November 30th, 2012

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Sleigh bells ring... are you reading?... I've got questions... blogging in a winter wonderland...

Do you like Christmas music? Can you recommend any good compilations or albums? I was born in 1980 and like the music from that time and earlier, but not the poppish stuff you hear so much nowadays, nor the shitty covers and remixes of classics. I like Celtic stuff and would be interested in that, but am more interested in 'average/normal' carols; songs with lyrics (the better to psych myself up while I decorate and bake or just snuggle up with some hot cocoa on a rainy day). I like religious Christmas music, but also just Christmas holiday-themed music in general. I always have the darndest time googling decent Christmas music. I'm looking for some good tunes to get me in the holiday spirit. Suggestions? Links?

Board gamers-- Would you like 7 Wonders for Christmas? Would you rather get a game you specifically want or a new one you've never played, but that the giver thinks you'd absolutely love (you're both gamers and they know you well).

I know most folk here are not fans of food questions, but I'm here anyway, so here goes. I have a serious addiction to the flan at one of the taquerias around here, which developed following recent oral surgery followed by a soft diet (any excuse for flan-- more root canals please!). The problem is, it's pretty expensive and they don't always have it, also that I feel like an idiot going in just for flan all the time. I found some at another taqueria and although it looked the same, and tasted similarly, it was overooked (very eqqy, like quiche, instead of smooth and dense as flan should be). I'm pretty sure the first place just- cooks one flan in a large glass baking dish while the other place uses ramekins Anyway...any good flan recipes and tips for making the perfect flan?

dk/dc/tl;dr--- Do you have any fun holiday undies you like you break out this time of year?

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My roomate works late and for the fourth time last night she woke me up banging on the door and ringing the buzzer because she was locked out. I don't want her to stay outside all night by any means, but I really need my sleep. And her boyfriend is on the first floor, so I think it's a little STRANGE he doesn't ever hear it first since I'm on the second floor. 

Would it seem passive aggressive/mean to give her a housekey on a big key chain? I don't want to seem passive aggressive, but I'm tired of this and I want her to remember to take a key. She's the one who kept insisting I locked the door while she's at work in the first place, I really don't give a fuck about locking up.
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Why do cats like cardboard boxes so much?

Will you tell me about funny/weird things your pets do? One of my roommate's cats really likes eating tape and will dig around in my room until she finds some.

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What kind of milk o you prefer?

whole milk
2% milk
1% milk
skimmed milk
condensed milk
soy milk
rice milk
almond milk
goat milk
breast milk

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Poll #1882209 Creepy poll

Your car is short on gas and you need to get something from the store, so you walk to a store that's like 3 blocks away. It's around dusk. As you're returning, you notice that you're being followed. Behind you, about 50' away, is someone in a stained dress. It's a nice, fancy dress, but the stains look like blood and dirt, as if she climbed out of a hole.She's shambling along. You can't see her face. You pick up the pace a little. At the end of the first block, you look back. Somehow, she's managed to close the gap. She's only 30' behind you. You have two blocks to go. You walk briskly, as fast as you can without breaking into a run. You get to the second block. You turn around. Unbelievably, she's closed the gap to 10'. There's no cars or pedestrians on the street. What do you do the last block?

Break into a sprint
Keep walking at the brisk pace. I don't want to panic
Turn around and ask why the woman is following you
Turn around and ask if the woman needs medical attention. This may have been just a cry for help
Turn around, pepper spray the woman

For some reason, you feel that the situation is too weird and you decide to run back to your place, as fast as you can move. You hear the woman pick up her pace as well. You're about to enter the security gate/staircase/whatever, when you feel a tug at your belt (you're wearing one apparently). She's clutching your belt from behind. What do you do?

Scream, cry, beg for mercy
Keep pulling and hope I win this tug of war
Remove the belt and continue my escape
Turn around and sock her in the face

Before you can react, you get turn around. You're now staring into the face of your pursuer. It's...TERRIBLE! So terrible, this face. It's Courtney Love! Strung out, mascara running all over the place.

Scream, cry, beg for mercy
Keep pulling and hope I win this tug of war
Remove belt and get away. She can keep it
Sock her in the face
Give her a light
"Sorry. I don't have one"
Get her autograph

Edit: last question, I forgot to place: "What do you do?"

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What presents have you got someone for Christmas that you are SO proud about?

for example: 'I managed to score the last tickets to that game' or 'My bff is obsessed with Muse so I have screen printed Matt Bellamy's face multiple times onto her pillowcases'.
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is anyone here ticklish? how do you deal with foreplay?

i told my bf that he needed to ~seduce me~ before sex, and he does try but i keep swatting him away because i'm so darn ticklish. :x

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Can you go into a store and buy a gift card with another gift card?

If i had a $25 Best Buy GC that says "happy birthday" can I 'exchange' that for a $25 christmas themed gift card?
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I'm buying a new comforter. I've had a feather comforter for the last several years, and I love, love, LOVE it, but it ripped recently, and it's old anyway.

However, I am not sure how I feel about birds dying for my personal comfort. Can anyone give me a recommendation for a down-alternative comforter that is warm and soft and snuggly? Or should I just get a down one, and say a little prayer of thanks for the birds that gave me their feathers?

Any down or down-alternative recommendations are appreciated. I'd like to spend up to $300, I think.

My mom and others have informed me that birds don't die for feather comforters. Yay! Still, any personal recommendations would be apprecaited. :)
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What are you getting your mother for Christmas?

(I am blatantly asking this because I have no idea what to get mine..)

What do you want for Christmas?

What's the most memorable Christmas gift you've ever received?
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What's the craziest workplace drama you've experienced or witnessed?

A lot of times I make plans for the evenings but once I get home from work I just want to stay in and browse the internet in my sweatpants. :( Does this make me a flake? Does this happen to you? What do you do?

What's the last good surprise you've had?
I got a small raise two days ago, caught me completely by surprise!


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Can you tell me the last time a joke went over someone's head?

This happened to me:
A woman is looking for more winter coats for boys and says 'Do you not have any more boys?'
I respond with a 'no, I'm sorry, we don't sell children.'
She points out that there are obviously some winter coats for children right in front of us, so I had to just roll with it.

DK/DC: Do you send out holiday cards? I want to send some for Christmas but money is tight. :(
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Say you're buying a Wii U.,,,

Black or white?
8 or 32 gig?

If you already have one, does the fancy gamepad controller live up to all the hype, or would you buy the pro controller as your second controller (what is this crap with systems only coming with one controller??? In my day... why, you had to fight Bowser without any continues, uphill, in the snow).

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Tonight I've been very upset so I decided A) retail therapy and then B) art

What do you do to cheer youself up?
Will you post a picture of your last art creation (and blow mine out of the water)?
Will you post a picture of an upcoming creation?

The pictures are kinda huge.
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