November 29th, 2012

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My boyfriend had to make the hardest decision today; he put his dog down to sleep. The dog became overly aggressive and protective when she was around strangers or other dogs. The decision to put her down was made quickly and without any question. This happened after the dog attacked our neighbor's dogs for the 2nd time. Apparently this has happened in the past before my boyfriend and I started dating.

Do you think he made the right choice? She was the sweetest dog at home but a beast out in public.

How can I comfort my boyfriend while he grieves for the loss of his best friend?

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1) Donating a bunch of food to a food bank. Someone gave me k-cups (for the keurig thing) which I will not use. Should I brings those too or is that dumb because if you're going to a food bank you prob don't have an expensive coffee maker?

2) One of my roommates is an asshole and his girlfriend wants to prank him. She can't keep a straight face though, so she enlisted me and my bf's help (we're more than happy to-he's a douche). Can you think of any epic pranks? 
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How do you categorize your recipes? I'm making a recipe binder & I can't decide how to organize it.

What's your favorite recipe that everyone loves whenever you make it?

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TQC, so here's a scenario:

You have a dinner date scheduled with someone in a different city. You plan on going to a nice restaurant/brewery. You do yourself up real nice, best outfit, do your hair, clean your car, basically do what you have to to create a good first impression, and then you drive the hour and half to the other city. Then your date shows up looking like they just got back from the gym- sweats, sneakers, hair back, just no effort at all. Do you have an emotional response or thoughts to this? What is it? Legitimate anger and offense? Just surprise? Not caring?
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Well my family usually exchanges lists of christmas presents we want to minimise fuss I guess. Anyway this year, my sister included a list for her and a list for her boyfriend. Who is apparently staying with us over Christmas. Fair dos I guess I'm on the hook for buying this guy something as well?

Anyway real question; probably just going to buy everything I can on amazon. Is using the wrapping service they do going to create a bad impression? I mean it's lazy on my part but it also produces gifts that are much better wrapped...

E-mail Etiquette

Hey TQC! Long time no see!

How long is too long to take to respond to an e-mail?   Does it matter who is responding to it (in this case my boyfriend)?   At what point am I allowed to get mad at him about not responding to it?  Some of it does pertain to plans for the upcomign weekend. 


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What is the soonest you've said "I Love you" to an SO?

Have you never ever posted a picture of yourself to TQC?

What is your favorite eyeshadow? I'm currently obsessed with sun kissed from sephora

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Why do websites like LJ keep on changing making 'new versions' of things that were just fine and satisfying most of their users for years?
Why does no one adhere to "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" anymore?

How often do you take naps?

Every day

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What are you most afraid of and/or what is your biggest fear?

My biggest fear is someone is going wake up in the morning and decide they don't love me anymore, but they won't tell me.
I'm most afraid of the dark and what is in it.
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I've been in the mood to do some baking this holiday season, and have decided to make an assortment of holiday cookies/bars to give out to friends this year. So far I've come up with sugar cookies and oatmeal craisin cookies. What else should I make? Recipes are encouraged!

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What weird/unfounded habits do you have?

e.g. Whenever I clear out my hairbrush, I throw the hairball out the window rather than in the bin, because I think somewhere along the line in childhood I convinced myself birds/animals would use it in their nests. Luckily my window opens onto my garden, not a street!

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Would you be miffed if someone bought you a holiday gift with their credit card reward points, or a gift card someone gave you, or something similar?

I have about $100 in reward points saved up and it'll really help me cut costs on Christmas shopping. However my friend seems to think that makes me cheap, because i am not *technically* spending any money on the gifts. But that's $100 I could have spent on myself. What do you think?

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I'm nearly 30 and my skin has pretty much settled down EXCEPT for right next to my nose and right on my chin. I have big red pimples right now, and they're driving me crazy. Do you have any skincare tips? What's your routine?

DK/DC/Don't have skin:

will you post some good music?

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Are American highschools anything even remotely similar to the way they are portrayed in films?

