November 27th, 2012


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Is there something inherently rude about returning a gift, even if the person who gave it to you won't know? The giver DID include a gift receipt and, come on, it's a cotton candy maker :/ (meaning I'll probably use it one time out of curiosity and then it will haunt my cupboards forever)
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TQC, help me make a medical decision! In short, don't hairline fractures really hurt?

In my clumsiness yesterday, I fell downhill while running. I know it's a big no no, but I used my palms to break my fall. My wrist is a bit swollen now and hurts, but so long as I don't lift anything I can forget about it. My family insists I get an x-ray to make sure there's no hairline fracture. They're also worried about my knee because I can't bend it but I can for a short time put weight on it, but as long as I don't move it's fine. Wouldn't it be really painful if there was a hairline fracture? I don't want to sit for hours and hours at the ER if my family is just being overly cautious.

Will you tell me your best clumsy stories?
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I took some night time cold stuff last night and I feel drunk because of it today.

Can you tell me about a time when you were intentionally or unintentionally high at work or otherwise in public and had to pretend to be a normal human being?  I am super paranoid that everyone at work thinks I'm drunk or something.  Make me feel better?

Damn it.

I hate posting two questions in a day but can anyone tell me out to say, "Do you have the word that means 'blank'?" in Spanish?
The closest approximation I could come up with was "Tienes la palabra por, 'blank?" or is it para? I'm trying to create a language game for class/study which is essentially Go Fish except one deck has the words or phrases in Spanish and the other deck has the words or phrases in English. Oh, and would saying "Ir pescar" make sense or would "Vas pescar" make more sense or something else? lol.

Damn it, language is hard. I feel like an idiot.
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 - If you do NOT support gay marriage, why?

I'm honestly curious.  I don't want anyone to argue, I just like to see different viewpoints! 

 - If you DO support gay marriage, at what point in your life did you come to agree with it and why?

I came to support gay marriage in middle school after discovering my closest friend identified as a lesbian.  It put things on a more personal level for me.

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Your SO proposes marriage to you. Here's 15 possible ways he/she may do it. Which of these attempts would you say 'yes' to? Anything you don't check, it's assumed that you would refuse, not being fond of the proposal. If you don't have a SO, use a hypothetical one and then how you think you'd react

Jumbotron at a baseball game
Dancing Bear-a-Gram
Written with a Sharpie across his/her genitals. You discover this as you're about to go down on them
Text message
Soaped into the bathroom mirror, so it doesn't fog up when you take a shower. You step out, dry yourself, and see the proposal on the mirror
Small ad in the local paper
On bended knee at a francy restaurant
On bended knee at Burger King
On bended knee at a strip club
At a dinner with your parents, your SO proposes to you, in front of them
He/she has cut out the words 'will you marry me?' on your favorite shirt. You only notice it when you put it on
Written in shaving cream on your car's hood. You notice it when you're going to work
You're woken up at 5am by your SO playing Peter Gabriel outside your window (like John Cusak). When you complain, he/she proposes

Edit: 'fancy' restaurant

What's the background music inside this video?

The video shows polar day in Norway. It's made by a Norwegian photographer in a whole 7 days plus 7 nights. It's absolutely amazing in every aspect! The transparent sky is  like glass. Those colorful and shining clouds  moving with the polished starry sky in a  rhythm. Those beautiful and straight plants...Its music is miraculous as well, isn't it? Please tell me what's the name of its background music. I can't help  loading it to my mobile phone!

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Suggestions for healthy snacks to bring to work? I share an office with three other people so ideally nothing too messy, noisy or smelly haha.

Why am I constantly hungry?

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Today I feel very anti-social and sad. I missed my group counseling last night because I had a migraine. I'm supposed to go 3 - 4 nights a week. We meet Monday - Thursday so if I do not go tonight and I don't make not going a habit this week... I won't get in my 3 to 4 days this week. It's 4 hours long... 

Would it even be worth while for me to go tonight if I'm going to get nothing out of it/I'm not going to talk and I'll zone out while others are talking?

