December 4th, 2012


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I'm in an online ethics class.  I was reading through the recent posts and found this response from the instructor to one of the other students:

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Would you even bother trying to reply?  If so what would you say?

Actually I'm really scared.  I did a review of the chapter and then at the end put that I believe abortion should be the choice of the woman carrying the child.  Will I receieve a message like this?  He replied similarly to another student who said they were pro-choice.  All other students receieved replies of "very thoughtful argument" or some bullshit.

Teaching Abroad

Would you consider it suspicious or weird for a foreign family living in an English speaking country to hire someone from another English speaking country to teach their family and children English?

Suggestions Please!*

I've been having a flare up of clogged pores/small pimples lately for some reason. I do not think it's dietary, and I don't think a dermatologist would do much for me because it's really more light irritation & clogged pores than whiteheads/sores/etc.

1) What are your thoughts on tree tea oil as a skin treatment?

2) How about cinnamon and honey mixed as a mask?

3) Any other suggestions that aren't super expensive?

*Before you say 'wash your face' I wasn't raised in the wilderness, I wash my face.

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Often I feel like I am just floating through life, sometimes I feel sad and often I just feel void of emotion. I have very fleeting (as goes away in a minute) moments of happiness or excitement. Is this something therapy can help with?

Moving long-distance for cheap?

I live in New York. A few months ago, I invested in a really nice mattress. It cost an arm and a leg.

Fast-forward to now: I recently got a job in Georgia. I'm going to try to sell the mattress, but if I don't find a buyer who's willing to pay close to the original amount I paid, I think I want to take this mattress with me.

What would be the most inexpensive way to get my bed from New York to Georgia? I'd only be moving the mattress and not other stuff, so not sure if I'd be able to get a deal from a moving company?

Recommendations For Action RPG Video Game For Xbox?

So I'm basically obsessed with the Fallout and Elder Scrolls series.  Went FAR down the rabbit hole and wasted hundreds of hours on the last two Fallouts and Skyrim/Oblivion.  But after playing those, I haven't really been able to enjoy a lot of the other games I've tried since then, like Red Dead, Portal 2, Fable III, etc.  I did really like Little Kings Story and Pikmin 2 for Wii as well, even though those are somewhat different.

What other games are there that are first-person action RPGs that have some levels of character customization, leveling up, looting, open world/sandboxiness, side missions, good story, etc.?  I strongly prefer first-person POV.  

I've heard Kingdoms of Amalur, Witcher 2, Deux Ex all might fit most of the above criteria.  I think Dark Souls is too difficult for me, as I've heard it's insanely hard.  Any thoughts?  Can't be PC games, as I have a Macbook.
The Dark night

How dirty is your mind?

Someone said they got injured while motorboating. The first thing that pops into your head involves _____?

Boats with motors

Someone mentions the term 'period underwear'. The first thing that pops into your head is _____?

Granny panties

Someone says 'I have to have things my way. I'm anal'. The first thing that pops into your head is _____?

Someone needs to loosen up

You read the title 'Boehner pops up at member meetings'. The first thing that pops into your head involves _____?


You hear the term 'water sports'. The first thing that pops into your head involves _____?

Water balloons, slip-n-slide, etc.

Future earning capacity

What do you think is the maximum annual income you'll ever achieve? How many years do you think it will take before you get there? If you think of income as household income, then use that instead of individual income.

Use today's dollar/whatever currency values to eliminate the effects of inflation, and use gross (not net after taxes, etc.) income.

Inspired by lurking on, where people complain that they are not keeping up with their peers because they only earn $450K/year.

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What are some of the weirder or more far-fetched things you wanted to be as a kid?

There was a brief period of time when I was like, shoot, couldn't have been more than 8 or 9 when I wanted to be a nun after watching the Sound of Music lol
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Which is better Xbox 360 or Playstation 3?

I'm thinking of saving up to get myself one of those after Christmas so that I can play Skyrim to my hearts content and never leave the house again. It's confusing though because it looks to me like all the games are released on both. I don't really know much about these things..

Do you own a games console?

What are your favourite console games?
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Do you feel comfortable sharing the same bar of soap with other people in your home? 

I just overheard this girl belittling her friend for using the same bar of soap that the rest of her family uses. 
The girl says body wash is better because you know it didn't touch anyone elses body. 
Does this sound silly? 

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1. So, apparently in 2010 I ordered a 2 month supply of Sensa (the magical weight loss salt shaker thing) and I just discovered it, unopened, while I was cleaning out my closet. I've actually been thinking about losing 15-20 pounds and am wondering if anyone (or anyone you know) has tried this shit with any success?

2. For those of you who have cats, what sort of disposal container do you use when scooping litter? I normally reuse plastic grocery bags but a lot of them end up having holes and I get frustrated.. just looking for any creative/inexpensive alternatives.

3. What are you getting your s/o for Christmas? If you don't have an s/o or you don't celebrate Christmas, what did you get for your most recent birthday?

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My mom wants to send out holiday cards with our family photo on them - do any of you have experience with any sites that do a good job with these? A ton of results come up when I Google and I don't know which one to choose.
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the last time i was at sephora, i asked a sales person to help me match concealer - only to find out later (at home) that the color was way off. would they let me exchange it for a lighter color?

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Does anyone know a second language? 

What did you feel was the most efficient way to learn?

I really want to try learning Japanese.

EDIT: Thanks for all the helpful answers! Guess I'll have to find a way to get to Japan...

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Which spambot have you particularly enjoyed?  My current favorite is the new one "maingam" who is replying in every post "I do not need help making my cleavage bigger or closer together."

I don't really understand the point behind them coming in here and posting random replies in every post.  Maybe I just don't understand how spambots work.  Can you explain it to me?
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Why is TQC so quiet when I am procrastinating?

What are you doing now that is so important?

Will you show me pictures of things..? (Like pets, or other adorable things. Or funny things. Anything!)
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For Christmas, a friend of mine asked for matching bra/pantie sets. She's VERY petite (wears kids sizes usually) and I'm having a hard time finding where to buy underwear for her. When I do find things in her sizes, it's either kiddy stuff, or really, really overpriced, or I can't find matched sets. Do you know of any good places to look?