December 3rd, 2012

Washington, D.C.

My SO and I are visiting DC this weekend. Getting in late Thursday night and leaving Sunday evening. We are staying close the the Capitol, but dont mind taking a cab or public transportation.

Will you give me some suggestions for things to do, especially if it involves food and drink? We eat everything and anything, and love to try new things. As far as sightseeing goes, we've got the basics covered, but anything off the beaten touristy path would be great.

Also, brownie points if you have an excellent Chinese or Asian restaurant to suggest.

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Do any of you have experience with taking Ritalin as an adult?

As a teenager it really helped with studying and keeping focus, but now that I am in my twenties dotors refuse to prescribe it becuause it has a "street value".

I don't really understand why though. Of course it is a legal drug and if I'm going to sell it that's on my own conscience - not that I would. Is it possible to  get Ritalin as an adult? I feel like it would really help with day-to-day living and may help me get off the antidepressants.
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does anyone know of any (auto)biographies that are related with Friends the TV show (e.g. of the cast / crew)? or basically any books that look into behind the scenes of the show?

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Okay guys, I'm coming to you because I fear my perception might be a little skewed in this instance because my family has a long-running history of very bad addiction problems- alcoholism, drugs, gambling, you name it.

Anyway, would you be concerned if someone gambled on a regular, weekly basis? Like, every week, they were going to a casino to play the slots and count it among their favorite activities? This person doesn't make a ton of money, either. I don't know any other relevant factors, though- like how much they usually lose/win, their lifestyle, if their gambling is negatively impacting anything else, if it's a priority or just a fun activity for them, etc.

I guess I just have this nagging concern that gambling that regularly might be a sign of a habit or addiction, or one that may develop at some point.

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What should I do when I'm finished with finals?
What would you do when you're done, if you were in my situation?

For background on how busy I have been this finals period:
I had a 12-page essay due Wednesday. I had a final Thursday. I have a 10-page paper and a 5,000-word paper due today. I have a final tomorrow night. I have a 12-page paper due Thursday.

I have had a significantly short amount of time to do all of this, so everything has been jammed into a period of a little more than a week.

How should I celebrate when I'm done besides buying a Christmas tree, because that's all I really have planned?

Have you started finals yet? What do you have to do?

-edited to fix stupid typos/errors. I am brain dead currently.


I know this is kind of weird, but I want to know what kind of shit you're all into. I figure this would be a good place to ask. I'd already made a survey on a different website because I didn't even think of asking you guys, so I'm just gonna post the link or whatever. Of course all the answers are anonymous and all that, but here ya go.

And for commenting purposes.... Do you have any real life ghost stories? I'm pretty sure I've lived in a couple haunted houses, so now I'm in the mood to hear spooky stories. Do you even believe in ghosts??

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I applied for financial aid (FAFSA) a few days ago and it was accepted and processed the next day. Though I realized I made a mistake (didn't add a pl to the address O.O ). Anyone experience this? How long did it delay your funds? Will it really take two to three weeks to re-process?
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My husband and I are going out of town for a week in January. We are boarding my dog. But I'm wondering, do I need to board my cat? We are wondering if we can get one of those food dispensers that spits out food every day at a certain time. Has anyone ever used this before?

My cat is an indoor cat, so of course he'd have his litter box, and a giant jug of water. Aside from being lonely, is there any harm in leaving him alone for 6 days? We have left him for a long weekend before with a big bowl of food and he was fine. Thanks!

Serial killer movie

There's a clown serial killer in your town, and he's preying on people that seem to match your profile. Your hair color, your age, your weight, and for some reason, the other victims' names all began with the same letter as yours. Even though he's dressed as a clown, he's thus far eluded capture. What precautions would you take?

Dye my hair
Lose a LOT of weight
Gain a LOT of weight
Shave my head
Start wearing gender neutral clothes outside, or dress more feminine if I'm male, or more masculine if I'm female
Avoid being by myself at night
Start carrying pepper spray or other protection
Nothing much. I'm sure the police will catch him

You get home one Saturday night, and you REALLY have to pee. As you hop out of the car (or cross the street, if you don't have a car), you notice there's a mini cooper parked in front of yours, and it has a Ringling Bros. bumper sticker on it. On the sidewalk right in front of it, you notice an elongated muddy footprint. Almost comically large. You also happen to notice that one of the windows where you live seems ajar, when you know you closed everything before you left. Your bladder is bursting. What do you do?

Clearly my imagination is running wild. I go inside and pee, then close the window before something bad happens
Go to my neighbor's place, use their bathroom and call 911
It's possible the killer may be inside my place! I lure him out by playing circus music on my phone

Before you have a chance to react, the clown comes running out of your front door, towards you. You have a few seconds to react. What do you do?

