December 5th, 2012

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Do you talk in your sleep? What do you say? Do you remember?

My husband has recently discovered I do. I didn't know this and do not remember. I spoke with him last night about mac and cheese filled roads, and a few weeks before that, asked him "do you know why I love you?" and he said "why" and I said "Because you're in the ankle zone." and then proceeded to tell him to be careful because hamas was right around the corner and he needed to get out of Israel.

Apparently, I speak as if I am awake, and he gets confused if I am really awake and just joking with him or asleep. Turns out, I am always asleep.
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christmastime is here

How much do these guys mean to you/your childhood?

Pretty much everything I know about life I learned from Peanuts. That, and Calvin&Hobbes, but those took a few years of re-reading before my child brain understood all of the vocabulary and philosophy references.

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It's evening time and you are driving along when you notice a hitchhiker standing at the side of the road. According to their sign their destination is along your route. Which of these people would you give a ride to?

A very old man, 80s at least, leaning on a cane.
A young woman wearing very skimpy clothing; possibly a sex worker
A middle aged woman in a nun's habit
A younger woman, casually dressed, visibly intoxicated
A middle aged man who appears to be developmentally disabled
A man, looks to be in his 30s, wearing a full tuxedo
A girl who looks to be about 14/15, looks a bit unkempt
A buddhist monk wearing the orange robe
A youngish man with multiple facial peircing and visible tattoos on arms, legs, neck
A pregnant middle aged woman; the english on her sign is pretty bad
A very very thin man; he looks rather ill.- doubles over coughing
An older woman, obese; she has an oxygen tank with her.
A man wearing the clothing of an ultra-orthodox Jew
A person who looks eerily like you, wearing pajamas and slippers
I would never pixk up a hitchhiker of any sort
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Help me, TQC, you're my only hope

I'm about to start substitute teaching and I want to start a blog where I can write about my experiences (I already know not to name names or give away personal details of my students/their teachers), but I'm totally blanking on the name! Do you have any suggestions?

And because I know that less than 1% of the members here will give a crap about that question, what are your plans for today? Are you looking forward to them?
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Let's say your s/o buys you a gift card for your birthday to a spa and the description says "spa manicure" and expires 12/2012. S/o tells you it's for a massage and a manicure and is very evasive about details.

It's now December and you call the spa and ask what exactly this spa manicure thing means and they tell you it's for a manicure with a wax treatment on your hands. You ask them when the card was purchased, since it expires in December of 2012, and they tell you it would have to have been last December, as all gift cards are good for one year.

You and your s/o were not together in December of last year, and it's suddenly clear that this thing has been re-gifted to you. What do you say, if anything?

ETA: we're both girls and she received this gift from someone else and regifted it to me.

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Someone's comment to me made me realize that I come across very bitter and negative. Ive always felt it was a part of my humor and often I fil gaps in conversation with it.

How do I stop automatically seeing or bring up the negative in every situation?

If you have become more positive seeming how do you do it?

What if this is just my personality? Do I just say like it or leave it?

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Have you ever encountered someone with a "aggressive accent". Maybe when they spoke they sounded angry, aggressive or negative but it's only how they spoke not actually how there were or felt? Maybe you initially thought they were mean or judging you but were actually cool?

When I speak people always seem to think I'm tearing them down or being mean and actually listening to myself I sound like a spoiled princess (I'm a dude) and I don't know if it's just me, my environment or why I have this "accent". Ever accused of something similar?
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Household Appliances...

Do you think having a dishwasher is an absolute necessity? What if there's only 2 people in the household and they eat out a lot?

Which would you rather give up - your dishwasher or your microwave?

dk/dc: Have you ever had hemorrhoids? If so, how did you treat them?

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I have an interview today. I am leaving my current job for two reasons:

1. The hours I work are WAY more than advertised and while I sort of don't mind doing the overtime (unpaid) because I like the job, I'm working 60-75 hours a week for a job that was billed as 44-50 a week. And it's an hour drive away each way.

2. I'm brand new to my position (store manager) and in 4 months I've turned my store around from being chronically the worst performing in the district to being solidly middle-of-the-pack or better, all while short staffed and with little formal training, and I don't see the staffing, my hours, or my training getting any better in the near future (not to mention I don't like how in spite of the progress I made, I get dumped on for the little stuff).

THIS is how I plan to communicate those objections in the interview:

1. "I currently work 60-75 hours a week which is more than the job advertised for, and because I'm salaried there's no extra compensation. I am perfectly fine with giving a little bit extra to help the company, but I'm recently married and would like to start a family soon. Your company seems to put a lot of emphasis on work-life balance and that is something I would greatly value"

2. "During my brief time as manager at my current location I've made major improvements in my store in several key areas (and I can provide to offer some details on what those improvements are). Along the way I've gained invaluable experience through operating a store day-to-day However, because the staff in this expanding company is a bit small, they don't have the time available to implement their formal training program for me. What I'd like to do is bring the management experience that I do have to your company so that I can capitalize on the fact that your position is a management trainee position. I think that given my skill set (which we'll talk about), combined with your training, I'll be able to be a fan-fucking-tastic member of your team and the best god-man damnager this company's ever had.

