) Is younger or older better?
3) Do you think you can be too old to be a parent? What do you think about people who use treatments to get pregnant in their late 40s/50s?
4) Will you post a picture of your parents?
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If you are currently in a relationship, how long have you been together? How did you end up getting together?
If not, then can you answer the same questions but in regards to your last relationship?
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I currently work part time in a restaurant (full time law school student) and the owner told us yesterday that they have decided we will no longer receive any of our tips, and the house will be keeping them, including cash tips.
Obviously I am leaving. I have a job interview on tuesday, what do I say when they ask me why I am leaving my current position?
I don't want to sound petty or argumentative.

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Do you draw a distinction between affection, intimacy and sex? Is intimacy and sex the same thing to you are can all 3 be exclusive?

I consider a peck the lips or cheek affectionate and a open-mouth kiss intimate,how would you categorize them?

Can mutual masturbation be considered non-sexual to you or is it a sex act?
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Would you rather...?

Would you rather be seduced...?

By poetry
By massage

Would you rather have to drink everything...?

Via keg stand
Through a beer helmet (google it if you don't know what it is)

Would you rather...?

Have a Batman-themed wedding
Have a zombie-themed wedding

For one whole day, would you rather speak...?

In a high-pitched helium voice
Like a bad kung fu movie, where your lips are out of sync with your words

Would you rather have sex...?

In an airplane bathroom (with another person), while it's in the air, with your entire family seated within sight of the bathroom, so you'd have to walk out, post-coitus, with the other person
While ziplining (they construct some sort of sliding sex swing for two)

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Last week on Thursday I discussed with my therapy group the fact that I isolate myself, and that being there 3 days that week was the first time I'd been around that many people since September. There was one person who was not there on Thursday when I was speaking, Andy. On Monday I was talking about how I'd waited until the last minute Sunday to write a Psychology paper and I was disappointed in myself. They were all asking me WHY I'd waited until the last minute and one of my reasons was because I was exhausted from being around people all week (which was true). Andy kind of chuckled. It really hurt my feelings (which I know sounds stupid to normal people), but I realize he wasn't there when I'd discussed the isolation.

Should I bring it up with him several days later (since I'm still thinking about it), or try to just let it go?


Have you thought about New Year's Resolutions?

Stop drinking soda, cut fast food out, pay off one of my credit cards, and drop 100 pounds.

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Going to a Christmas party as my friend's date. Indoors, a lot of older adults and Navy people there. What should I wear?

Have you ever had someone's parents try to set you up with their kid? Any hilarious stories?

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I've bought all my Christmas presents...but now I have to deal with all the aggressive websites that send me "special" e-mails even AFTER i unsuscribe like a bajillion times. How do you deal with these annoyiong retailers???

are you planning on getting a gym membership for the new year?

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I am currently working up some symbols to work into a half sleeve tattoo. I want to represent books that I read and loved and one of them is Feed by Myra Grant. I know a lot of you have read it and I was wondering what items seem to really represent the novel for you?

There are a few things I can think of but they don't mesh well with the other symbols I'm using. I am also open to phrases from the book.
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what the heck is going on with bananas?

For the past several weeks, all the bananas in every store I visit are like grass-green and they're barely ripe enough to eat a week after I buy them. Even bananas that appear less green are still gross inside, like they just got bruised while green but never ripened. For weeks! What's up with this?