November 25th, 2012


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Does your family or SO's family have any traditions that you would say are different?

On my side of the family; we bowl during our Easter get together.

On my husband's side of the family; they gift slippers to each other on Christmas morning so that when you wake up you have slippers!

Non-holiday related is that the first male of each generation shares the same first name. [Though my husband goes by his middle].
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When you greet/say goodbye to your family, how do you approach them?

Most of my family is European (various countries and religions) and I grew up very affectionate, touchy, etc.  I know this isn't ubiquitous so I always wait for others to make the first move in terms of handshakes, hugs, and kisses.  I would hate to make someone else uncomfortable by being overly-affectionate.

People of art

Hi all!
In this community are there people of art?
photographers, and artists from the USA, Kanda, China, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia, Antarctica, Russia, the Whole world? 
It is important to know

Poll #1880931 Are you people of art?

I am person of art
No. I love to look at photos, pictures, and just love the art
Well. I'm just a cat. And sitting at the computer owner.


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Do you know of any common sports equipment between 10 and 20 cm?

I'm working on some graphics for pregnant women that say how big a fetus is (we're all sick of fruit). The problem is that there's not really anything between a baseball size and volleyball size... it's like everything is either made for your hand, or your foot.

It doesn't have to be actual game balls, it could be just something you use like a golf tee (except those aren't big enough, so, bad example). But it has to be familiar enough to everyone in the world that it's a useful comparison.

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How active are you? Not just in the exercise you do, but in general? If I didn't run regularly, and train for various races, I know I'd be sat in a chair 24/7 as none of my pastimes or hobbies are active 

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Accidentally related to the question below...

Are you good with maths? Can you walk me through this long division? I get stuck halfway through and don't know where I'm going wrong. If you could draw out the steps that would be great. :D

8952 ÷ 12

Thank you!

Answered, so, um... What's your take on the Dumb Ways to Die video? Think it will spread the message to the right people?

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For those of you that suffer from anxiety, what are the side effects that usually come along with it?

I have had GAD since I was nine. I have been pretty anxious the last two days and have felt nauseous, which isn't a common symptom for me. :P

Potluck Question

So, in January, I am hosting a brunch potluck for about 40 ladies. There will be a small (>$20) gift exchange, I will be providing the drinks/booze and quiche, as well as renting tents, chairs, and tables. Do you think charging $5pp would be appropriate if people are already bringing a dish and a gift?

The $5 would be going into paying for supplies and would secure attendance (people tend to flake out of large groups unless they are incentivized not to). I don't want to be out all the money of setting up this event if I have 25-30% cancel/no show, but I don't want to seem like I'm asking for too much from people either.

FWIW, this is a Meetup group of relative strangers AND the gift portion is optional.

Shadowland 3d

Does anyone know any relatively new info on the movie adaptation of Peter Straub's Shadowland? Film is called Shadowland 3d, but i'm not finding any news beyond stuff from 2010 and IMDB doesn't have much info.


My friend Vicky has a male orange cat named Rusty. He is 7 years old.

So I went to her house for brunch today and Rusty was about to run into her art studio when she screamed at me to grab him. I ended up grabbing his tail by accident. As soon as I did that Rusty grabbed my arm and gently bit me (it did not hurt). Then he started purring and laid on the floor showing me his belly. I tentatively went over to pet him when he grabbed my arm again and bit it gently and continue showing his belly. He is a very friendly cat and did not show anger towards me but maybe he was just being polite, I don't know.

We kept an eye on him and he seemed fine as usual. I said sorry a million times and offered to take him to the vet. But Vicky said he probably liked it when I pulled his tail (??).

Is she just saying that to make me feel better?

Also I feel he should go to the vet just to be safe but she said not to worry (I said I would pay for all costs). I don't know anything about cats obviously. I did a bunch of Google searches and now I know it is a horrible thing to grab a cat's tail.

edit: ok i feel a lot better now. i'll give him a Christmas gift to make it up to him!

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What are some of your favorite smells, TQC? My wife is making homemade refried beans, and the smell of the onions cooking is driving me totally crazy I love it so much.
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Do you ever feel like people are looking at you when you walk down the street or into a store? I swear I don't have narcissistic personality disorder, but I always feel like people look at me oddly. Sometimes they straight up stare, which always makes me double-check that my hair isn't sticking up or that my zipper is closed--shit like that. And they're not hostile or "what-the-fuck-is-that?" stares. They're more like curious stares or something.

I dunno, I'm also black, I have dreadlocks, and I live/work in a relatively white part of the Bay so...

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I'm watching Bridezillas for the first time.
Is this real?

I simply cannot believe there are people who behave like this and treat people like this in real life. How naive am I?

Do you know any person/people who act like this? Not even speaking of brides. Who are they?
Do you blame their parents for raising them like that? Or the people in their lives that let them continue their behavior?


Did you bake anything today?

There is a cranberry-orange-pecan loaf in my oven right now.
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Have you ever had your SO cheat on you with one of your friends? Did you dump them both? If you did, did they get together?

I sort of always assume that when two people get together via cheating it won't last. I mean, they already proved that they're willing to cheat.

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I have a macbook (not a pro) that's probably about five years old now. I'm planning on replacing it within the new few months, but I'm still saving. Today I realized my battery is completely dead. My computer works fine as long as it's plugged in, but as a student, that's not super convenient. My battery was also replaced this summer as some pre-grad school maintenance, so it's only a few months old. I'm worried that if I buy a new one (or a used one was the plan, actually), it won't work either. TQC, what do I do? 

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Do you get cold sores?
If so, do you have any magic treatments for it?

I've been slathering on the Abreva but my lip is also cracking so I've been putting on petroleum jelly to deal with that awful pain.

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My friend had a dinner for her birthday on Saturday. I drove 200 miles to be there. 
Our other friend was out for the day at a beer festival. 10 minutes before the meal, he texted me to say he would be late. Once we got to the restaurant he texted saying his eta and that it would be 'me plus one'. We spoke, and he said he would be bringing a girl (who none of us know/like) because they were on a date. Ours was quite clearly an intimate dinner, with only 4 people. He then said that either they both came or neither of them did. Neither of them ended up coming. 
This was a massive dick move, y/n? Validate me! 

Help me dress myself?!

TQC, I have a ball/dinner in a few weeks, and the dress code is 'Black Tie'. My university is pretty lax with dress codes, so I bought something formal but not overly formal (I am shorter than the model, it hits my knees). My question is, what do I pair it with? It's winter, so I need a jacket/cardigan, but I have NO idea what to wear it with. Picture of the dress beneath the cut.

Collapse )

I will probably wear it with gold shoes and a gold bag. (Although black shoes are an option). I have short blonde hair.

EDIT: Is this dress just way too informal? Shall I take it back and get a floor length one?

Reading Places

1) What is your favorite place to read a book? Bookstore? Beach/Park? Desk? In bed? A favorite reading chair?

2) Do you read in long stretches or short bursts?

3) Do you refer to read sitting or laying down (back or side)?

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Considering that it takes a second to write out 're, do people who write things like, "your amazing, your welcome, your kidding, etc, etc" seriously not know the difference between you're and your?!?!

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Here's the scenario:

You think you may be gay/bi because you have a crush on Bob/Sally (who is gay or bi).

You do not fantasize about any other people of the same sex. How can you determine whether or not you are actually gay/bi?

I mean you can't just go up to Sally/Bob and say "Hey, can we fool around to see if I'm gay?"