Do these answers sound reasonable?

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What was the last beverage you drank?

Would your rather be kidnapped and held hostage alone for three months, or held hostage as part of a group of say, 6-8 people, for six months? Why?

If you current vehicle suddenly broke down completely and you needed a new one...and while car shopping you found a former funeral hearse, which was in great condition and had great mileage, and was significantly cheaper than the next best/comparable car, would you get it?
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I was going to go get my Christmas tree today, but then I remembered that I have a carpet cleaning scheduled for next Tuesday. The spot where the tree will be doesn't need cleaning, but having it there might make things a little bit awkward. However, if I wait much longer I might go into labor and not get a chance to get a tree this year at all.

TQC, should I go ahead and still get the tree tonight or wait until next week?

crying in public

sometimes i just cry for no reason at all in public. i don't really like getting strangers' attentions simply because i feel they have their own problems to deal with. but i do appreciate it. i just feel uncomfortable.

if you do cry unexpectedly in public, how do you stop?

srs/non-srs welcome
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Need Car Advice - More info!

The suspension on my fiance's car broke and it's going to cost $700 dollars to repair. His car is a '99 Buick Le Sabre. He bought it from my uncle a year ago and it has been well-maintained.

His boss will loan him money interest free to get a 2004 Accura in good shape from the mechanic he goes to.

Do we put $700 dollars into the '99 or buy a new one? I'm torn because the '99 won't last forever and we might not have the chance to buy a car without interest again. I'm scared something els could break on it and it'd be $700 down the tube. On the other hand, a new car is a massive expense for us. It'll take a while to pay off (it's like 8k for the Accura).

***The Accura is priced at exactly the blue book value of $7,995 and it has 130,000 miles on it if that helps.

The spirit of Sinterklaas/Christmas?

Happy Sinterklaas everyone!

So today we celebrate Sinterklaas in my country, which has basically the same idea of Christmas (since it's related/derived from, etc.)
For the people not familair with this Dutch tradition: Kids who have been good this year, will be gifted presents this evening when Sinterklaas and his Zwarte Pieten pop by to leave a whole bunch of presents. Of course it's actually the parents/care-takers/grandparents who bought the presents, but the young kids are made to believe in Sinterklaas, just like (i guess) kids in other countries believe in Santa. 

However, i spoke to a friend of mine with two younger kids (9 and 3) who told me that she told her kids right away that Sinterklaas didn't exist and that she is the one buying the gifts. She also told me that her youngest gets really upset when her oldest mentions this as the younger kid wants to believe in Sint.

So question: Do you/would you let your children believe in Santa/Sinterklaas? Or will/do you tell your kids right away that Santa is not real? Why?

(my answer in the comments)
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Decisions, Decisions!

I have a few Vera Bradley bags (a tote, wristlet, and large duffle in one color). I was just given a generous birthday gift and I want to buy a Vera Bradley traveling bag & another tote. Should I get the bag & tote in a different pattern or stick with the same pattern I have now? Yes, I am a bit obsessed.

DK/DC What was your favorite birthday present?

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You have a [non-fatal] encounter with a notorious serial killer. What is the nature of your encounter?

You find evidence that one of you immediate relatives is a serial killer; you struggle with the consequences of turning them in.
You are dating/married to a serial killer; they don't hurt you because you aren't their 'type'
You are a neighbor of a serial killer. After their eventual arrest, you will talk to news reporters about how nice and normal your neighbor always seemed
You are a co-worker of the serial killer; they always gave you bad vibes/made you oddly uncomfortable
You are an intended victim of the serial killer, but manage to escape through sheer luck
You are a fan of the serial killer; when they are captured, you attend their trial and write them letters to jail
You are one of the arresting officers who finally puts the serial killer away
You are a vigilante who attempts to kill the serial killer to avenge a loved one
You are a witness to one of the serial killers murders; you were hiding at the time, but come forward to testify at the trial
You are the serial killer's cell-mate in prison; you exchange stories.

Anybody know this song?

So this is going to be the worst description ever but hopefully somebody will know what I'm talking about.

I heard a song on the hip hop/r&b radio station the other day and don't remember any of the words, just the beat. It was intense and techno like. It lasted for a while and then went into the r&b type song (which I remember nothing about) and then back to that techno beat. The beat was way hotter than the song, but I can't figure out what song it is. Help?