I live in England, and my school year did have different cliques, but they were generally just friend groups. People socialised with people they liked; there weren't groups of 'popular people', 'losers,' 'geeks' etc. We didn't really socialise with other groups much outside of class, but we got along.
How does that compare to real highschools in America? They surely can't be anything like the schools in Mean Girls, Never Been Kissed etc?

Gift Ideas?

I'm finishing up my student teaching next Friday and want to gift my kids something to remember me by. I student teach in a 8th grade Language Arts classroom.

Do you guys have any gift ideas? I've thought of pencils/journals and also a classroom album as I've taken some photos during my student teaching.

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I have some travel related questions for you, TQC.

1. Would you rather fly direct on a 7.5 hour redeye OR save 40% to fly one 6.5 hour redeye plus 2 hour layover plus another 1.5 hour flight in the morning? (e.g. East Coast USA to Italy) edited to add "save 40%"

2. Would you rather take off work and fly on a less expensive flight on Friday OR work on Friday but fly on a more expensive flight on Saturday thus negating what you made at work on Friday? 

3. Would you cut your two week trip short by a full day if it meant saving 40% on the flight? What about cutting it short by two days for the savings?

4. What's the worst travel experience you have ever had?
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What do you call a 19th century clergyman? A priest, a pastor, or a minister? For example at our church we call the preacher Pastor Daniels, so what would a 19th century clergyman be called?

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I want to start baking! I've been making things like instant muffins [where all you add is some water] and cookies from premade cookie dough.

What are some super easy recipes that a beginner could do? Easy to do, minimal supplies needed, etc.

DK/DC: What is something you make really well? ^-^
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It was my birthday not too long ago and my girlfriend's father, who owns a local bar, let us have the party there. He ended up picking up the tab for all the food (there were 20+ people) and it was an extremely nice gesture.

Here comes the question... I've been with my girlfriend for about a year now and she's very close with my parents. They hug and have conversations and she's become part of our family. On the other hand, I'm not very close with her parents. Not because I haven't tried, it's just not their style. They're also going through a divorce and neither one of them is around a lot, and we spend a lot of time at my apartment since I live alone... so while I've had small talk with her dad a couple of times in passing, we haven't really established any kind of relationship. Our families are very different.. my parents like to have home cooked dinners, give hugs, say I love you, etc. Hers are a lot more reserved and quiet.

I want to give him a thank-you card. Should I address him as Mr. ____ or by his name? Should I mail it or give it to him in person? I'm worried it will be awkward because we don't know each other well at all, but Idk.. Maybe I'm just being a pussy. What do you think?

Any general advice about getting to know your s/o's parents? Since we're not a hetero couple, this is the first time I've "met the parents." My previous relationships have had to be kept on the down low.

dk/dc: what's the coolest gift you've ever received?
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I spilled nail polish on my sheet and it went through to my mattress because I'm an idiot.  I don't have acetone. Any suggestions on how to get it out of the sheet (or mattress)?  I'll probably end up bringing it to the cleaners tomorrow and hoping for the best, but I'd love to try my luck here.

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Lets say that Bob has a job, the duties of which include interacting with the general public. One day, a random customer, suffering from acute episode of mental illness, stabs Bob repeatedly. Would the injuries Bob sustained in this attack qualify him for workers comp?

What if it was a co-worker that stabbed Bob, on the job?
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ok so my internship interview is tomorrow, and ive practiced answering basic interview questions (introducing myself, why i want to work for the company, what i have to offer company, my key strengths, weaknesses, examples of creative/managerial/organisational skills). are there any i forgot? should i be good to go?

also, should i go with the skirt or the pants? i feel like the skirt is too formal for an internship interview, but the pants aren't like trousers, more like legging-pants.

eta thanks for the help guys :)

new question:

if youre crying and someone is there consoling you, would you prefer they consoled you without any words, or do you prefer them to give you words of encouragement (eg 'its okay', 'let it out', etc.)?