December 1st, 2012

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My cat is currently sitting in the corner facing the wall. Why is this?

He just wandered in, sat down and went into cat nap mode. He's never done this before, never been interested in this corner and this corner has always been as this corner currently is only now theres a cat in it.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how likely is it he's plotting my murder?

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You and your SO have decided that because of money issues or because you guys are creative or competative you give yourself a holiday challenge.

You must buy two gifts for you SO and there is a $20 limit for everything. There are three categories; cute, funny or entertaining and there can only be one gift per category.

What categories do you pick and what do you get?

Currently I am thinking I'd like to make my husband a checker set using polymer clay and painting the pieces by hand. The clay won't cost more than $5-$7 and I already have paint. Then it would just be a board which I think I kind of want to use a picture frame and paint the glass. Which I can get at the dollar store. My husband likes games though I am unsure of his stance on I am worried this is too much of a 'that would be easy to make and would look good as far as effort would go' but not actually be a fantastic gift-idea.

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TQC, I am 21 in three weeks. While that's not a huge birthday here, I know for many of you, it was. What did you do for your 21st? Do you remember?
(I have no idea what to do so I will steal one of yours)


Do fluffy cats need to be bathed more often than other cats?
I've had cats my whole life but they were always domestic shorthair type cats and now I have a maine coon(we suspect) and he is just SLIGHTLY stinky. If he is sitting next to you you don't smell him but if you put your face in his fur he smells like wet dog a little. Not overwhelming or anything that makes me think mildew or whatever, but he IS my first longhair cat.
So those of you with long hair cats, do you bathe them more often/ever?

Can we see pictures of your cats? (or dogs, or pets in general!)
Pictures of the offending party below the cut.
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Have you had Greek Yogurt before? What's your favorite flavor? Do you prefer yogurt like Yoplait over it?

My SO and I are planning on being healthier in the new year, what's your favorite healthy recipe?
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What do you consider signs of flirting from a girl/boy?

How do you distinguish between friendliness and flirting? Give me stories.

In a college setting, is it possible a stranger is just looking at you repeatedly for no particular reason?

Tell me how you flirt!

Share crush stories or any cute/adorable flirting stories.

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How old were you when you started to become aware of your sexual orientation (whatever it may be)? When did you first realize that other sexual orientations existed?

I had a crush on a female teacher when I was in the second grade, but I didn't know what a lesbian was until I was 9, and I don't think I actually admitted to myself that I was attracted to other women until high school.

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Hello. Are you wearing pants?

Has anyone had these cookies? They're hard but not crispy, use shortening instead of butter and are my mom's favorite and apparently they stopped selling them. Anyone have a recipe that produces very similar results? No butter is key.
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Which meal?

You're giving a potluck Christmas party and said you'll provide the main course. For the main course you're not particularly looking to make something healthy, but preferably the cleanup to be easier. Which one would you rather eat for a holiday-type Christmas party (to be offset with sweets)?

Gallbladder attack or Cardiac arrest?

Could you look through his blog and let me know what else appeals to you? I'm serving around 10 people who would want seconds. Thanks.