December 2nd, 2012

Christmas help?

My boyfriend recently had to replace his battery, but he didn't have the right tools. All he had was a pipe wrench, so he had to borrow tools from his dad. I want to buy him tools for Christmas. He doesn't fix much, but it's a tool set just in case he needs it. Problem is, I don't know what to actually get him. 

TQC, we have screw drivers and a pipe wrench. What kind of tool kit should I get him? I'm also considering getting him a new CD player, new DVD player, and an alarm clock, so I don't want this to be on the expensive side. I do want to get him a decent set, though. Do you have any suggestions for brands? 

Appreciate it! 

Book Recs

Hey everyone,

I'm looking for some book recs. Specifically, I'm looking for (fiction) books that deal with poly-amorous relationships. Not like, a couple inviting another person into their bed every once in a while but an actual relationship between multiple people. Sex is encouraged but not necessary. I mostly want a book about three or more people working their way through life together or something.

I just bought a Kindle so ebooks are encouraged but again, not necessary.

So, yeah. Does a book like this exist?

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Have any of you bought baking and cooking goods online? If so, from where- just Amazon?

I'm looking to buy in bulk and stock up on some stuff, but wondering if it's really cheaper to buy online and get free shipping or just shell out some gas money and go to Costco or something like that.

Mostly just the staples I'm looking to get- flour, sugar, vanilla extract (the pure kind, no imitation) things like that.

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Would you get a place that was more than 1/3 of your income?

This place is my dream appartment but it's about 40% of my income. I can afford it but I feel beholden to that idea that is perpetuated about not spending more than 1/3 on rent.

What would you do?

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A friend of mine suddenly got fired from her under the table job, I'd like to help her get on food stamps or something so she doesn't go anymore into debt until she finds something new. She doesn't have a car, but I can drive her. How would we go about this? We're in CT if it makes a difference.

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I just finished the LSAT today and I want to buy myself an early Xmas/bday present.  I have my eye on a wallet that is $500.....can someone justify this to me?  Or should I just forget it because it's ridiculous, even though I really want it...
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(no subject)

We just got a puppy :) A pug, and we can't decide on a name. She is 9 weeks old and is used to sleeping in a crate. We put her in her crate last night after she went pee outside at 11:30. I woke up at 2:30 to take her outside but she was sleeping and I was advised to not wake her up to take her pee. So I sat in the hallway until 3:15 to see if she would wake up to go pee and she didn't so I went back to bed. I came back just after 5:00 and she was just sitting up in her crate, making no noise, but she had peed in the crate. I'm positive she hadn't barked or whimpered to be let out because her crate is so close to my bedroom and I would have heard it (very light sleeper). So my question is, should I be waking her up from her sleep to bring her outside to pee or what? Because I don't want to get into the habit of her peeing in the crate.

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(no subject)

I am hoping a change in location will boost my productivity while I grade and plan lessons.

Should I go to Starbucks or Panera?

Details: Both are about the same distance from my house. I have my sister's rewards card for Panera; no rewards for Sbux. More food options at Panera and more seating options as the Starbucks is a mini-cafe inside Barnes & Noble.

Thanks, all! Panera it is. I hope I can get one of the squishy chairs by the fire :)

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You're on death row.

What do you choose as your last meal? It can't cost more than $30.

I would go with a salmon roll, followed by a personal-size pizza with anchovies and olives. And if there's room in the budget left a glass of cheap wine.
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Fabric Choices

So, since I have moved into a new apartment, my old, worn out couches seem even more worn out and I am hunting for a new living room set. Thus, my conumdrum.  

I have been leaning towards getting like a microsuede upholstery for the new living room furniture but I have heard differing opionins from two different people on the durability of the fabric.  One person really likes their couch with the fabric, it's held up well over the years, the fabric is not stained in any way, since it was treated at the time of purchase, with like Scotch Guard.  Another person didn't like the fabric, said that it tended to collect dirt and dust and always seemed to be needing cleaning.  They recommended going with a leather upholstery.

Now, my questions are this:  Do you have a pereference between the two?  Do you have any experiences with either and pets?

I have two feline roommates who really like the textured upholstery on the one loveseat (that's a different fabric from the couches completely) and have to keep them from treating it like it's a huge scratching post.  :-p  Thus, my worry on getting leather upholstery.  I worry that they will shred the couches if I get leather.

Tell me your thoughts/opinions/experiences!  I'm looking at making these couches last a long time and don't want to throw money away if they won't last. 

DK/DC:  Plans for this lazy Sunday afternoon? 
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(no subject)

Two weeks ago I drank too much and spent the night barfing. Unfortunately, I had eaten a lot of really spicy food that day and it was extremely painful coming back up. Since then I've had a hoarse voice, all scratchy and a deeper than normal. I expected it to go away after a couple of days, but as I said, it's been two weeks.

