November 28th, 2012

devon ramen

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can you tell me about some (auto)biographies you enjoyed? 

has anyone read bossypants by tina fey? i dont think its as funny as all the reviews say it is, but its still enjoyable because shes so likeable and i love her.

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What is your favorite kind of bagel and what is your favorite thing to put on said bagel?

Also, I like the way my body looks, but I would like to tighten up the tummy area a little, does anyone have any advice for me?


Has anyone bought lottery tickets or playing the power ball? I'm already my designer letter: Dear Boss, I'm rich beeeotch! (like Dave Chappell says it) <3 love, me.
What would your letter to your boss say if you won the lottery?
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TQC, I found out that my husband is using my toothbrush and I'm livid - am I justified in this? I confronted him about it, but for some reason, he is lying and denying it so that makes me even MORE mad! This is totally disgusting behavior, right?! D:

DK/DC .. are you traveling for the holidays? If so, where?

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Are there any toys you thought were awesome as a kid that you still think are awesome?

Those dolls that would actually eat, like you'd bring the spoon to their mouth and the food would disappear? SO COOL.

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What is out of bounds for joking about?

Not just your personal preference in humor, whether you like X or not, but what should or should not be joked about. Mothers? Death? Dead babies? The Holocaust/Shoah? Dane Cook? Where do you draw the line?
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So you guys just banged for the first time...

You're dating someone new, and you just slept together for the first time. After having sex, your partner behaves a certain way. Which of the following acts immediately after sex would lead to you starting a fight, shouting exclamations, having a serious conversation or rethink ever having sex with this person again? Anything you don't check it's assumed that you could get past the behavior or just wouldn't bring it up

Demands to cuddle. A lengthy post-coitus cuddle
Turns the tv on
Gets up to go home, or starts to kick you out
Tweets about having sex
Gets up to check Facebook on the computer
Immediately wants to go again. As you're recovering from the previous session, your partner is already pressuring you into round 2
Insecurely asks how much you enjoyed it, what you liked, what could be done to make it better, and other such feedback
Starts to criticize your part in the sex, what areas you should improve on, what worked and what your partner felt you were lazy on
Gets up and showers afterwards, then refuses to touch you until you've showered
Rolls over and goes to sleep
Jealously asks how it compares to your ex, and wants details so he/she can do it better than your ex
Says 'now that oughta keep you satisfied for a while. We can do it again next month'
Immediately wants to change the sheets, as to not lie down in any sex germs
After finishing, just says 'thanks', and goes down to get something to eat
Just says 'not bad, not bad', and rolls over and starts to check his/her text messages
devon ramen

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i went to the gym yesterday after about a month or so of ... not. im thinking of going to the yoga class today but when i do stretches my arms and thighs hurt. is it still safe to go or should i wait til the aches subside?

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  1. What was the last song you sang?
  2. Where did you take your last vacation?
  3. What was the last thing you cooked?
  4. What was the last television show you watched?
  5. When was the last time you helped a stranger?
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Your perfect match

Regardless of who you're involved with now, ideally, you'd prefer the person you're dating be _____?

More intelligent than you (I don't think I'm very smart)
Less intelligent than you (I want to be the smart one)
Equally intelligent as you

Ideally, you'd prefer the person you're dating be _____?

More attractive than you (I don't think I'm very attractive and don't want to date someone who's like me)
Less attractive than you (I want him/her to be lucky they have me)
Equally attractive as you

Ideally, you'd prefer the person you're dating be _____?

More successful than you (makes more money)
Less successful than you (I want to bring home the bacon)
Equally successful as you

Ideally, you'd prefer the person you're dating be _____?

Funnier than you (I like to laugh)
Less funny than you (I want to be the funny one in this couple)
Equally as funny as you

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if you found out an ex friend or boyfriend/girlfriend you had a falling out with won the powerball, would you try to get into contact with them again?

edit: if you won the powerball, who do you think would be the first slimeball to make unwanted contact with you?

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A couple has gotten married and gotten divorce three times. What do you feel that is more indicative of?

They are meant for each other/cannot stay away from each other
They are terrible for each other/cannot stay together