Hop back inside my car (if I had one)
Start running down the street, opposite the clown. Makes sense to move away from danger. Just gotta look both ways before crossing
Start running down the sidewalk, perpendicular to the clown's advances. I can make better time on the sidewalk
Run to my neighbor's place and pound on their door
Pull out my pepper spray/taser and be prepared to defend myself
I love clowns! I open my arms wide, expecting a big hug

Due to your quick thinking, you manage to get away, and you lure him to a public place, where there happens to be a police car. The killer is captured! You're safe and considered a hero! They got the clown on several charge of murder already. The police ask if you'd like to press charges. That would probably mean making a court appearance, and he'll be there looking at you. What do you do?

Press charges. I'll appear in court if my claim adds more years to his sentence
I won't press charges. I'm sure the murder charges will already put him away for life. I don't want him to get a good look at me, in the event that he escapes

When you go back to your place, you smell something cooking. Apparently, the clown was getting bored waiting for you and baked a lasagna. It smells good, and is ready to serve. Do you eat it?

Yes. It's just food
No. I throw it out. Can't trust it.
I give it to a neighbor
No. I throw it out. A clown touched it. Eww

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I want to buy some kind of e-reader in the Christmas sales. I have about £35 of vouchers I can spend on a kindle (they can be spent on other stuff too).
I'm going to be primarily using it in the US, is there a better/long term cheaper option?
I'm thinking of the initial cost and the cost of buying things on it. You don't really come across Nook's etc here so much. 

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I have a limited background in coding. Can I rely on my own intellect and ability to search the internet to learn how to use dreamweaver before the lab closes tonight? 

Alternately, are there any other wed editors that are user and kind-of-old-macbook friendly that you guys would reccommend? 
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Tears of a known

I've been away in the sticks for a week. For some reason, I suddenly thought Danny Trejo might be dead, and had to google him to check.

Is there any famous person whom you don't personally know whose death would literally bring you to tears? If so, who is it? You can have more than one.

(Danny Trejo isn't mine btw, that was just a random happenning. Although I do like him in Machete.) I'm not saying mine as I have no intention of jinxing.

DK/DC Have you ever laughed in the face of death? Do tell.

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1. How would you react if you told your SO that you had done them a small favour, and instead of being thanked, they got slightly cross with you?

My boyfriend texted me to say that he had booked my shifts at work for me, and I responded with 'thank you, but I can do that myself x' I think I am annoyed for the following reasons: Firstly, I feel embarrassed and uncomfortable when people do nice things for me, however small. Secondly, he constantly offers me lifts home et cetera, despite us living fairly far away from each other, and I (possibly irrationally) feel that he thinks I can't cope by myself.
Am I being a bitch?

2. How reputable do you think the Open University is? I recently realised that I really do not want to go to university anymore, but I really do want a degree. Considering the fact that one needs no qualifications to get in, I am not sure just how much the degree is worth.

ETA: Sorry I did not explain properly - he texted saying 'what is your availability for next week? Is Monday Wednesday Friday alright?' I said 'that's fine, but why are you booking my shifts?' He said 'because I'm nice lol.' I said 'thank you. I can do it myself, though.'
I suppose it just felt a little smothering.

Open University is a distance learning course in the UK.
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Parental leave

People who want to have kids: ideally, having had your child, how much parental leave would you want to have before you returned to work?

People who have kids: having had a child, how much parental leave did you take from your job, and was it sufficient?

My co-worker just got back from a 6-week maternity leave - that's all the paid leave my company offers - and I feel bad for her. Her mother-in-law is going to be taking care of the child for a month, and then it's off to daycare for him.

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Have you ever developed a severe, possibly chronic medical issue while NOT living close to family?   Did you care that family members weren't nearby?  Do you think moving to be closer to family is a good idea in that context?   

NB: The medical issue is not cancer and Edit: wrong form of word, oops
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inappropriate gift?

My son goes to speech therapy privately and we absolutely adore his therapist. Obviously we want to remember her this holiday season.

Would giving her a pair of earrings be too personal of a gift? She had them pinned on pinterest and aren't expensive or anything ($20ish)

Also is it super creepy that I found her pinterest to get gift ideas? I hate giving gift cards.
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What is the appropriate response to the following gchat message?

"well plese just try not to spread the germs all over common areas
not saying u were
just saying be conscious of it

Im all for going Dutch!

It's my fiance and my mom's birthday on Friday, so my brother and his wife and her parents, uncle, and brother are meeting us for dinner.  Who pays? My brother says me & him need to pay....but whenever I've gone out for someone's birthday, I've paid for myself and put in a little extra for the birthday boy/girl.

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1. Do you feel like your parents have played a role in screwing you up? How so? I feel like no matter how hard parents try they always somehow screw up their kids and just wondering if I'm being really pessimistic.

2. If you go to or have ever been to counseling/therapy, did you need a referral from your doctor to go or can you just call up a therapist and make an appointment? Also, did you find therapy helpful? I've been thinking about going for a while due to issues mostly relating to sex and sexual assault and am wondering how helpful it has been for other people.