IDK/IDC/Stop asking stupid questions: Is your house decorated for your winter holiday of choice?

Who in TQC would you...?

Who in thequestionclub would you...

1. Sightsee through Europe with?

2. Party with in Vegas?

3. Play a board game with?

4. Do a body shot off of?

5. First kick off the plane to lighten the weight (the plane is going down because it's too heavy)?

6. Spend the night with alone in a supposedly haunted house?

7. Play strip poker with?

8. Take as your partner on the Amazing Race?

9. Force to take a 3 hour road trip with Rush Limbaugh?

10. Have join you in reenacting either Star Wars or Mean Girls using only sock puppets?

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What's the most you've ever spent on a concert ticket or performance (ie: Blue Man Group, Cirque Du Soleil?)

Inspired by the fact that I definitely just spent over $100 after taxes and fees to Taylor Swift. I'm pretty sure when I got tickets to Lady Gaga a few years ago, her tickets were just as expensive and those weren't even floor or lower bowl!

I've also seen a few Cirque Du Soleil shows and tickets for that can run me anywhere from $80+fees-$100+fees
movie: eraserhead

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Anyone here ever gone/been to Cinema Make Up School in LA? (or other make up schools that specialize in cinema make up).

What was it like/did you enjoy it? What should I expect? I'm thinking about enrolling, but I have no experience with it or applying make up in general. But this is something I've always wanted to do and I think I may have a chance to do it now.

dc/dk: For those of you who go to a chiropractor or have been to one, have you had any experiences with dizziness/vertigo after having your neck adjusted?

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Do any of you play clarinette?
Do you know what the A key looks like?
I am covering band tomorrow and the teacher asked me if I could show the clarinettes A. I used to play but I do not remember which key was which. Google is confusing me even more :(
Just plain A, they are 11 so I'm assuming it's not too difficult :(

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anyone have netflix DVDs? what percentage of them show up unplayable?

I got the DVDs for years, then dropped them when they raised the prices and just went with streaming, but there were a bunch of movies I wanted to watch that were DVD-only so I just bought the DVD plan again. and sure enough the FIRST one they sent me was cracked in half!

oh well. since I haven't seen "flight of the navigator" since I was a kid and obviously still won't tonight, when's the last time you saw it, is it still awesome?

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Ok so I have to do 4 muscle biopsies in a period of 8 months with needles removing half a pea sized of muscle. The doctor said that the puncture would range from 3-5mm. Would this be really painful afterwards?

Ok I am graduating soon. The job market is really bad at the moment and I don't have a job yet. What should I do?

1. Study PLT (practical legal training) to be admitted as a solicitor. The course runs for 6 months but costs like $10k and I already owe $50k of student loans which I don't have to pay off until I earn over $50k p.a. However, many PLT graduates are unemployed and I am not sure if I want to be a solicitor. I also have limited relevant experience. I only have a few years in retail and a few internships.

2. Try to find a job and study mini courses on advanced Microsoft office/bookkeeping skills. This would be a lot cheaper - possibly under $500.

(Hope I have not written too much)

And final question - has anyone felt lost after graduation without a job/much to do. How did you overcome the boredness?

(Sorry so many questions)
But anyone here studied law is not a lawyer- what is your job?

Brix Smith "luminous"

So Brix Smith has this song "Luminous" floating around on a few comps from years and years ago. Its unlike any other song she's done and it fucking amazing, also unlike anything she's done outside of when she was in The Fall. Does anyone know how that song came to be? Or is it a cover? I'm just very curious.

Customer Service

Have you worked retail or other customer service jobs before? If so, what/where?
What are your worst customer service memories?
If you no longer work customer service, what kind of job do you have now?

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What is the name of the area between your thumb and index finger? (the part you do coke off of, as one friend put it)

What kind of holiday stuff have you been up to, if any?

I have been doing all kinds of holiday decorating and whatnot, and I really want to do some Christmas nail art :)