November 26th, 2012

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hi tqc.

my grandfather died and was extremely generous to me in his will.

-obviously i can't really discuss this with anyone because of how inconsolably rude and snobbish that would be, and additionally my friends would think i was stuck-up and rich. (this is where anonymous strangers on the internet come in.)

-however, this may be life-changing and i am laying in bed wide awake thinking about it. i have to get up in 4 hours and it will take between 3 months and a year to get any of the stuff he left to me, so obviously this isn't the best time to make any plans.

any suggestions to help me stop my mind from racing and go to bed?
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I'm going to start looking for a new job in a few months (I'll be staying at my old job until I get hired somewhere else), but I don't know what to say about why I'm leaving my previous job.

The real answer is that my boss has completely changed my job duties so I'm doing a WAY more expensive job and he's refusing to change my pay to reflect that. He also creates a completely toxic work environment by demanding that his employees secretly watch their coworkers and tattle on them for petty things like making personal calls at work or chatting too much with customers or whatever, so everyone hates/distrusts each other.

How can I put these in an "interview friendly" way, or should I just make up something vague?
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So my supervisor made a comment about how overtime would be good after the holidays so we can pay off the charges from Christmas shopping. I said it'd be better before the holidays for that reason. She mentioned that there are people with big families to buy for. I don't have kids so a bit of a sore spot for me but that's my issue to deal with :)

So TQC do you charge some/most of your shopping with intentions of paying it off at the first of the year? Aside from people who are stupid with credit cards, I have never known people to do that unless they already had the money then to pay off the cards.

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songs you hate

what Christmas song would you like to erase from all radio stations forever, so you never had to hear it again?

for me, it has to be "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree". Brenda Lee has the most hideous voice.

DK/DC/don't listen to holiday music: what song would you like to erase from existence?
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It's that time of year again where I have to decide if I'm signing up for another year of Pandora or going with someone else. I've pretty much worn out Pandora's playlist so I'd really like to find an alternative.

So, does anyone have any recommendations for a streaming radio service? I don't mind paying up to $60/year but three things it must have:
1. Be ad free
2. Have some option to never ever ever play a song again
3. Play random selections beyond what I tell it to play -- this is why I love radio as opposed to playing my own music and is very important.
Honorable Mention: New music added frequently

So, any ideas?
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For $25,000, would you...?

Poll #1881331 For $25,000, would you...?

...swallow a used band-aid you found on the sidewalk? No blood, but some discoloration


...taser a department store Santa Claus? It's a crowded day at the mall, so it'd be easy to get lost in the crowds. Security is stretched thin and there's none within view. Good chance you may be able to make a good getaway. There are about 100 kids waiting to sit on his lap though


...transport 100 sandwich baggies, each containing a kilo of white sugar through Customs? Just sugar. You can make up whatever story you want


...pose for Playboy/Playgirl in a 'internet nudez' collection? You can use a fake name, but you can't wear a wig or disguise your looks in any way. Completely naked


...climb down into a bear display at the zoo around feeding time? There's a small satchel containing 25k within the open-air bear habitat about 10' from the fence. There happens to be a ladder that leads out of the area. It's about 15' from the viewing level (where you are) to the area where the satchel is, so however long it takes you to descend/ascend that height will be the question. There are 3 bears sunning themselves, the nearest one is about 10' from the satchel. He looks lazy, but isn't sleeping. No zoo personel is within sight

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Best Gift EVER!

What was the best gift you have ever received for Christmas or whatever?

Actual item, not "My SO gave me a baby"

My six year old has been dying for the new Wii U and we've told him that you cannot find them in stores, Santa can't get it either, we will get one AFTER Christmas. We totally have one and I'll be damned if Santa gets the credit for that gift. I think my son will literally piss himself.

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Will you answer these questions with whatever first comes to your mind, without looking at other peoples' responses?

1. A 54 year old man is in hospitalized with second degree burns on much of his body. How did he sustain these injuries?

2. Two twin sisters are estranged from their family as a result of their career choice. What kind of work do they do?

3. You are trapped inside of a locked down store with two elderly women. What store are you in?

4. A female prison warden spends much of her time at work sneaking onto web forums about her favorite hobby. What is her hobby? Will she ever get in trouble for this?
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If a business makes a mistake (say, accidentally double-charges you) and causes you to be charged an overdraft fee by your bank, should they be responsible for reimbursing your bank fee in addition to correcting their error?