TQC, do you think I have permanently damaged my vocal cords?

(no subject)

Is it normal not to hear from a SO for a whole weekend? I know he's going out with friends for a weekend, but I haven't heard from him since Friday. We live in different cities and communicate by text, but I don't want to text him and nag him. Am I just being needy?

Also, 2nd of December-who has already put up some decorations?

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I'm making a small video for a group I am in and wanted to put some background music in during the opening 'credits.'

In the 'end credits' I wanted to credit the band [a Korean group, I believe] and am not sure what I put.

Mainly I was just going to put 'opening music by (group).' This way I am not claiming it and giving credit where due. I'm not selling this video.

Is that enough, TQC?

Alternatively; what music are you listening to?

(no subject)

So my SO and I were at Costco, and they have those movie ticket vouchers where you pick up the voucher and bring it to the cash register, where they give you the actual tickets there. we had a huge cart full of stuff and when we got home, we realized there were no movie tickets in our cart. we were charged for them on our receipt.

we're screwed out of $50, right? i can't imagine if we go back to costco and show them our receipt, they will just hand over the tickets? how do we prove we never got them?

ETA: Thanks for your advice, everyone. I called the store and apparently the cashier or we were supposed to initial the receipt when we received the tickets. so all we have to do is go back and show them our "un-initialed" receipt and we'll get our tickets! whew.
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(no subject)

What is something strange/different that your state/city/town does that others don't do?

A good number of apartments in Los Angeles don't come with refrigerators.

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I'm working on a pathfinder for a class and I need to cite several databases (jstor, iter, etc), but I can't find any sources on how to do this. It's all for things from databases, but that's not so helpful. I use endnote, which formats it all for me, but I'm not sure what I need to have included. It needs to be in MLA. Can anyone help me?
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how to dilute overly perfumed conditioner

I bought new hair conditioner at Lush. While I really like the scent, the intensity of it is just too much for me--I want it about half that intense. What can I use to cut it with so I can still use it on my hair and not freaking reek of super perfumey conditioner? With their body lotions I just mix it half and half with unscented Lubriderm--but is there an unscented conditioner I can do this with? ETA: Solution found: thanks, andi1235.
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So yesterday my son tells me he made it FB official he's dating a girl. Today he tells me she's a dancer. WHAT ARE THE ODDS MY SON IS DATING A STRIPPER EXOTIC ENTERTAINMENT SPECIALIST???

oh daddy

So your father, who is stupid, married a woman off the internet after two months.  While I think it may have had to do with a green card for the woman, he said its not.

When I send his present, do I send her something as well?
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toll scofflaw

I was driving on the Illinois Tollway last week and got to one of those basket toll thingies and I didn't have enough change, so I went through anyway because it's not like you can back up on a tollway exit ramp. Then when I got to my destination I didn't have any internet access for two days so I couldn't even pay online until I got home tonight. My son theorizes that they would not come after me for one toll, so why did I bother, but I remember a couple of years ago my mom got a huge bill from them after she mistakenly went through open toll plazas several times on a road trip--in her state, the toll roads all have tickets and $ collectors so she had no idea what those things were that she drove under. And then the tolls plus big penalty. So I paid mine even though it was only one.

Have you ever just ignored tolls you were supposed to pay? What happened?

(no subject)

What do you call a person that brings a group together? Not necessarily the leader, but that person whose presence is important to communication within the group. There's a word or phrase for it and I can't think of what it is.

Got it! I was trying to think of lynch pin. Thanks, idemandjustice.

Now that that's answered, what do you think is your role in the group dynamics of your group of friends or at your workplace?

(no subject)

Would you say you are more attracted to people with warm auras or with cool ones?

I will leave you to interpret this any way you want.

*(Replace "aura" with whatever you want, guys. I just mean people you would say are "cool" or "warm", and it's up to you what that means.)

(no subject)

What are some nice small gifts you can get someone for no reason other than to show you care/love them?

For example my boyfriend is facing a really tough week at school and I wanted to get him a Starbucks gift card (there's one near his school and he loves their special holiday coffees but he can't afford to go there often) but it seems the Starbucks here doesn't have them?? Idk but now I want to get him something else but am stumped on ideas. I know food is always nice but I can't cook very well.

(no subject)

I really want to have an adult roller skating party for my birthday. My friends actually really want me to as well (I know, it's ridiculous, which is sort of the charm).

However, it would cost me $23 per person.
Can I possibly ask people to pay their own way for my party or is this as tacky and rude as I think it is?