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Do you think families who get their own reality shows regret the decision to do so because of the ramifications that having a reality show has on their family? 

Can you share examples and reasons why or why not?

Inspired to ask because I'm watching "Sister Wives" on my DVR and I can't help but think that going public on their TV show has made their family life that much worse and they internally regret the decision.
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Tqc, I could really use a job, but all my potential employers see my Bachelor's in Music, and cringe at the thought of hiring me. I was doing well at wrangling myself a job at a health food store, until they saw that and...the manager looked like he'd stepped in dog poo.

How can I get around this? Why does being a classically trained violinist make me unhirable?

Dk/dc: what's for dinner? (we're having turkey a la king!)

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People with tattoos:
How often do you talk about your tattoo?
Do strangers ever talk to you about it?
Do you like the attention it does/doesn't get?
Add pictures if you like it, and we'll talk about it with you!

I got a pretty small one in the summer, and so far no one has started a conversation about it/asked my reasoning behind it except close friends.
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Wednesday night I'm driving from southern Illinois to St. Louis for a show at the firebird theater. (Alex Goot and some other YouTube artists, if you were wondering)
I'm going alone and it's about 2 hours north of where I live. I'm 28 and sadly, this will be my second time driving in the city (and my first time going alone).

How bad do you think going alone will suck? Do you/have you ever gone to a concert alone?
People familiar with/in St. Louis, is the firebird hard to find? I've only driven to The Pageant.

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Long story short: I'm a student at university, living on campus in the city.  I don't get on with my flatmates for reasons I'd rather not go into.  My family live about half an hour away, in a small suburban town where there is little to do and I know nobody.  If I was to live at home I would save a lot of money and wouldn't have to deal with the misery of having to interact with unfriendly flatmates on a day-to-day basis. However I wouldn't be able to go clubbing or out late at night at all unless I could stay at a friend's house.  And I would have to put up with my emotionally abusive, volatile dad.

If you were a student, would you rather put up with an unpleasant living situation, or live at home (if possible)?

Can you tell me some horror stories about flatmates/people you've lived with? I want to feel better about my situation.

helping a student

I have a student with ADHD. Okay, I have several, but I'm struggling with one. He's on the smaller side, so meds aren't always reliable for him, especially if he doesn't remember to take any.

I let him move around and work with his hands when I can, which helps. But on days that he's really wound up, I'm not sure how I can get him to focus on reading.

My question is this: If you have ADHD (or have a kid with it) and you are having an especially high-strung day, what things help you?

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Why do some women think that acting like assholish men is "feminism"? I'm so tired of hearing women say that just because guys can be douchebags, that they should be allowed to be douchebags, too.

Inspired by this:

In my mind, if Lil Wayne is able to blow weed smoke in people's faces, then there's something wrong with the people that allow him to do that. If Lil Wayne did that to me, they'd have to fucking RESTRAIN me. I don't care how poorly I'm meeting a boss' standards as an employee, I'll be damned if I ever let someone (male or female) blow smoke in my face because they're upset. I don't see what's so great about emulating dumb-ass, ignorant assholes like Lil Wayne or trying to live the lives of idiot men in general. That shit is not cute.

I think it's really unfortunate that people allow themselves to be disrespected by men, but I don't think the "feminist" solution to that is for women to act the same way.

Where were you last summer?

Where were you last summer? Do you li trevel? 
Poll #1881297 Where were you last summer? Do you li trevel?

I was a grandmother in the village, I love the nature
I was on the sea
I trevel by cars
I in General have been around the world
I don't like to travel, I love to sit at home and look out the window
your answer in the comments


I'm looking for boots, 14-16 eyelets, black, steel toed that are not TUK or Doc Marten. Any suggestions?

And/or have you worn Demonia boots? They sell a 14 eyelet boot, i'm wondering how they compare in comfortability to TUK. Any idea?(I found docs to be too heavy and not comfortable)

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Do any of you still have huge emotional attachments to your 'firsts'?  First relationship, first kiss, first person you slept with, etc.

A friend is having a VERY hard time accepting that his long-time friend has started dating his First Everything Girl.  He's upset that the friend has her around a lot, brings her to their usual dude night bar spot on their regular night to hang out, and especially about the excessive PDA.  I don't particularly understand this but I'm still trying to help him work through it.